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About The Founder of FitLifeFanatics


Hey there fellow gym goer!

My name is Ben and I am the founder of FitLifeFanatics.

In 2010, I packed up my bags and left my hometown of Kansas city to go off to college in a little town named Springfield to study business.

Yeah literally my first semester in, I was in business classes. Not ideal… And definitely not what I wanted to do, The good news is, I quickly figured that out. My 2nd semester in, I switched my degree and started studying sports and physical training. I was hooked!

In May of 2014 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Science from Missouri State University.

Thing is.. I knew I wanted more. I wanted to educate and learn as much as I possibly could about this field. So I decided to to continue my education and went on to receive my Masters in Athletic Training.

After school, I became a personal trainer and started personal training full time. I eventually started to move into sports training for athletes and started training athletes in strength training. This was my full time job for almost 2 years. I loved every second of it.

This is what started it all. I became obsessed with working out, fitness, strength training, and living the best most happy life that I possibly could. I was devoted towards becoming a better me and helping others become the best person that they could be.

After receiving my Masters Degree from Missouri State University, I knew helping others and sharing my knowledge was the path for me. This is what made me start Fitlifefanatics.com.

At first I started Fitlifefanatics alone and planned to share only my knowledge here to my readers but I quickly discovered that there are many topics that I wanted to cover that I was not an expert on.

For this reason, I brought on several credentialed experts to cover the topics that I was not an expert in but that I felt would be useful to my readers.

About FitLifeFanatics

Fitlifefanatics is a website devoted towards Strength Training, Workouts, Physical Fitness, Sports, and Equipment Reviews.

Myself, and a team of specialist here at Fitlifefanatics aim to provide you, our readers, with the most accurate information possible as to help propel the fitness community forward in a positive and accurate way.

Our Mission

To provide honest, unbiased, accurate content

I started Fitlifefanatics because I wanted to follow my passion for helping people. In order to do so I want to make sure that the readers of Fitlifefanatics only get the most accurate, honest, unbiased content, and actionable content possible.

Our Team of Experts

In order to provide the most accurate content possible we have brought on a team of experts in the fields that I am not. I am an expert in my field of strength training, but am not in other fields and this is why a team of experts and professionals has been brought on, to cover the topics and fields of study that they are experts in.

Ben Mayz

Ben Mayz

That’s me folks! I am the main writer and master editor here at Fitlifefanatics.com.

FitLifeFanatics Editorial Standards & Integrity Policy

Here at Fitlifefantics we aim to provide our readers with the most accurate, reliable, and unbiased information in hopes to achieve our goal of helping foster the fitness & Strength Training Community forward.

In order to provide the most accurate and unbiased information to our readers I have crafted and implemented an Editorial policy that each and every member of Fitlifefanatics.

This includes our eery contributor of our writing team and even our panel of credentialed certified experts that allows us to keep biases out of the information we provide as well as keep intentions focused solely on keeping information not only accurate but also extremely actionable and of the highest quality without the intervention of ulterior motive such as monetization or attracting an audience to an author.

What you Can Expect To Find on FitLifeFanatics

Here on Fitlifefanatics.com you will find workout tips, strength training guides, sports gear recommendations and tips, home gym equipment reviews, and recommendations and that will help you master and improve your life through fitness, strength training routines, workouts, unique exercises, and sports training.

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