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Best Punching Bags for Teenagers – Top Bang For Buck Choices for Teens

If you find yourself here, it’s likely your teenager is trying to get into martial arts and you probably find yourself dumbfounded as to how exactly you can help him do that.

If you’ve tried shopping for punching bags before, you probably realized there’s a whole world of options!

You can count yourself lucky though. I mean, think about it... while other teens are out there getting into trouble, yours will be in the gym training for different types of martial arts for teens.

Martial art is one of the greatest sports a young adult can go for, since it requires hard work, and helps in building confidence, discipline, and self-defense skills.

So if you want to help your son or daughter go further in his or her martial arts journey, there are few better ways than buying him a punching bag he can keep at home.

That way, he’ll always be minutes away from a workout, sharpening his skills even further.

Wavemaster XXL - Editors Choice

Best Overall Option For Teenagers

best free standing punching bag for teens

Editors Choice

  • Best Option For Teens
  • By far the best bang for buck free standing bag out.
  • This Is the One That I Personally Own - going on 6 years now
  • Highly Rated & Raved About in the Forums
  • Most Popular

Types of Punching Bags

While there are dozens of types of punching bags out there, they can be divided into two very broad categories, free standing bags and hanging bags. They both offer certain advantages over the other, so let's get into which one is best for you.

Free Standing Bags

In case you don’t know, free standing bags are well… Free standing. That means that there is no need to drill a single hole in order to get the bag ready to go and they are more space saving which makes them an excellent punching bag for apartments.

They come with a base that you can fill up with sand or water and weight it down to keep it steady while punched.

Since they don’t hang from a rope, the bag’s movement is provided by sitting on a swivel and with the help of a spring-loaded mechanism.

Free standing bags only have slight movement, but still nice. Sometimes you can not tell that the free standing bag even has any movement but it's mainly designed to better absorb the strikes.

Then there are reflex bags, a type of freestanding bags that move quite a lot - yes, it can slap you right in the face, but these are built to help the user hone their skills on precision and speed. 

And although free standing bags are great for 99% of the people out there the flipside is that these bags can’t take the same punishment a regular hanging heavy bag would.

If your son or daughter packs a real punch and wants to go all out, he or she may topple it when using enough force. Though I doubt it, as I still can't tip over my Wavemaster XXL no matter how hard I kick it.

There isn’t just one kind of heavy bag though, there are countless variations for emphasizing different kinds of training, like kicks, punches, speed, footwork, reflexes and more.

In my opinion, this is the perfect type of bag if you’re looking for something that you can easily store and set up only for training and are not out trying to train for high level MMA.

Hanging Bags

You should be more familiar with hanging bags, these are the ones you’ll see on movies, tv shows and even some commercial gyms. They're pretty much the staple of the boxing world.

The major downside to this kind of bag is that they take a lot of space and require some type of installation, whether it be drilling holes in your wall or using a heavy bag stand.

In case you don’t know what a stand is, it's a pretty big metal contraption that allows you to hang the bag without having to drill a hole. At the cost of having to shell out for a stand, setting it up and dealing with it being a permanent fixture in your house.

Besides, if you have a basement gym with a low ceiling, then you will also need to worry about the bag fitting - especially the bigger ones.

Some more advanced stands also include features for other kinds of training, like adding a speed bag or a pull up bar, but all of them need to be weighed down with weight plates, the sort you’d find in a gym.

These kinds of bags are usually for power, they can take a lot of punishment and their toughness can be adjusted by using different fillings, from sand to wood shavings to cloth. If your kid really packs a punch, this is the bag for him/her.

However, there are also hanging bags that are designed to train for speed, but usually require you to drill two holes, one on the top and one on the bottom. That can be quite inconvenient especially if you already have some MMA wrestling mats installed on your gym's martial arts corner. 

So it doesn’t really make sense to get one for your home. 

It’s more for professional gyms.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Teenagers

Century Wavemaster XXL

Best Overall Punching Bag for Teenagers

Best Features

  • Largest Striking surface on the free standing bag market.
  • Built to Last
  • Best For Beginners and Hard Strikers
  • Easy to Move
  • Easy to Fill
  • All around the best dang option
  • The base can hold up to 270 pounds
  • Comes in three colors
  • 69 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter.

