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Gorilla Bow Review – My Personal Opinion of Gorilla’s Portable Home Gym

In this article we are going to review the Gorilla Bow portable home gym that you can take with you anywhere. Find out if it is worth a hoot at all or if you should save your money. For those wondering I have personally tested the Gorilla Bow out and will be giving you my personal opinion.

If you want to jump ahead to see the price and what the customer reviews say about the Gorilla Bow you can check it out on amazon by clicking here.

Every day, more and more people realize there’s no need to pay overpriced gym fees and suffer through annoying commutes to get the body of their dreams. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are hundreds of easily accessible workouts to get fit and keep money in your pocket.

However, there’s only so much you can do with no equipment whatsoever. Even athletes who focus on calisthenics need pull up bars and other contraptions to perform their workouts.

It gets worse for those who enjoy weight training since the only answer would be to buy gym equipment for themselves.

Not to mention that if you’re a frequent traveler, all that equipment would end up just collecting dust.

This is where the gorilla bow comes in. With its innovative design, it allows athletes to perform weight training from the comfort of their homes and on the go, without having to break the bank and buy multiple pieces of equipment to get a home gym set up.

What the Heck is the Gorilla Bow?

What is a Gorilla Bow

By now you should be wondering how is it that Gorilla Fitness has found an elegant, sleek solution to the biggest problems that have plagued weight training since its inception. That you have to buy tons of equipment, and that because of the weight, you can’t travel with it.

Well, a Gorilla bow is a deceptively simple contraption. It’s simply a bow-shaped piece of aluminum with recurved edges so that you can attach resistance bands of different strengths.

This way, you can perform a wide variety of exercises and get different levels of resistance without the hassle of moving around and storing heavy weights or needing a dedicated gym space.

Like I said above, it’s great for those of us who travel often since the gorilla bow comes in two models. The home gym model and the traveler model, we’ll go into the specifics of each one down below.

What Is the Gorilla Bow Made of? What’s It Come With?

What Is a Gorilla Bow Made Of

A common concern with most “All in One” miracle products, is durability.

Sometimes, unscrupulous companies ship a garbage product to make a quick buck and disappear. As someone who’s been burned before, I’m very careful about which products I sink my money into.

Gorilla Bows are made of aircraft aluminum to ensure that they won’t bend or buckle, no matter how hard you push it. This is enhanced by the bow shape, which isn’t just for show, it distributes force along the entire frame to prevent breakdowns.

When it comes to the resistance bands, Gorilla Fitness ensures premium quality to eliminate any chance of snapping or over stretching that would result in a loss of tension.

This is achieved by using 100% latex, which is known for how malleable it is while being able to snap back to its original length.

How Heavy Can You Go with the Gorilla Bow?

Gorilla Bow - How Heavy Can You Go

I know all you meatheads out there are itching to know how much weight you can put up with the Gorilla Bow. No matter how portable, sleek or cool fitness gear is, if it can’t replace good old fashioned iron, it’s not worth it for those of us that like pushing weight.

Luckily, the Gorilla Bow delivers..and then some.

Out of the box, it comes with four different bands, 10lb, 20lb, 32lb, and 45lb, allowing athletes to progress and grow alongside their Gorilla Bow. From complete beginners, all the way to high-level athletes.

This will be enough for a lot of athletes out there that just want to stay in shape, but for the strongest of us out there, there are upgrades available.

Gorilla fitness offers several different packages and band strengths, with bundles going up to 220lbs.

This is quite a bit of resistance for most us and should cover about 95% of us fitness enthusiast out there.

But for all your hardcore lifters out there, no, this is not going to be the best portable gym for bodybuilders, and you won’t be breaking any powerlifting records, but you’ll get to build your dream body from home, and for a fraction of the price!

Oh and I should also note – If you’re worried about the resistance bands snapping out of the bow and leaving you with a nasty bruise when they bounce back, don’t be! Gorilla Fitness has done thorough testing and developed the Gorilla Flex Claw, which will keep bands in place no matter what.

Different Models of Gorilla Bow

As I said above, the Gorilla Bow comes in a few different models to fit the needs of different athletes, let’s break it down and see which one is best for you.

The Classic Bow

The Classic Bow - Different Models of the Gorilla Bow

This is the OG Gorilla Bow, it allows trainees to get a full body workout from home with ease.

Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Squats, Deadlifts, Core. The Gorilla bow can do it all. Thanks to its simple attachment system you can flow from one exercise to another in seconds.

It can handle hundreds of pounds of tension and multiple bands can be attached at once to ensure a challenge no matter your strength level.

Gorilla Bow Lite

Gorilla Bow Lite - Different Models of the Gorilla Bow

The Lite Bow is made with casual athletes in mind. For those who simply want to stay in good shape, but don’t obsess over their physiques and are not after insane muscle growth.

With a lower price point, it’s a great option for anyone trying to get into fitness.

It can handle up to 120 lbs only and comes in a smaller form factor than the original, clearly designed for less heavy, low rep workouts and instead made to focus on high rep, high-intensity training.

