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Senita Athletics Review: Worth the Hype? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Until a few years ago, workout apparel for women could largely be categorized into two categories. 

1) Attractive but obscenely priced. Think Lululemon. 

or 2) Or, is cost-effective but extremely drab. We’d rather not take names here. 

That’s until Senita Athletics came along and offered a viable middle ground. 

This activewear brand has recently been trending and for all the right reasons too. 

They offer stylish, durable, comfortable and functional apparel at prices that don’t break the bank. 

How many brands of sports bras offer hideaway pockets for your gizmos? That sums up Senita for you. 

Innovative, and one step ahead of the competition, without cutting corners with quality or comfort. 

You can check ’em out on amazon by clicking here.

Senita Athletics? Who are they?

who is senita athletics

You can check ’em out on amazon by clicking here.

Senita Athletics was founded by sisters Jenna Transtrum and Maddie Carr, who were track-and-field-athletes & teammates all their lives, starting with high school and later in Division I university.

After childbirth, both of them were yearning to get back to their pre-pregnancy fitness levels and happened to visit some big box stores to shop for active wear.

Much to their surprise, the prices for a decent pair of sports bras or leggings were just unacceptable. 

That’s when they decided to set up Senita, a brand that focuses on offering quality apparel at pocket-friendly prices.

True to their vision, almost everything from Senita is priced under $50.

Their bestselling leggings for example. 

In comparison, leggings from any leading athleisure brand wouldn’t cost less than $100. The products are designed by the duo themselves and shipped globally from their headquarters in Scottsdale. 

What Clothing does Senita Athletics Offer?

senita athletics fitness clothing review

Senita’s overnight success can be attributed largely to the popularity of the hideaway pockets that they seem to conceal so beautifully in just about any apparel piece.

To think of it, who would have thought of adding a pocket to a sports bra? 

The fact is that there are countless women who found it extremely functional and useful. 

Their clothing line is not limited to leggings and sports bras alone though. 

In fact, they have an ensemble collection of activewear with new lines being launched every season.

You can check out their latest Winter range here

Senita Athletics Bottom Wear Offerings

Their bottom wear includes Capris, Pants, shorts and skirts. Here are just a few of the options that they offer:


pants by senita athletics


time out clothes by senita athletics


shorts by senita athletics

Senita Athletics Top Wear Offerings

Tops include Tees, Tank tops, Long sleeves, outerwear and sports bras. Here are just a few of them:


tee by senita athletics

Tank tops

tank top by senita athletics

Maternity Tank Top

everyday maternity tank top by senita athletics

Long Sleeves

long sleeve by senita athletics

Sports Bras

sports bra by senita athletics

They also have an enviable maternity wear collection, including workout capris with a belly band, pants, tracks, tank tops, bras, shorts, and long sleeves, all aimed at the pregnant or breastfeeding woman who likes to stay active. 

Coming from two mothers who know the challenges faced by pregnant women while looking for gym wear, this specialty line has garnered rave reviews all over, with many mothers complimenting the comfort of their maternity capris. 

One of the best features of the brand as we know, is the hideaway pocket.

Along with simple gadgets like your music player, it also allows someone with Diabetes to tuck in an insulin pump without it sticking out like a sore thumb. Or a CGM.

More recently, they launched a range of accessories that perfectly complement their gym wear.

You have headbands, hats, bra pads, water bottles, stickers, scarves, shopping bags, and resistance bands. 

What other Clothing Company Does Senita Athletics Compare with?

It’s so easy to get fobbed off in the athleisure market. 

How many times have you spent $$$ to buy leggings from a premium brand, only to realize that it’s more see-through than you’d imagined? 

Or that it isn’t as moisture-wicking as they advertised it to be? 

Take Lululemon for example, which is touted to be the brand of the pros.

The brand’s sportwear can withstand anything from barre, cross-fit, intense one punch man workout, high speed runs on an incline treadmill, to downright brutal squats and dealdifts

Surprisingly, the reviews on Lululemon are mixed. 

There are people who rave about their range and there are others who find them grossly overpriced.

True, Lululemon’s leggings in particular are extremely comfortable and offer moderate compression. 

Their high-rise pants though are nothing to write home about. Ditto with their fast and free range, which are priced at $118 as of today. 

Gymshark is another brand that is marketed aggressively as one of the best budget-priced options. 

However, we have found some very ordinary reviews for some of their supposed bestsellers. 

A Reddit user here talks about how Gymshark was the biggest disappointment as compared to all other top brands of leggings that she’d tried. (

Flex, which is one of the most hyped products from Gymshark was incredibly thin and itchy, according to her. This can of course be subjective and her personal opinion. 

The point that we are trying to drive home is that if you seek a high-end look for your activewear, then you do not necessarily have to spend $100 or more. 

Nor do you have to make do with cheap and flimsy products that may not even last a few days. 

That’s the gap that Senita fills in the current athleisure space. 