Century Wavemaster XXL Review

I’m not ashamed to say I own this bag even though its been years since I’ve been a teenager myself. Even as I’ve progressed on my martial arts journey, this bag still provides me with challenging workouts and improves my skills every time.

This is because there’s no better free standing bag out there, it's called the XXL because it's the biggest free standing bag on the market, which is great because the punching and kicking area is large and easy to hit for beginners yet strong enough for even the strongest of fighters.

At 69 inches in length and 18 inches in diameter, it's almost as big as a hanging bag, a rare sight. Furthermore, not only the bag is big, but its base is also ultra wide and designed with a low profile to improve stability.

It can reach 270 pounds when filled!

This means that knocking it down is close to impossible, even when you give it your all this thing ain't gonna move.

If you’re worried that all that heavy hitting will cause it to tear and you’ll have to replace it, you can rest easy knowing the striking surface is made with high density foam and covered in durable vinyl. Trust me, it’ll be around for years!

I have personally kept my punching bag outdoors in the sun, rain, snow, sleet, you name it. Yet my bag still looks pretty freaking good for as old as it is.

Century Original Wavemaster

Best Bang for your Buck Cheaper Option

Best Features

  • Striking surface made out of foam and durable vinyl
  • Affordable
  • Offers excellent bang for buck
  • Good for all skill levels
  • Height adjustable to 3 different levels
  • Base weighs up to 250 pounds
  • The round base makes it easy to put away
  • Made in the USA.

Century Original Wavemaster Review

In case you’re not familiar with Century Martial Arts, they are one of the biggest brands in martial arts and this bag is part of the reason why.

It’s called the century original because it's a re-release of their best selling bag to date, the original Wavemaster that inspired our top entry, the Wavemaster XXL.

It's a great all around punching that comes with three different height adjustment settings. It can go from 47 inches, all the way up to 68 inches. If your teenager wants to practice body shots he can lower it, and when it's time for knockout punches, bring it back up.

Its stand is also quite sturdy, coming up to a hefty 250 pounds when filled with sand. It’s not as heavy as the XXL, but I’ve tried one of these before and let me tell you thing does not move much at all even when kicked hard.

A benefit you might not think of comes from the round shape of the base, which has no impact on training but comes in really handy when rolling it away.

It may seem pointless now, but when you’re beat up from a workout, an easy cleanup is just what you need.

Versys Fight Simulator

Best For Teen MMA Fighters

Best Features

  • Can train stand up and ground game
  • Best MMA fighters or BJJ grapplers
  • Very Affordable
  • Easiest bag to move
  • Soft Foam striking surface covered in vinyl
  • Works as fitness equipment for presses, deadlifts, curls and more.
  • Can attach resistance bands to handles.

Versys Fight Simulator - Century Martial Arts Review

The Versys Fight Simulator... One of the best bags out there for kids who are interested in mixed martial arts training.

It is often called the most versatile system on the market because it isn’t just to serve as a punching bag to train striking techniques, but also groundwork and even strength training.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, it measures up to 60 x10 x10 inches and comes with a pre-filled base that weighs in a 100 pounds. It may not seem like much compared to our previous entries, but it’s solid enough to punch it, kick it, and more and still stay pretty stable.

But I know most of you have one question; Why is it called fight simulator?

Well because thanks to the detachable base, you don’t have to settle for striking. Practice some combos and then take it to down to work on your ground and pound.

That’s not although, thanks to the handles included on both ends, you can grab it to practice elbows, knees, drags, and takedowns!

What really sets this bag apart though is that it can double as weightlifting equipment! Thanks to the aforementioned handles you can use it as a barbell replacement for deadlifts, presses, curls, and even ab workouts!

Everlast Powercore

Best Cheap Free Standing Bag for Teenagers

Best Features

  • Most affordable
  • Easy Setup
  • Durable Materials for striking surface
  • Up to 370 pound base when filled with sand.

Everlast Powercore Review

If you wanna help your teenager on his martial arts journey by getting a free standing bag, but you are not looking to break the bank, the Powercore free standing bag is the bag for you. Your son will be able to perfect his technique and your wallet will be spared.

