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Best Pre Workouts Without Beta Alanine – No Itch & No Flushing

Searching around on the internet trying to find a pre workout without beta-alanine?

Well, duh, you probably are.. and the good news is that you have made it to the right place because here; I am going to list out the best pre workouts that do not contain beta alanine.

All of the pre workouts listed below, I have personally tried, along with many more, and have listed them in order from my favorite and most effective to least effective.

The clear winner by far was the 4-gauge pre-workout. Cleanest, most focus, best tasting, no side effects. Just simply a good all around beta-alanine free pre-workout

honest customer review of beta alanine free 4 gauge pre workout worth it top pick

You can check it out on for a discount by clicking here.

Do note* I actually tried out 7 beta alanine free pre workouts but three of them just were not very effective and the price did not justify even reviewing them.. at least for me.. so I did not mention them here. I only listed the ones that worked best for me and the ones that are highly rated and reviewed by other customers.

But first why would you (myself included) be searching for a pre-workout that does not contain beta alanine?

Well, let’s answer that question.

Beta Alanine – What is it?Beta alanine is a naturally occuring element that can be found in foods

Beta alanine is an amino acid that is naturally occurring and can be found in several different foods. It’s an amino acid that is thought to help increase levels of carnosine in the muscles, which is thought to help diminish the effects caused by fatigue and to help reduce the burning sensation caused from lactic acid build up..

You know.. the burn you get when you reach that 17th push-up and think your pecs are about to catch fire?

Yeah, that’s lactic acid build-up. If you’ve ever tried single set training, especially doing 1 set to failure, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

But here’s the thing, beta-alanine is the main cause for those crappy unwanted side effects that you get when you drink a pre-workout that every top pre-workout company stuff beta-alanine with.

Hold on; But it Does Enhance Performance, Doesn’t it?Contrary to common belief, beta alanine doesn't enhance performance

The whole idea of beta-alanine being a supplement to boost athletic performance is far from proven.

In fact, during my research, of the few studies that have been done on it, beta-alanine was found ineffective at improving athletic performance. It did not boost athletic performance at all. what so ever. none. Notta.

One study was conducted on a group of sprinters. The results found that the sprinters when supplemented with beta-alanine did not improve their 400-meter race times one bit.

And according to WebMD the studies that have been done on beta-alanine have been small and the results from the studies have been inconclusive, or in other words, useless.

But hey, It’s not for me, and it’s obviously not for you either.

I’ll pass on the MAYBE tiny boost in awareness or reduced fatigue so that I do not have to deal with the tingling face, tingling body, itchy-as-heck face, and the high number of other reported side effects caused by consuming beta-alanine laden pre-workouts.

What are the Main Side Effects of Beta Alanine?Beta alanine does have several side effects to watch out for

Like I just said above there are several other reported side effects but here are the worst ones for me.

ParasthesiaThat tingly feeling doesn't sit well when you need to focus

Yeah, this is one of the worst side effects of beta alanine for me. It’s just a fancy word for an extreme tingling in the face, abdomen, chest, or really just your entire body. It also causes you to become extremely itchy or feel like your face is becoming inflated.

FlushingThe itch and feeling your face inflating are some of beta alanine effects

Ever taken a pre workout and notice that your face starts to not only tingle from the parathesia but also starts to feel like its inflating, getting puffy, or starting to get a bit red?

Yeah, this is because of the large doses of beta alanine that are stuffed into almost every pre-workout out there on the market today…

Just these two side effects make me want to claw my face off.. but that’s just me.

So.. let me give you my personal opinion and list out the best and most effective pre workouts without beta alanine that worked not only for me but are also highly rated among thousands of other gym junkies.

Quick Summary

Wondering what else makes the options listed below worth a hoot other than being beta alanine free?…

The pumps are one thing I love the most about virtually all of these powders. The 4-gauge pre-workout particularly reigns supreme on this list, as well as on the market.

This one will get you fired up and craving some action… but for how long?

We have seen pre-workouts that give you a burst of energy that fades away just as fast as it surges; this isn’t one of those.

The motivation and drive delivered by this powder are on another level. And that goes double for the Organic Muscle pre-workout, which you can pick up on Amazon for a good price.

One more thing, the Organic gets even better with its 100% natural ingredients and a smooth consistency that doesn’t leave any sticky mess stuck between the teeth.

Did I mention it also comes in a myriad of flavors?

The Nitro HD not only comes across as one of the most affordable options, it also checks all the boxes in boosting blood flow, and enhancing recovery and energy. And of course, the pumps, too.

Then there’s the SuperPump, which is…, well, exactly that! Its pumps and the insane energy aside, this powder also boasts some of the best essential vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds.

