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Here at FitLifeFanatics our mission is simple - helping individuals pursue their passion(s). To do so, we provide readers with accurate, honest, actionable, and unbiased content.

Below are the categories of material that we cover here at FitLife Fanatics, along with the types of articles and topics included in each category.

Meet The Team

Ben Mayz
Ben Mays, MATC

founder & ceo

Head writer, chief equipment, exercise & workout editor and reviewer

Ben received his Master's in Athletic Training in 2020 and his Bachelor's in Sports Science in 2014 from Missouri State University. 

After graduation, Ben used all of his knowledge and became a full-time personal trainer. After helping numerous clients reach their fitness goals he transitioned into athletic sports training, where he specialized in strength conditioning.

During his 5 years as a personal and athletic sports trainer Ben became obsessed with fitness and living his life to its utmost potential, both physically and mentally. This personal journey led him to a life long passion of helping others achieve their goals and aspirations. This vision is how FitLifeFanatics was born - a place where he could share his knowledge and experience(s).

Ben isn't just the Founder & CEO of FitLifeFanatics, he also serves as the head writer as well as the Chief Editor and Reviewer for the Exercise Equipment and Exercises & Workouts content.

His hobbies and personal interests include marketing, entrepreneurship, strength training, health & wellness, and a passion for Chevy Corvettes. 

Jonathan Ritter, Pharm.D., Ph.D., MIMFA

chief scientific & medical Editor and reviewer

Dr. Ritter received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Georgetown University in 2012, his Pharm.D. in Pharmacy from Wilkes University in 2006, and his MIMFA (Master’s in Investment Management and Financial Analysis) from Creighton University in 2015.

He has a diverse scientific and clinical background in general and neuropharmacology, cellular, molecular, and behavioral neuroscience, neurobiology and physiology, pharmacy and therapeutics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, oncology, and toxicology.

As an author who has published in top-tier scientific journals (Nature, The Journal of Neuroscience) he has specific research experience in areas such as premature brain injury, brain related developmental disorders, glial development, biochemistry, and anti-cancer agents. 

Dr. Ritter has also served as an expert scientific and medical reviewer, editor, writer, and consultant on topics ranging from a variety of natural substances, medications, and biomarkers to disease states and genetics. 

With over 10 years of supplement-related experience, and having always been a proponent for natural substances and supplementation, he founded Eneuvos Bionutriceuticals in 2019, a company dedicated to creating next-generation, comprehensive nutritional dietary supplements.

Here at FitLifeFanatics Dr. Ritter serves as the Chief Scientific & Medical Editor and Reviewer for the Supplementation & Nutrition content.

His hobbies and personal interests include traditional and alternative investing, video games, and being a complete Star Wars nerd.

FitLifeFanatics Integrity Policy

Here at FitLifeFanatics we adhere to the upmost standards when writing, editing, and reviewing content posted on the site. We ensure all information is accurate, reliable, and unbiased so that we may better serve our readers to achieve their fitness goals.

Every writer, editor, and expert reviewer adheres to these standards so that we can provide high quality, actionable content.