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Best Motivational Water Bottles for Inspiration & Hydration

Motivational water bottles have hit the market and it’s all the rage! Everybody loves them and rightly so.

When you need help staying motivated to sip on water and need inspiration to get yourself hydrated or it’s simply easy for you to forget to drink up, inspirational water bottles can save you a ton of trouble!

Studies have shown that when you repeat a unique cue or specific way, it’s easier for you to form habits.

By having a personal water bottle that helps you track how much water you’re taking in and reminding you of your health and fitness goals, you’re definitely one step closer to reaching them.

And to help you narrow down your search for the perfect water bottle, we’ve made a list of the best motivational water bottles available in the market today.

Motivational Water Bottles - Our Top Picks

Below is the list of the best motivational and inspirational water bottles that my girlfriend and I have put together based on motivationinspirationlooks, and functionality.

H2OCOACH Half Gallon Sports Bottle – (My Girlfriends Favorite Gym Bottle)

Water Bottle Details:

  • 84-oz (2.5 liter) BPA-free PTEG transparent plastic bottle (no chemical taste)
  • Time markers to assist in measuring hourly consumption
  • Attached strap to improve portability and ease of carrying the bottle
  • Motivational messages at every 3-hour marker to encourage finishing the entire bottle

Created by the H20COACH team, this 84-oz container is engineered to provide short-term water consumption goals to ensure regular, substantive intake throughout the day.

Its creators pride themselves on designing a product that customers can take with them and use to build healthy and sustainable drinking habits.

The bottle has raised concerns from owners regarding its high list price and its shape proving difficult for those attempting to hold and drink from it using their left hands, though, I do not think that those peeps kept in mind that this is a half gallon jug, and therefore the price will be a bit higher than smaller jugs….?

This bottle is actually dirt cheap in all reality and it’s the one that my girlfriend uses daily when she's going about her work, out on her hyper bike rides, in our home gym grinding it out on a stationary exercise bike or rowing machine. Whatever she's doing, she keeps it within reach. 

But aside from that, it is almost universally praised for its lightweight frame, strong material that doesn’t affect taste, and beneficial drinking interval reminders.

Three Drops of Life 64oz – (Best Tracker Motivational Bottle)

Water Bottle Details:

  • 64-oz BPA-free Titan Plastic transparent bottle (company notes that while this new size will not fit in a standard cupholder, the 32-oz model will)
  • time and quantity markers at 2-hour intervals that to guide efficient and comfortable hydration
  • grooves built into the bottle’s shape for easier gripping
  • custom lanyard attached to the neck of the bottle to benefit mobility

After receiving feedback on previous models, Three Drops of Life has produced a larger version of its past products to satisfy requests for a bottle that requires fewer refills throughout the day.

The new 64-oz design is based on a consumption plan that requires no more than 2 daily fills, and is intended to help buyers negate the ill effects of dehydration like joint pain, headaches, and dry mouth.

A few reviews have pointed out that it’s priced a bit high and has a difficult shape for cleaning, but nearly all users praise its capacity and the spacing of its marked drinking intervals.

Venture Pal 128oz Sports Water Bottle – (Best 1 Gallon Motivator)

Water Bottle Details:

  • 128-oz BPA-free lightweight transparent plastic bottle (multiple colors available)
  • 8 distinct motivational time-markers at 2-hour intervals
  • Grooves at the bottle’s midpoint for easier gripping, and wide opening at the top to accommodate ice cubes or other additions
  • Removable straw included for more convenient consumption

Venture Pal prides itself on offering guidance toward a healthy lifestyle rather than merely selling a water bottle.

To this end, they have incorporated direct and inspirational messages at each of 8 intervals marked on this 1-gallon bottle to ensure that owners are continually reminded and motivated throughout the day to continue drinking.

Users note that having a full gallon right at their hands is incredibly convenient. They also mention that the motivational time markers are helpful to them, especially at the end of the day when most of their consumption has already occurred.

50 Strong Motivational Water Bottle – (Drink Your Effing Water)

Water Bottle Details:

  • 24-oz BPA-free plastic clear water bottle with motivational message, “Drink your effing water” and a reminder to “Refill” when finished
  • 1-hour time markers for tracking consumption
  • Convenient shape is prominently rounded at the top and narrows at the bottom to allow for placement in cup-holders and small spaces
  • Ice guard inside cap to prevent cube spills while drinking

Consistent with their mission to prioritize well-being and health, 50 Strong has come up with a 24-oz water bottle model intended to maximize convenience, allowing customers to comfortably carry the bottle everywhere while being reminded at 8 hourly intervals to drink their effing water!

