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Best Treadmill Running Shoes For Women – Ladies Top Picks

Ladies, if you like to burn calories indoors, then finding the right women's treadmill running shoes is going to be your first priority if you want your feet to be comfortable.

The treadmill running shoes listed down below are specifically designed with extra cushion and with extra support to keep your feet comfortable and to absorb the impact on your joints.

These shoes make treadmill running easier on the joints, which means that your ankles and your knees won’t get beat up over time, thanks to the cushioned running surface.

That said, if you plan to be running on the treadmill and don't want blisters on your feet then you need to get the best pair of treadmill running shoes that you can.

My Top Pick

Nike Epic Reacts

Editors Choice - Best Overall

  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Designed to Last - I've had these for 3 years now
  • Excellent Value
  • Look Freaking Awesome
  • I Personally Own These.

Believe it or not, there are 24000 treadmill-related injuries each year according to the CPSC.

If you are caught lollygagging, making one of those costly treadmill mistakes, or your shoes lack the traction, you might end up slipping, or spraining an ankle.

Also, if you are a girl like me and spend most of your day on your feet, you need running shoes that have some extra padding.

Best Treadmill Running Shoes for Women

If this is the first time you are shopping for treadmill shoes, or your old ones just wore out after a few weeks of use, then here’s our list of the best Treadmill Running Shoes for Women.

1. Nike Women's Epic React Flyknit

Best Looking Treadmill Shoes I've Ever Seen

Best Features

  • Cost Effective
  • Look Awesome
  • Last Forever
  • Flynkit upper
  • Great form
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Epic React foam
  • Padded heel and forefoot for traction
  • My Personal Favorites

Nike Women's Epic React Flyknit Review

This is the pair that my girlfriend personally owns and loves. We have a smaller treadmill that doesn't provide much cushioning to the deck and these give her the padding and comfort she needs to go on long treadmill runs.

The Epic React is Nike’s running-lifestyle crossover, neutral shoes that fits both variety of users to the T.

It’s stylish, comes in some amazing colors, has one of the best, form-hugging fits.

Further, it features Nike’s new proprietary foam called Epic React that is touted to last way more than the standard 500 miles.

Aesthetics? Check. Durability? Check.

Let’s talk comfort.

The Epic React foam is the real deal.

It’s soft but offers enough firmness to keep your feet stable on the treadmill. At the same time, the cushioning is top notch. Irrespective of whether you are a heel strike or toe strike, the shoes transition smoothly, without forcing your foot into any specific foot strike.

There’s some additional rubber on the heel and the forefoot for added traction, which can potentially save you from a misstep or a slip.

If you have used Nike’s shoes before, you’d be familiar with the firm, comfy fit of the flyknit upper. It will almost mold to your feet and there’s enough room even if you have wide feet or a bunion to boot.

Overall, we are mighty impressed with the Epic React Flyknit. It is a great pair of shoes for all round use, but more so for running on a treadmill.

Best Features

  • Moderate stability shoes
  • 18th Iteration
  • Contour-hugging fit
  • ISO 2
  • Aggressive tread on the outsole
  • Blend of two types of rubbers, the IBR+ and XT-900
  • PWRFOAM midsole
  • Jacquard mesh upper

Saucony Women's Omni ISO 2 Review

The Omni ISO 2 is Saucony’s 18th iteration of these classic, stability trainers.

The Guide is the high stability offering whereas the hurricane is at the lower end.

The Omni ISO 2 sits right in the middle offering moderate stability.

At first glance, the shoes look quintessential Saucony with the asymmetrical design on the upper. But there are some meaty upgrades starting with the fit.

While most Saucony shoes offer a contour-hugging fit, the ISO 2 takes it a notch ahead. The heel area wraps around the foot enhancing stability without limiting the flexibility.

There’s a more aggressive tread on the outsole which gives you great traction on those high speed runs and when training on treadmills with inclines.

You can even use it on pretty much any other weightless cardio machines like an apartment elliptical, an elliptical bike, exercise bike, or rowing machine

It’s a blend of two types of carbon rubbers, the IBR+ and the XT-900.

On the midsole, there’s the tried and tested PWRFOAM. Perched right between the arch and the heel is the dual density medial post that gives you a very stable ride on all types of terrain.