Best Pre Workouts Without Beta-Alanine

Listed below are the best-rated pre-workouts that do not contain any beta-alanine whatsoever.

1. 4 Gauge Pre WorkoutBest Pre-workout without Beta Alanine

4 gauge pre workout without beta alanine review
this is the bottle I just got in today. I use this stuff 4-5 times a week. it’s magic in a shotgun shell.

You can check it out on for a discount by clicking here.

This is actually the pre-workout that I still use today. I tried it to test it out for this review and now I am hooked; it’s the best stuff I have ever tried.

It’s a bit expensive but because you only have to take such a little amount it actually proves or at least for me, to be a cost-effective option. I mean, c’mon, protein powders are expensive, yet fitness geeks looking to achieve substantial muscle growth still splurge on them.


  • THE PUMP IS INSANE. Vascularity & blood flow goes through the roof. I fell in love with myself all over again.
  • Enhances focus extremely well. I was personally blown away.
  • Helps with deep inner drive and motivation. Best of the bunch. Kept me in the gym the longest.
  • Absolutely no tingling or itchy face problems.
  • It’s hands down one of the most long-lasting pre-workouts on the market today.
  • For me, no negative side effects whatsoever
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Well-researched product with no BS
  • A clean and simple formula that anyone can understand and appreciate
  • Cool design and aesthetic

One of the more uniquely packaged and branded out there online, regardless, this pre-workout is not all show. Backed by thorough and careful research, you can be confident that what you are buying is of high quality.

reviews of pre workout with out beta alanine

Speaking of which, what exactly are you buying when you buy the 4 Gauge pre-workout?

They have a simple, yet effective formula…

4 Gauge has stripped down all the stuff the other top pre-workout companies toss in and focused on only eight proven ingredients. These go the distance to up the quality of your workouts by focusing on enhancing inner drive and motivation (this is so important.)

Even more importantly they help in keeping the lactic acid away to prevent the burn of your muscles from stopping your sets and enhancing focus…

All without the crap side effects that beta-alanine causes.

testomonial of beta alanine free pre workout

If you want more information on how their ingredients have been selected and included, their website’s page on the blend is not just thorough, but clear and concise.

This is a premium product with many of the most effective supplements out there on the market, and it is great for any serious lifter who wants to step up their game. 

It is by far the best pre-workout without beta-alanine that is out right now, for the inclusion of effective, tested ingredients designed to give you a great workout experience.

Plus, who doesn’t want to take a shot of pre-workout from a shotgun shell?

2. Organic MuscleBest Organic Natural Vegan Pre Workout Without Beta-Alanine

all organic pre workout without beta alanine


  • excellent focus
  • improves motivation and inner drive to get your ass to the gym and keep you there.
  • No itchy face or tingling problems… ever.
  • Vegan and good sourcing for peace of mind 
  • All-natural ingredients for smooth energy
  • Interesting flavor options
  • They plant a tree for every product sold, which is actually pretty neat

Vegan? Check

Organic? Check.

Keto? Check.

Non-GMO? Check.

Just want to check off all the boxes? Check.Organic Muscle is among the top completely natural preworkouts

This pre-workout is entirely plant-based with a multitude of interesting ingredients unlike many in some of the other products on this list, offering an interesting (and quite natural) pre-workout experience.

If I were to compare it to some of the meal replacement shakes that I have used, I’d say it’s more like Kachava, Lyfe Fuel Essentials, Shakeology, or Herbalife.

Organic Muscle has thousands of positive reviews and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can be sure that you are buying something that is going to work, giving you the peace of mind you deserve, while gaining the intensity brought on by this all-natural beta alanine-free pre-workout.

Additionally, all the ingredients are sourced from USDA, eco-friendly farms, so, if you care about the planet, and everything living on it, you can feel good knowing you weren’t too bad to it just to get a bigger bicep pump.

3. Nitro HDBest Cheap Pre-workout without Beta alanine

nitro hd pre workout without beta alanine


  • Increases blood flow to help with the pump
  • Improved energy and recovery
  • Helps speed up recovery
  • no tingling or itchiness
  • Cheap
  • Stimulant-free
  • Increases pump

Looking for something a little more toned down than the other options on the market? BPI Sports’ pre-workout is a stimulant-free offering. You get the sole benefits of a pump-inducing, rep-grinding, muscle frenzy.

They utilize a proprietary blend of ingredients to grant you the pump you are looking for, all coming for a dirt cheap price that is extremely affordable. 

4. SuperPump MaxBest All-Rounded, Affordable Preworkout

super pump max pre workout without beta alanine


  • good all around pre-workout with beta alanine
  • no tingling or itchiness
  • Full of vitamins, minerals, and compounds
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Solid history and time-tested formula
  • Great for pumps and energy

Back to the more traditional pre-workouts, SuperPump Max is chock-full of ingredients intended on making your workout more energetic and a whole lot more intense. 