Drawbacks noted by reviews include the tendency for the design to peel when exposed to hot water and the cap doing a poor job of preventing leaks, while positive critiques cite its ergonomic shape and convenient size for carrying it throughout the day.

Inspirational Water Bottle(Turning Water into Liquid Gold)

Water Bottle Details:

  • 24-oz BPA free plastic clear water bottle with motivational message. “Turning water into liquid gold”
  • 1-hour time markers for tracking consumption
  • More traditional shape tapers at the center but remains narrow at the bottom to allow for placement in cupholders and small spaces
  • Ice guard inside cap to prevent cube spills while drinking

Like the previous model, this water bottle can accommodate either 24-oz or of fluid for drinking or more if you go for a larger version, can be easily stored, and features a soft loop for easy carrying.

motivational water bottle for inspiration

While the shape differs slightly, it still becomes more narrow at the bottom and features hourly markers to track consumption.

This bottle features the motivational phrase “Turning water into liquid gold” (and uses that color throughout its design), which reinforces the incredible value of proper water consumption.

Water Bottle Details:

  • 32oz clear pink-tinted plastic water bottle with screw-on cap
  • Narrow design for easy storage in small places and cup-holders
  • 3 columns of 1-hour time-markers to ensure daily hydration with 3 fills
  • Motivational messages printed on the side (“You are strong enough”) and at the bottom (“You did it! Now repeat”) to respectively ensure continued inspiration and remind the owner of the need to refill when empty

Leboha focuses on the specific benefits that proper water consumption can have on pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Citing the need for these women to consume a minimum of 90oz of water per day, the company has created a water bottle with parallel tracking lines for efficient consumption throughout the day while only requiring the bottle to be filled 3 times throughout the day.

Users have complimented the time tracking and motivating features of the bottle (“You are strong enough” is printed on the side”), but have dismissed an apparently fragile frame that doesn’t keep fluid cold for long.

Coolife 1 Liter Motivational Tracking Water Bottle Hourly Marker – (Best For Cat Lovers)

Water Bottle Details:

  • 32oz BPA-free plastic leak proof water bottle with silicone cap
  • 2 columns of 1-hour time-markers to encourage efficient hydration intervals
  • Removable filter to allow for infusion
  • Cute cat theme, including “Drink water right meow” printed on the side and a cat’s nose and whiskers in the middle

Coolife seeks to appeal to the “cat person” demographic with this 34oz water bottle. I’m a cat lover so this one naturally appealed to me.

With “Drink water right meow” printed across the side of the container makes it clear that health enthusiasts, feline lovers, and people who fall into both categories would love to have this to remind them to track their water consumption.

Buyers have been overwhelmingly positive, with reviews -almost exclusively consisting of 5-star ratings.

These ratings point out the texture on the outside of the bottle that provides an easy grip, strong leak-proof design, and the removable filter (making fruit or tea infusion easy) as high points.

I honestly think it's super cute and would love to take one with me if I wanted to do an exercise challenge like doing 100 jumping jacks or say 100 crunches outdoors, or even when jogging on my incline treadmill at home.

Water Bottle Details:

  • 20oz BPA-free transparent plastic shaker bottle (multiple colors available)
  • Removable shaker for mixing protein, pre-workout, or other powdered mixes
  • “Stay-open” flip cap prevents accidental closure during workout
  • Plastic loop for easy carrying

A partnership between Gomoyo and BlenderBottle has produced this shaker bottle. Made from BPA-free plastic, it’s designed to deliver the flavor of whatever liquid is placed in it without any odor or taste resulting from the bottle itself.

It bears the encouraging message “If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything – go motivate yourself” to inspire owners throughout the day.

Criticism generally pertains to its price relative to its size. Satisfied buyers generally cite its strong manufacturing and the wide selection of colors available for purchase, along with its more convenient size compared to larger shaker bottles.

Motivational Water Bottles Keep You On Track

How Are You Getting Inspired & Staying Motivated?

The old expression says, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Thankfully this isn’t meant literally! It just means that more than one way exists to achieve your goals.

motivational and inspirational water bottles

Water consumption is something I struggle with at times. Especially when I’m about halfway toward my goal, having the dedication to keep drinking when I’ve already begun to feel full can be a real challenge.

“How much more do I really have to drink?” “Am I really going to be able to finish all of this?” These are the questions I ask myself when my water bottle is feeling lighter and my stomach heavier.