The upper is double Jacquard mesh which keeps the shoes pliable and things airy within.

All in all, if you are looking for a moderate stability everyday trainer, the Saucony Omni ISO2 is one of your best bets.

Best Features

  • 20th Iteration of these classics
  • Neutral trainer
  • Gel cushioning pods
  • Flytefoam midsole
  • Guidance Trusstic System
  • Gradient Mesh upper

ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Review

The Gel-Nimbus 20 is the ASICS flagship that manages to tick on, despite facing fierce competition from all around.

The number 20 indicates that this is the 20th iteration of these shoes and that alone is testimony to how popular these are.

It is a neutral trainer that offers great cushioning and comfort, as opposed to the Gel Kayano, which is the flagship-stability boot from ASICS.

The Nimbus-20 comes with a 13mm drop that’s designed to prevent an Achilles flareup in women.

Under the shoe, you have ASICS’s new Flytefoam all through the midsole and it is positioned under the Gel cushioning pods on the rear, as well as on the forefoot.

In addition to this, the shoes also feature the Guidance Trusstic system which helps improve transitioning. Despite being a neutral trainer, there’s no dearth of stability features which means that even if you are an over-pronator, these shoes will work fine for you.

On the upper, you have the gradient mesh which reduces overlays and keeps things breathable on a hot day.

Overall, the Nimbus 20 is a classic in all rights. It offers great padding, decent styling and excellent stability. If anything, we found it a little heavy, which might limit people looking for trail or up-tempo running.

Best Features

  • Lighter, more responsive then previous iterations
  • Primeknit 360 upper
  • Torsion spring polymer bar under the midfoot
  • Rubber outsole
  • Ultra boost foam under the shoes

Ever since its launch in 2015, Adidas’s Ultra boost has been its most popular running shoes, despite remaining almost unchanged while the competition was busy reinventing themselves.

Finally, the update came in 2019 with the Ultra Boost 19. I can tell you that these here in 2020 look freaking awesome. I'm sure they will look just as good in 2021 and 2022 as well.

If you have loved the original Ultra Boost, wait till you try these.

The Ultraboost 19 is lighter and is made up of just four components as opposed to the 17 in the original.

And how does that make a difference? Well, for starters you get a snugger fit. These run true to size and the Primeknit upper wraps around your feet, literally.

The Primeknit 360 with its unique knit pattern looks stunning. Add to it the exposed, plush outsole and you have striking shoes that can double up as your everyday casual wear as well.

Under the shoes, you have boost foam, which needs no introduction. It feels responsive, gives you great energy and keeps things comfortable even if you wear them all day. This is aptly supported by a rubber outsole for traction and for uneven terrain use.

If you like to use the Ultra Boost for up-tempo running, the Torsion Spring which is a polymer bar under the mid-foot, has you covered.

In many ways, the Ultra Boost 19 are one of the best treadmill running shoes for women. They are easy to lace up, offer decent padding, are flexible, lightweight and look casual. Can’t ask for more.

Best Features

  • Amplifoam midsole
  • Gel cushioning on the rear foot
  • Jacquard mesh fabric upper
  • Ortholite sock-liner
  • Excellent padding for treadmill use
  • Great aesthetics

ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 6 Review

The Gel-Excite 6 was one of the most anticipated updates from the Japanese brand, since their entry-level range is pretty limited.

Thankfully, they didn’t keep us waiting for too long.

These shoes are a terrific choice for indoor running. They aren’t too heavy, offer a sizeable toe box unlike the Kayano, and there’s just the right amount of padding to keep your ankles and knees happy.

The most hyped part of the upgrade though is the AmpliFoam midsole, which is a hybrid foam introduced by the brand in 2015 and has been a standard offering on most of their mid-range and higher-end models.

This is the first time that it’s been introduced in budget-priced shoes.

To be fair, we like the Amplifoam and it does keep the shoe flexible while offering a fair amount of cushioning.

In the rear foot, ASICS throws in some extra GEL cushioning, which is lacking in the forefoot surprisingly, which only gets EVA. The jacquard mesh upper is breathable and doesn’t limit natural feet movement while you get Ortholite sock-liner in the box.

The arch support is a little limited and if you over pronate, then these shoes might not be the right choice for you. But if you are seeking a reasonably priced neutral running shoes that can also be worn casually, use as your go-to stair master shoes then these fit the bill.