With a big base that can weigh up to an incredible 370 pounds, there’s no way you are knocking this bag down. While it still won’t replace a heavy bag, it comes pretty darn close. That’s why its made of vinyl and synthetic leather to take anything you can throw at it!

Furthermore, it comes with adjustable height, something not all manufacturers can boast about. This will allow your teenager to practice body shots at a lower height and then bring it up for headshots! It's 55 inches at the lowest and 65 inches at its highest.

When it comes to padding, Everlast goes for a specially designed Air-Foam interior that absorbs force like no other. Punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, everything is fair game.

3 Best Hanging Heavy Bags for Teenagers

Alright now it's the heavy bag turn. If you’re looking to make a more traditional purchase to help your kid develop great striking power, I’ve got a couple options for you.

Best Features

  • Comes with hanging chain included
  • 70 lbs of weight
  • Blend of natural and synthetic fiber with sifted sand provide shock absorbing padding
  • Lined with reinforced synthetic leather.
  •  53 inches in height.

Everlast Nevatear 70lb Bag Review

A great bag from one of the most well known brands in boxing. Chances are if you’ve ever stepped inside a boxing gym, you’ve seen at least one of these bad boys, even if it's this bag's little cousin Nevatear bag.              

One of its best features is its shock absorbing filler, made out of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers so that this bag can take a pounding without breaking and most importantly, damaging the fighter’s hand.

To that end, Everlast also covered the striking area with high density synthetic leather with reinforced webbing and included permanently locked the zipper so that the stuffing never comes out no matter what and it lasts for ages.

When it comes to weight, this isn’t Everlast’s heaviest bag, but it's appropriate for a teenager that wants to get into martial arts.

Any heavier than this and it might be painful to strike it. In any case, your teenager should have no trouble developing tremendous force with this one. 

Best Features

  • Multi Kit comes with everything you need to start training
  • Premium Quality gloves and hand wraps included
  • Shock Absorbing filling made with fiber blend and shifted sand.
  • Made with polycanvas
  • Includes hanging chain and stabilizing bungee cord.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit Review

A great product for anyone looking to dip their toes in the world of boxing or martial arts in general. The Everlast Heavy bag kit comes with everything you need to start training right away without having to purchase a bunch of stuff and saving you a lot of money in the process.

Let's break down what this kit contains shall we?

For starters, you get a heavy bag of course, its 41 inches tall and weighs in at 70 pounds. A great choice for anyone starting out they might not know how to punch properly and could have trouble with heavier ones while also being long enough to practice kicks if you want to.

Like our previous entry in the heavy bag department, it also comes with the special blend of natural and synthetic fibers with sifted sand for maximum shock absorption, this time covered in resistant polycanvas.

Next come the gloves. This is what really makes this kit a steal, Everlast is one of the most well known brands in boxing gloves, so you know you're getting top notch stuff here. Getting the right pair of heavy bag MMA gloves will keep your kid’s hands protected - especially if they have included hand wraps.

Size does matter here though, since most gloves are built for folks with big hands, so be sure to get the perfect size for your kid.

Finally, it also comes with the hanging chain included and a bungee cord that can be attached to the lower end of the bag to stabilize it even more. You can attach it to weights or purchase Everlast heavy bag anchor that can be filled with water.

Your choice.

Best Features

  • Good beginner Heavy Bag Combo Kit
  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Soft to the Punch
  • Perfect for Teens

RDX Heavy Bag + Gloves Combo Review

For our last entry we have another kit, this time more geared towards martial arts like Muay Thai or kickboxing that center only around striking, instead incorporating kicks, shins, knees and elbows.

One caveat about this bag is that it comes unfilled, which may be a turn off for some since you need to purchase filling.

However, this also extends the lifespan of the bag considerably because you can keep increasing the bag weight as you progress, or lower it for a lighter workout.

Since the bag is designed with kicking in mind, you need it to be as durable as possible, which is why RDX included a polyester inner layer and Maya leather as the outer lining.