It gives you premium quality and designs at budget prices. 

Think about it like a blend of Gymshark and Lululemon.  

Gymshark’s prices and Lululemon’s designs and quality. That sums up Senita for you. 

Is Senita Athletics Expensive, Cheap, or in Between?

At the premium end of the athleisure market, you have brands like Peloton apparel, Lululemon and Outdoor Voices which have products starting from $70 and upwards. 

On the other side, you have Forever 21 and Layer 8 which are competing hard for the budget end of the market. Some of their products are ridiculously inexpensive. Layer 8’s workout legging for example is priced at less than $10.

But quality can be circumspect. If you are looking for something that can withstand vigorous use in the gym (like running, rowing or cycling), is squat proof, and can also be used for HIIT activities like jumping jacks or jump rope, one of these may not fit the bill.

In comparison, Senita athletics is right in between with their $30-50 price range. 

The products are very affordable, on-par with the high-end brands in terms of design and quality. 

If you were always considering a high-end brand like Outdoor Voices but were unable to get your head around the pricing, then Senita is your best bet. 

Senita Athletics Clothing Review

How Do Their Clothes Fit?

how does senita athletics clothes fit

Based on numerous customer reviews that we’ve analyzed and, based on our personal experiences with their products, we can say that Senita’s products run true to size.

Their clothes are a comfortable fit and easily withstand high-impact activities like running, HIIT, and cross fit. 

None of their products are known to cause chaffing, nor are they see-through. In fact, most of them do not even show sweat, even if you are dripping in it. 

Some users have also commented how their products fit comfortably even if you buy one size down. Sounds like the perfect choice if you have a mom butt or belly fat and are finding it hard to find fitting apparel for your size.

The positioning of the hideaway pockets is another terrific feature.

senita athletics fitness clothing review

For the leggings, the pockets are placed intuitively on the outer part of the upper thighs. This ensures that you are able to move freely without the cell phone or any other gadget ever interrupting the move. Be it burpees or kickbacks, you can perform the move unhindered. 

Their sports bras also have a pocket by the way. These are positioned on the racer’s back. So, even if you fancy leggings from a premium brand that doesn’t have a pocket, you can still stow your cell phone in a Senita bra. 

It must be mentioned though that if you have a large cup size, buying it on your smaller rib cage size might be a better idea. These bras tend to offer better support for a high-impact activity, especially if you are large-chested. 

How Do Their Clothes Feel?

Senita athletics is one of the only brands that allows you to shop by fabric type. 

They list six fabric types on their website. 


The skin range includes some of their earliest offerings. This is a polyester/spandex blended fabric that is extremely soft to the touch, never see-through and offers reasonable compression. As the name of the range goes, it’s as good as an extension of your skin. 


The seamless range is one of Senita’s latest additions that is fast outselling most other fabrics on their store.

This is a polyester/nylon/spandex blend which is slightly thicker as compared to Skin. The compression is higher too. However, it is completely breathable which means that you can wear it even for an outdoor sprint in hot weather without worrying about the sweat showing.

Squat proof as well. If you seek something that can be worn at home as well as on the track, this is a good pick.


The Lux fabric is a polyester/spandex blend that is designed for athletes. It is extremely lightweight, soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking. Dries in minutes and offers next-level compression for your workouts. If you are looking for gym or track and field wear, then Lux is one of the best options that you have. 


Think of Sculpt as a thicker version of Lux. This is a nylon/spandex blend that is warmer, but extremely soft nevertheless. It is a sweat-wicking fabric that offers excellent support for high-impact activities. 


The style range from Senita boasts bright colors, patterns and designs in a poly/spandex blended fabric. Extremely lightweight and quick drying, one of these can easily pass off for a much higher-priced Lululemon. If you wish to look top dollar without spending a ton, you wouldn’t want to give these a miss. 

Lux Lite

As the name suggests, this Poly/spandex blend is a lighter, thinner version of Lux, perfect for the active woman. Unlike cheap spandex clothes that tend to put on a peep show when you squat or bench in the gym, Lux Lite is not sheer. It is very cool to the touch.  

It remains unclear what the exact percentage of each material is. But that’s inconsequential unless you are hung up over it. 

What’s more important is that all fabric blends are extremely soft and stretchy with the right amount of compression. 

None are see-through and all of them offer excellent moisture-wicking, something that’s a prerequisite for active wear. 

Who Is Senita Athletics Clothing Best For?

Senita Athletics is a brand that is aimed at the budget-minded shopper who seeks attractive, stylish and functional designs for their gym wear. 

At the same time, they haven’t limited their line of products to young, 20-somethings who like to flaunt their 10 pack abs and toned bubble butts on Instagram.

They are one of the first brands to offer a dedicated line of products for mommies and pregnant ladies.

This is just one of their maternity leggings that they offer:

senita athletics maternity leggings

Some of their offerings, like the nursing-sports bra, are nothing short of a revelation. It is designed for nursing mothers who are busy juggling barbells and babies. 