Best Features

  • Lightest, entry-level model from Hoka One One
  • Stylish, minimalist design
  • Stretch Knit upper for a snug fit
  • PROFLY dual-density midsole
  • High density forefoot
  • Softer heel
  • EVA Outsole

HOKA ONE One Cavu Review

Weighing just 7 ounces, the Cavu is one of the lightest every day shoes from Hoke One One. It is also an entry-level offering from the French brand, that combines a no-frills design with an affordable price tag.

Gone is the max cushioning and the rigid feel that’s common in some of the higher-end shoes from Hoka One One. Instead, you can wear the Cavu all day, no matter where you go, right from light jogs to full blown sprints.

It looks stylish, almost unassuming and there are four colors to choose from.

The Stretch knit upper offers a snug fit while keeping your feet locked-in.

To add to this, there’s just the right amount of padding to keep users  (especially on manual treadmills) impressed courtesy the PROFLY dual-density midsole. This has a softer heel and a high density foam on the forefoot that gives you great transitioning.

The energy return is excellent considering that this is the entry-level offering in the Fly range.

Hoka One One throws in an EVA outsole that improves traction and durability.

If you seek a lightweight, casual neutral shoes for everyday training on the treadmill, the Cavu is one of the best options.

Best Features

  • Lightweight cross training shoes
  • 3mm height added on the midsole to prevent achilles
  • Ample cushioning with Flytefoam propel and Flytefoam Lyte
  • Jacquard upper that wraps around your foot
  • Upgraded heel counter
  • New medial plate
  • 23 colors to choose from

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 25 Review

The Gel-Kayano 25 is ASICS trying to redesign one of its bestselling, classic, cross trainer shoes.

And as surprising as it may seem, it succeeds to a large extent.

For starters, there’s an additional 3mm on the midsole to prevent the Achilles heel. You can wear these anywhere with zero effort.

Add to this the wrap-around fit that the Jacquard upper gives you. Your feet stay locked-in without ever feeling limited. It’s flexible, breathable and lightweight.

The only quibble that we have is that the toe box lacks the depth while offering the width. Even if you have wider-than-normal feet or bunions, these will fit perfectly. But if you prefer some additional wiggle room, you might find it a little stifling.

Under the feet, you have the recognizable heel counter that’s tailored for over pronators. In addition to this, there’s a new medial plate that runs all the way from the mid sole to the heel.

The midsole itself is a blend of two types of foam, which is Flytefoam propel and Flytefoam Lyte on different parts of the shoes.

For those seeking more color options than what brands normally offer, there are 23 with the Gel Kayano. Hard to find a better combination of form and function.

Best Features

  • New streamlined design
  • Wide forefoot mesh for snug fit
  • Ample wiggle room
  • Molded heel upper
  • Fresh Foam midsole
  • Responsive feel
  • Perfect for recovery runs as well as sprints

New Balance Women's 1080v9 Review

With the 1080 v9, New Balance Irons out the crevices that plagued the previous version of these shoes.

It is lighter, has a more streamlined appearance and the overlays, which gave it a chunky feel are removed along with the bulky ankle collar and the over padding on the tongue.

These look sportier and have a thinner, redesigned toe box with a molded upper that gives you a snug fit.

The forefoot mesh is wide and roomy and the molded heel offers just enough stability for comfortable runs on a running deck. Not exactly, a wrap-around, locked-in feel mind you. But the emphasis is clearly on comfort here.

Under the foot, you have a single layer of foam, much like the previous iterations. But the star of the show, is the Fresh Foam on the mid sole. It offers enough cushioning to keep your feet supported on all kinds of surfaces, right from cushioned treadmill running decks to paved roads.

Also, forefoot is flatter than what you find with similar boots. This allows you to switch seamlessly to an up-tempo run, if need be.

Another addition to the design are flex grooves on the outsole which adds some much-needed flexibility to the boots. If you have used any of the previous versions, you’d be aware that the stiff outsole was one of the problems with them.

Overall, these are one of the best treadmill running shoes for women with a thick, cushioned heel that offers great responsiveness.