If you’re not familiar, maya leather is a premium type of leather that comes from Indonesia, it makes sense that RDX would outfit their products with it since the company is native to that country.

When it comes to gloves, they are also geared towards mixed martial artists, since they are a lot smaller than the traditional boxing glove we saw in our last entry. They allow the hand to have more range of motion and only have protective padding on the knuckles.

Best Punching Bags for Teenagers

My Recommendation

I know I just gave you teenagers a great number of options to choose from if you want to get a good quality punching bag.

And I also know that sometimes having too many great options can seem overwhelming so I want to highlight what I think of as the final winners if you’re not looking to break the bank.

Best Bang for Buck Free Standing Bag: Century Original

best overall punching bag for teenagers

By far the most appropriate option for someone looking to get started. If you’re dealing with a pro, go with our top choice, but if you want the safe bet that spares your wallet, buy the original.

Thanks to its super heavy base, it can handle substantial shots so that an untrained teen can develop some power, while also training their reflexes and movements since the bag will always come back after being struck.

The adjustable height makes it so that your kid can find the most comfortable position and you won't have to worry about buying the wrong thing.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, it's very easy to put away. Knowing teenagers, if it was a hassle to set up every time he wanted to train, he’d probably stop doing it out of laziness.

Making it as easy as possible ensures he’ll stick with it. 

This also makes the bag a perfect fit if space is at a premium and you're shooting for the right equipment for small space, this one fits the bill.

Best Bang for Your Buck Hanging Bag: Everlast Kit

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit - Best Hanging Heavy Bags for Teenagers

Everlast has been in this space for long enough, rolling out different types of gear; from punching bags to heavy bag stands, boxing shoes for women..., name it. This bag lives up to that repute.

It’s really a no brainer why this is the best choice to buy for someone starting out. After you get through the hassle of installing it, they’re ready to go.

No need to go searching for gloves paying for even more shipping and then waiting for everything to get to you home, all the while having a bunch of equipment you can use.

The same principle applies to the filling and the hanging chain.

With this bag, your kid will be able to develop striking power in no time, its weight is also crucial since its heavy enough to offer a challenge, but not so much that it will hurt and cause them to lose motivation.

What about when he grows stronger? Won’t the bag just swing around wildly? No! Just use the stabilizing bungee cord and it will hold it in place, much like just adding more weight to a bag.

FAQ You Might Have When Shopping for a Punching Bag for Your Teen?

Here are the most commonly asked questions that teens have when buying a punching bag

Are All of the Punching Bags Above the Best Ones for a Teenager?

Of course they are! This is why I put this list together. I have been involved in MMA for 12 years now and can speak from personal experience. I know which bags are worth a hoot and which ones are a crap shoot.

I’m quite passionate about spreading martial arts and the best way to do that is to start them young and get them started right! For that they need the best bang for the buck equipment out there, that their parents are willing to buy…

That’s why I used the advice of coaches, trainers and some of my own experience to compile the best list I could!

What Weight Punching Bag Is Going to Be Best for a Teenager?

Generally, I’d advise anything in the 70 to 100 pound range, keeping in mind that if it's too heavy it will be painful to use. While going low may result in needing a heavier bag later (except with the Everlast kit)

Of course it depends on a lot of factors, gender, age, weight and training experience matter the most here. A 6 foot teenage boy will punch a lot harder than a 5’5 teenage girl, but both should be fine somewhere in the range I mentioned above.

When it comes to training experience, if your son or daughter has been training for a while already, just ask them, they probably know or can ask their coach for advise.

However, the best way to avoid this issue entirely is to get a free standing bag, where the weight doesn’t really matter.

Will a 70 lb Hanging Heavy Bag Be Enough?

Definitely! Especially if they are just starting out, this way the can get the feel of punching and kicking without having to deal with soreness. Plus its a lot more enjoyable to punch something and see it moving than just staying there while your hands hurt.

Just keep in mind you might need a heavier one when they grow stronger!

What’s the Best Thing to Fill a Bag With?

I usually recommend using a mix of  thin fabric like old bed sheets and rags with sand, sawdust or other fine materials. The fabric will provide the softness while the fine material will get you to the desired weight.

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page