Fortunately, motivational water bottles like those listed above can help you answer both questions. They give you a leg up on meeting your goals in two different ways:

  1. Consumption Tracking
  2. Inspirational & Motivational Encouragement

Consumption Tracking – Each Water Bottle Above Has It

Water bottles that are labeled with measurements of how much water is currently in a bottle or how much water you have left to drink before your next interval are a huge boost when trying to meet your daily consumption goals.

motivational water bottle tracker

These bottles are marked with lines to either measure the quantity of water left in a bottle or how much you have left to drink before your next time interval starts – often times they have both!

This gives you concrete information about how you’re progressing throughout the day, including a definite measurement of how much you’ve consumed and how much you still have left to finish.

Inspirational Encouragement & a Motivational Reminder to Stay On Track

While consumption tracking is more mathematical, inspirational encouragement is all mental.

Water bottles using this method have quotes or instructions expressed in a motivational way to remind you to stay positive throughout the day as you’re drinking.

Phrases like “Keep going!” “You’re Awesome!”, and “Great job today!” can give an important psychological boost when you’re struggling to finish the entire bottle that never quite seems to run out of water.

Why Buy a Motivational Water Bottle? – Because it Really Helps

When it comes down to meeting goals and being healthy, we should never be too quick to say no to something that can help us.

motivating water bottle quotes that are inspiring

In the middle of a stressful day at the office, or during a week where we might not be feeling well, it’s easy to be dismissive of something like drinking enough water – especially with temptations like soda often being right at our fingertips!

Sometimes, we know what we should be doing, or what the healthy option is, and all we need is a small push in the right direction to remind us how important it is to take care of ourselves.

And something as important as water is not something to be overlooked. Proper consumption of water helps keep our temperatures normal, maintains healthy skin, benefits brain function, keeps our joints well lubricated, and countless other benefits.

It’s never a question of whether we should be drinking water, but just a matter of whether we feel like it and are willing to do it even when we don’t want to.

Having played sports for most of my life, I know how important water is to prevent dehydration and help keep my body working properly.

However, whether you’re an athlete training hard, a bodybuilder shooting for insane muscle growth, someone trying to , reduce belly fat, get rid of mom butt, lose weight in general and get your metabolism running quickly, or just someone aiming to stay healthy and keep your physical system running smoothly, there’s always a reason to consume plenty of water.

And these bottles provide both structure and motivation to make sure you’re hydrating like you should.

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

motivational water bottle

Like most health questions, this one is still up for grabs and interpretation. Different studies lead to different recommendations from different sources. There is definitely some common ground amidst all of these opinions, though.

The often-repeated recommendation of 8 cups of 8 fluid ounces each – which totals 64 ounces, or half a gallon – is a reasonable goal for the average adult.

However, a study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine advocates for 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women.

But what about athletes who tend to exert themselves more throughout the day?

Having played lots of sports myself, the advice I always received from nurses boiled down to this: physically active adults should consume no less than half of their body weight (measured in pounds) in fluid ounces.

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For example, a fitness fanatic who weighs 200 pounds would be advised to drink at least 100 ounces of water on a given day.

At the end of the day, though, we’re all different! And sometimes, if you are taking meal replacement shakes (most of which, like Kachava, Shakeology, Shaklee, Huel and others) that you have to mix with water, then you might already be taking in some extra water.

Every person comes in a different shape, has different requirements for staying healthy, and leads a different lifestyle. On top of that, some of us live in fairly mild climates, while others have to meet the task of staying hydrated in very hot conditions.

And as mentioned in the product descriptions above, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding have even more variables to consider when deciding how much water is best.

The best answer is: while everyone should consult with a physician to determine their specific needs for water consumption, science says that the safe bet is 8 cups of 8 fluid ounces each.

What Does All This Mean? It Means, Buy a Motivational Water Bottle!

motivating water bottles

Get yourself a motivational water bottle, and get one that you will actually be able to relate to. One that when you look at it, it will just give you that little reminder to stay on track, whether it be with business or fitness - if you're a fitness diehard you probably have those motivation barbell end caps on your bars... same thing. 

Also, if you need help getting your water intake in, make sure that they have measurement lines on the side so that you are drinking the amount of water that you are supposed to. Trust me, water intake is quite important.

In spite of all the differences each person has, people all have one thing in common: we need water – not only to survive, but to thrive!

We want to live as healthily and as happily as possible, so if drinking every day moves us toward that goal, why not invest in something that helps us keep track and motivates us to keep going?

Whether you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy drinking water, an athlete, or just a cat person, I’m sure there’s a motivational water bottle that’s just right for you!

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page

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