Best Features

  • Contemporary styling
  • Designed for neutral pronators
  • Single-piece mesh fabric upper
  • Snug Fit
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • Solyte Midsole that’s lighter

ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Review

While there’s no denying that ASICS offers some of the best running and cross-training shoes in the world, the aesthetics are nothing to write home about for many of their models.

With the Gel-Quantum 180 4, you get a pair of shoes that offer ASICS’s proven running platform with distinct, sporty aesthetics.

The contemporary styling blends in with most casual wardrobes and luxury athleisure wear like Senita Athletics.

These shoes are designed for neutral pronators and feature a single-piece mesh fabric upper. The fit is snug and the shoes run true to size. While the breathability is excellent, ASICS also throws in an ORTHOLITE® SOCKLINER that reduces moisture buildup and keeps your feet comfy.

Under the feet, you have a SOLYTE® midsole that’s lighter than EVA and SpEVA midsoles which are the standard offering from the brand.

Despite the reduced weight, there’s no difference in the cushioning. The underfoot comfort is top notch with the Gel inserts, irrespective of the type of surface you are running on

On the outsole you have a ASICS High Abrasion Rubber layer that reduces wear and tear that comes with everyday use.

Overall, these are great, lightweight and comfortable every day shoes.

Best Treadmill Running Shoes for Women on a Budget

Most of the shoes that we have selected are versatile enough to be worn on different types of terrains.

But if you are looking at shoes that will solely be used on treadmill decks and don’t cost an arm and a leg, then here are our budget-priced options.

Best Features

  • Lightweight shoes
  • 15 color options
  • Pleather upper with mesh overlay
  • EVA midsole with 90 gel tech
  • Gel cushion under the heel

ASICS Women's Gel-Quantum 90 Review

The Quantum 90 is the midrange offering in the Gel-Quantum range from the Japanese brand.

It offers great casual styling, with a lightweight form factor that’s perfect for indoor use. There are 15 colors to choose from and the designs are modern and sporty.

The upper is made of pleather with a mesh overlay which offers a reasonable amount of flexibility and comfort for your feet.

Whether you are running to build muscles, running to tone your butt, or a stamina or endurance runner who runs long distances then these are a great option. These are designed to last a very long time and take a considerable amount of abuse.

The Solyte Midsole on the 180 is replaced by an EVA one and features 90-degrees of GEL brand tech.

ASICS throws in some additional meat under the rear foot, which offers great shock absorption for runners.

That said, these shoes are designed for under pronators. If you land your feet with the outside of the heel touching the ground before the rest of the parts, these shoes will fit you perfectly.

Best Features

  • Lightweight shoes with excellent padding
  • Mesh upper with durable leather overlay
  • EVA Sockliner
  • Compression foam midsole for energetic return

Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 Review

The Charged Assert 8 is offered as a balanced training shoe for people who seek flexibility and cushioning.

At 8.15 oz., it is reasonably light and offers a comfortable fit. The upper is a lightweight mesh that sits snugly around your feet and there’s a leather overlay that keeps the feet locked in place.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s an EVA sockliner for added comfort.

The midsole is made of a compression foam that gives these shoes a responsive, energetic return that is comparable to much higher priced shoes. There is enough cushioning to keep your joints happy with every day runs.

If you are willing to look beyond the limited color offerings, these might be a great choice for use on the treadmill.

Best Features

  • All-knit upper
  • DNA Amp midsole
  • Flexible and energetic return
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • Excellent traction
  • Perfect for cushioned surfaces

Brooks Womens Levitate Review

If you seek a light, springy feel from your treadmill running shoes, then you’ll love the Brooks Levitate.

The tagline for the shoes is ‘Experience Infinite Energy’. We hear you Brooks.

This is an everyday trainer that is made of the same polyurethane blend used to make the Adidas Boost range. It has a plush, all-knit upper with a terrific toe-off. There’s zero pressure even if you lace up too tight.

Under the foot, you have the new DNA Amp midsole material which is a polyurethane blend wrapped in TPU.

The result is a shoe that’s not as soft as the boost, but offers the same flexibility and energetic return.

We also loved the thick, rubber outsole on the Levitate. Gives you great traction and durability.

Overall, the Levitate is great for a variety of runs. But it really shines when used on cushioned surfaces like a treadmill deck.