Gorilla Travel Bow

Gorilla Travel Bow - Different Models of the Gorilla Bow

The final answer to taking fitness on the go, the Gorilla Travel Bow is designed to be light and portable. When assembled, it measures up to 56 inches in length, but can easily be separated into three 21 inch pieces to fit into any medium-sized travel bag.

Despite not being made of a single piece of aluminum, the travel bow makes no concessions when it comes to resistance, as it can handle up to 350 lbs of force at once!

Now, no matter if on vacation or traveling for work, you’ll be able to get a heavy workout on the go!

How To Use The Gorilla Bow – Video Demonstration

Benefits & Things I Like About Owning My Gorilla Bow

These are the most note-able things that I like about owning my Gorilla Bow portable travel gym

Can Provide Full Body Workouts – Anytime, Anywhere

By now, this may seem a bit obvious since I’ve said time and time again that the gorilla bow can pretty much replace a whole gym if used right, but I wanted to take the time to point out just how extensive the exercise selection for this piece of equipment is.

The exercise selection includes:

  • Over seven different Leg exercises, including Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, and Calf Raises.
  • More than five Chest Exercises, such as Chest Press, Flys, Incline Presses, and more.
  • Up to four shoulder exercises like Shoulder and Landmine Presses.
  • Four arm exercises for targeting biceps and triceps.
  • Hundreds of HIIT Workouts. Available for FREE!

Gorilla Bow Exercise Tutorials

A One Time Purchase, a Lifetime Supply of Gains!

A benefit of owning your training gear that people don’t talk about enough is just how much money you save.

While the upfront cost may seem a little intimidating at first, there are often financing options and in time any purchase will pay for itself. And in all honesty, it’s really not expensive what so ever.

Comparatively speaking – it’s dirt cheap.

If you’re still not convinced, think about it this way, the average gym membership in the US runs close to 40 or 50 bucks a month. Times 12, that’s 600 bucks a year! With that money, you could buy three bows and then some!

But it doesn’t end there, most gyms have a completely bogus “initiation fee” that will push the total costs up to around $800 in your first year alone! Not to mention the complicated contracts that will try to keep you paying for as long as possible and are a hassle to cancel!

Okay enough of my rant on membership fees.

Compare that to a one-time payment for your Gorilla Bow, then you’re free to train where you want when you want, and without spending a dime. No closing times, no annoying patrons, no hassle.

Working Out and Getting a Tan!

Yeah this is actually a benefit that I feel is note-able here. I love this luxury that the Gorilla Bow now offers me. I originally bought it for travel and now I find myself using it quite often just for an excuse to go outside and catch some rays, I always wondered how long it would take to get a tan but never really had a reason to spend all this time outside.

If you own a gorilla bow, you don’t have to spend hours inside a stuffy gym. You can just take it with you to the park, the beach, or even your backyard.

Now you won’t just be working out, you’ll also be getting some sun which will enhance your efforts in the gym, as well as providing a bunch of benefits like improved mood and vitamin D.

Especially if you choose to buy the travel bow, since you can fit it inside any backpack, but even with the regular one, just throw it on the back seat of your car and you’ll be minutes away from a workout no matter where you are.

Extended Warranty

Benefits of Using Gorilla Bows - Extended WarrantyWhile it’s a little bit pointless to have a warranty for such a tough product; Remember, it’s made of airplane grade aluminum and 100% latex, it’s still nice to have one for peace of mind. It’s nice to know that in case something goes wrong, you won’t have wasted your money.

Gorilla Fitness knows this and they have decided to offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on any purchase if you’re not satisfied with the Gorilla Bow AND a two-year warranty for any material damages that may occur!

About Gorilla Fitness

Gorilla Fitness logo - About Gorilla FitnessStarted by two former executives that met through their kids, Gorilla Fitness is the product of a shared love of archery, training, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Like many great things, the first prototype was conceived and created inside a garage, using spare parts like pool noodles and wood planks. After countless hours of research and development and trial and error, a final version was created.

This is when the founders decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign, to test the waters and see if others were as keen as them to revolutionize fitness as we know it. The response was overwhelming. Thousands gave their support to make Gorilla Bows a reality.

As they say, the rest is history, by June 2017, the Gorilla Bow was ready to start production and shipping, and by July of that year, hundreds already had their bows and access to hours of personalized training videos. It has only gotten better since.

Should You Buy The Gorilla Bow?

It’s honestly pretty hard not to suggest you to go out and buy the Gorilla Bow right now.

And actually.. I should say that if you are into lifting heavy weight this is not going to be for you.

But if you’re not all into heavy weightlifting, a powerlifter or a bodybuilder, there’s very little you can do in a gym that you can’t do with one of these bows.

For those of us that just want to look good when we take out shirts off, feel healthy, increase stamina and endurance and get some exercise, Gorilla Bows are godsent.

No more will you have to worry about traffic, parking, or the gym is crowded and you’ll get to save money in the meantime.

Plus they offer free guidance for newbies and pros alike, which is very sorely needed in times where misinformation is spread like wildfire on the internet.

There’s not a lot more to say, if you’re into fitness and self-care, getting the Gorilla Bow would be a great option for you.

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page