The bra unclips easily on either side and comes with an inner mesh layer that supports the breasts and holds them in place. At the same time, the breast is exposed enough to allow the baby to nurse comfortably. 

The high-rise pants are another product that mothers would absolutely love. It helps keep the extra bit of lower belly fat tucked in without sacrificing on comfort. 

With a diverse range of products to suit varied lifestyles, it is definitely one of the best mid-range brands in the athleisure space. 

The complete Senita Athletics FAQ

Here are some of the common questions that shoppers have about Senita Athletics and their products. 

Where are Senita products manufactured?

Senita Athletics is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ and that’s where their products are designed and shipped from. But they source their products from manufacturers in China. As do most other leading brands like Lululemon, Adidas, GAP & Nike.

What’s more important is that they are able to pass on that competitive pricing advantage to their customers instead of putting exorbitant price tags on their labels. 

If the quality of Senita products is as good as it is touted to be, then why are the prices so affordable? 

That’s because Senita doesn’t sell in retail outlets and hence they are able to cut out middlemen. This allows them to offer much lower prices despite their products being on par with high-end brands. 

Who are the founders of the company?

Jenna Transtrum & her sister Maddie Carr founded the company in 2015 because they found the existing products in the athleisure market too expensive or too flimsy for long-term use.

Both ladies are former athletes and current mommies which gives them a personalized insight into the challenges faced by both categories of women that Senita caters to. 

What sets them apart from other brands?

The USP of Senita has to be the design-centric focus and competitive pricing. There are very few companies out there that make gym wear that is attractive and functional at the same time.

Their leggings have pockets on either side that are so neatly concealed that it would be impossible to spot them. Why they even added a hideaway pocket on their sports bra. Their maternity activewear is another first for the brand. 

Are Senita athletics clothes durable? 

Based on countless customer reviews, it can be said that the durability of their products is one of their mainstays. Their bottoms have been put through the paces in gyms and on the field on numerous occasions. You can quit working out for 6 months and get back to using them right away, no problem.

They have also been put through rigorous and repeated drying and washing cycles. 

There are very few complaints of tears, rips, frays, or the waist band loosening even after repeated use. 

Are there any downsides to buying this brand?

Not unless you hate good quality athletic wear at throwaway prices. Jokes apart, their website could use some work. It does have a fantastic UX that makes it easy to shop. But the product page looks a little cluttered for our liking. 

They have recently added a whole lot more information about their products though, which makes it so easy to come to a decision. 

One thing that we’d really like to see is the percentage of the individual fabrics in their blends. 

Also, some cotton blends can be a good addition to their already extensive line. 

What about Coupon Codes? Does Senita Athletics Offer Discounts?

Senita does offer coupon codes and discounts from time to time. It’d be a good idea to subscribe to their mailing list to stay updated with the latest coupons and offers. They also have a rewards program where you can earn points for simple tasks like liking and sharing their social media pages.

Referring a friend to the sisterhood, as they call their community, gives them a 10% discount and gives you 250 points. 

The points can then be redeemed for discounts. 2000 points give you a $20 discount on your shopping cart.

They also have a tiered ranking system for point earners. You can find more details about it over here. 

In addition to this, they have a dedicated section on their website for clearance sales where you can find some pretty good discounts. 

How much does Senita charge for shipping?

Senita offers free shipping all over the United States for orders above $50. For orders less than $50, the shipping prices are calculated based on the delivery location and zip code. 

Most orders are delivered within 7 days. Usually, it’s within 3-4 days. International shipping is via USPS and takes up to 21 days.

Senita has also tied up with Route to offer in-transit insurance on your packages for just $0.98 for packages valued less than $100 and 1% of the order value for packages valued more than $100.

This covers you for packages lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. 

Can I Return my clothes? Senita Athletics Return Policy

Unused clothes can be returned within 30 days with their tags intact and provided that they are in perfect condition for a refund or an exchange.

Accessories though are ineligible for returns because there can be residual hair or haircare products on them which is considered unacceptable. 

Ditto with clothes that have stains or deodorant marks and/or hair.

The initial shipping costs will not be refunded. 

Also, the refund for products purchased during a sale can only be added to store credits. It cannot be credited back to your card or to your bank account. 

You can read their detailed returns policy here

My Final thoughts on Senita Athletics

Senita Athletics are one of the best athleisure brands in the mid-range as of today. 

Their product designs are quite popular among active women who are looking for products that offer some added functionality beyond the obvious. 

The quality is on-par with much higher-priced brands and their clothes seem to hold up pretty well to everyday wear and tear. 

If you are a pregnant woman or are nursing, then they have some of the best designs for you. 

Should I buy their clothes? 

After carefully analyzing their brand, using some of their clothes and speaking to women who have been using their products for a while, we would highly recommend Senita Athletics

Go ahead and give them a shot. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page

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