Focused on nothing but improving your athletic performance, Gaspari Nutrition successfully offers a no-nonsense pre-workout that is fine-tuned to success in the gym. There is a reason it’s been around forever – it continues to deliver.

Why You Need & Should Be Using a Pre Workout With or Without Beta AlanineBeta alanine or not, there are good reasons for using preworkouts

With or without beta alanine, preworkouts give you an indispensable edge to burst through even the toughest of sessions. If your schedule is tight, and you don’t get the time to prepare healthy foods, you will be thankful for having these products fill the void in your energy reserves when you need them the most.

Especially one without any side effects to distract you can significantly boost your performance.

Greatly Improves Your Energy LevelsA scoop or two should give you the energy to pull through a tough session

Let’s face it, after a long day of work or studying, the last thing some of us want to do is to grind out reps in a room full of sweaty men for sixty minutes plus.

Pre-workout can put some much-needed pep in your step, giving you the energy necessary to get in a great day of training. Protein powders and meal replacement shakes also come in quite handy…

However, there are some differences that set these apart. For instance, you can take some protein powders with a smoothie at any time of the day – yes, you can take protein shakes without working out. You can also use some meal replacement shakes for breakfast or during lunch break at work.

But pre-workouts are meant to give you an energy spike when heading for the gym.

That’s not to say you can’t bring the two together. I have tried ingesting pre-workouts along with meal replacement shakes, mostly Kachava or Huel, or other Kachava alternatives

Kachava remains my favorite for this though since I not only love the vanilla and chocolate flavors, but I can also try different Kachava’s recipes to fine-tune the taste to my liking.

It just makes ingesting pre workout easier, fun and worth looking forward to.

The Pump Bro.. or SisBesides everything else, the pumps make preworkouts worth it

Betters your pump (among other things) – One of the big selling points of many pre-workouts is their ability to increase your pump, primarily through raising blood flow.

A better pump is not just a physical benefit, but a psychological one, because a satisfying workout makes for a better workout! 

Gives You Inner Drive, Motivation, and Will PowerThe drive from preworkout will enable you burst past your limits

This is a little odder of a reason to use pre-workout, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Along the same vein of a lack of energy, the lack of willpower can seriously harm our gains.

So, what better way to ensure that we actually hit the gym than drink some not-so-cheap pre-workout and force ourselves to go burn off the energy?

On top of this, it can be a great habit to prime ourselves mentally for exercise!

Supplemental benefits – Vitamins, Minerals, Creatine.. etc..Eventually you will achieve great results with preworkout use

Many pre-workouts have other supplements in them that aren’t just immediately beneficial, but good in the long run, for gains, and for your health (because sometimes those two aren’t the most correlated).

I myself like to try a creatine supplement every once in a while alongside my favorite protein shake Kachava, there are creatine-free options out there though If you don’t like creatine for any reason.

I understand creatine is said to cause weight gain, and some people have concerns about taking the substance on off days. Also, if you have a hard time after ingesting this or any other substance in meal replacement or protein shakes, there are some more specific powders for sensitive stomachs.

I recently looked at powders without whey, as well as low-sodium ones, for instance… but you have to check the ingredient’s label to be sure any particular one is safe enough for you. 

Bottom Line – My RecommendationsWhich is the best preworkout overall

If you are looking for something on the inexpensive side, but want something a little more advanced than coffee or an energy drink, look into Nitro HD, it has a competitive price but doesn’t sacrifice on any of the quality you’d expect from a solid pre-workout.

If you are looking for the best on the market, however, I can’t help but point to 4 Gauge. It’s the stuff that I use and I can’t help but be extremely biased toward it because of how much it has helped me.

They are seriously no-nonsense, and the fact that their website goes through all their ingredients in depth is great! 


Pre-workouts can be a fantastic 100 percent are a must have tool to better your training, and knowing what should be included in it is essential to getting the most for your dollar.

At the end of the day, whether you include or don’t include beta-alanine, ensuring that you get a solid pre-workout without the gimmicks, without the extra dazzle to seduce you into paying more than you should, is what it’s all about (that and the actual training part, don’t forget about that).

Leave your comments down below, let me know what you think of my write up and any of your experiences. Looking forward to talking to you all again!


Ben Mayz

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now.
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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page


  1. I love pre-workouts without beta alanine! They give me the energy I need to get through my workouts and they’re not as harsh on my stomach.

    1. Which one is your favorite? are you using one that’s not on my list above? please do share if so. I like trying new ones out and testing them for myself 🙂

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