That’s why it deserves a top spot in this list of Womens treadmill running shoes

Best Features

  • Neutral running shoes with lightweight design
  • Synthetic upper that keeps things airy
  • Mesh upper
  • EVA midsole
  • Extra layer of gel under the heel
  • Weighs just 247 grams

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Review

The Venture 5 is a neutral runner from ASICS that has a lightweight mesh upper with bright overlays.

It offers terrific arch support and an all-terrain, trail-ready design with an Asics high Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole. Over pronator? No problem. These shoes have you covered.

The upper is a synthetic one that keeps things airy and breathable. No sticky toes. It is perfectly complemented by the EVA midsole that offers just the right amount of cushioning. ASICS’s extra layer of gel under the heel will keep heel-strikers impressed.

Overall, there’s a lot of cushioning in the Venture 5 and it is amongst the most comfortable shoes that you can buy.

But it’s not bulky at all. Weighs just 247 grams and is on par with some of the lightest shoes in this list.

Great choice for treadmill use!

How to Buy the Best Treadmill Running Shoes

There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to running shoes for the treadmill. No Pun intended there.

The ideal one for you is the one that’s tailored for your feet or at least is a close match to a custom fit. The same goes for anyone looking for the right shoes for the stairmaster.

Here are some factors to consider before you shop.

1. Understand your foot type

There are three types of arches.

There’s the low arch, a normal arch and a high arch. A simple wet test (a wet imprint of your feet on the ground) will show you what your arch height is.

Select a shoe that’s made for your foot type.

This will prevent 80% of the problems that people face with running shoes.

2. Pick a shoe for the right surface

Do you plan to run solely on the treadmill? Or will you be hitting the road occasionally? While treadmill running sure is fun, it can at times be stifling and it is only normal to crave some outdoor action.

Pick shoes that have sufficient cushioning to keep you comfortable on all types of surfaces.

Will you be running on a curved treadmill, a low profile treadmill, or perhaps a flat treadmill with no cushioning, or will you be running on a professional treadmill with lots of cushioning. Are you running after leg day and want the most comfort you can get out of your shoe?

Or Maybe running outdoors?

Decide this first.

Shoes designed solely for treadmill use are lighter but can offer limited padding.

3. Understand the pronation for your feet

If your foot rolls to the outside when you place it on the ground during a walk, then you under pronate. If it rolls to the inside, you are an over pronator.

If it lands straight, you are a neutral runner. Pick shoes that are designed for your gait.

4. Motion control vs. Stability

There are two types of shoes to consider.

Motion control shoes are designed to prevent over pronation. If you were to flip these upside down, you’d notice that they have a straight shape from heel to toe.

Stability shoes on the other hand are curved. If you have a neutral gait or only pronate very slightly, stability shoes might be a better pick for you.

Always pick shoes that offer a decent amount of cushioning without compromising on the flexibility and comfort.

Popular Women’s Running Shoe Brands

While there are tons of brands offering decent silos, there are only a handful that are known for producing quality running shoes for women. Here are some of them.


popular womens treadmill running shoe brand

Needs no introduction does it? Originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike quickly transformed into a global brand offering top quality footwear and sportswear. They have an enviable range of shoes for women and are amongst the top brands that you must consider.


quality womens treadmill running shoe brand

While it was not as well known in the USA as some of the American brands, ASICS has carved a niche for itself amongst both professional sportsmen as well as recreational users.

The brand was formed in 1949 and the term ASICS is an acronym that means, a ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’.


best womens treadmill running shoe brand

While Adidas has always had a smaller market share as compared to Nike, they have always enjoyed the reputation of being a brand that understands what the consumers need.

They have always been at the forefront of innovation and never shy away from introducing a new tech. Their women’s shoe range is extensive and you can find some of the best treadmill running shoes for women with Adidas.

New balance

affordable budget womens treadmill running sneakers

Despite being a relatively new entrant into the space, New Balance is making the competition sweat. They are known as the only brand that uses premium quality materials even in their entry-level offerings.

So if you’ve ever felt let down by Nike or Adidas or any of your favorite brand, you might wan to check out New Balance’s range of shoes for women.

Closing Thoughts

That’s it ladies.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our recommendations for the best treadmill running shoes for women.

If you have anything to add to this, give us a holler in the comments box below. We’ll get right back.

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page