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Cambered Bar Curls: What are they and How to Do Them?

Trying to figure out just what cambered bar curls are if they can help you with building those biceps up bigger than they have ever been aren’t ya?

i can tell you this.. you are asking the right question..

And the good news is somehow you ended up here at the right place because cambered bar curls are literally my favorite bicep exercise and they are most definitely one of the best workouts that you can do to build big biceps and get rid of those skinny little arms.

What Are Cambered Bar Curls?

cambered bar curls

This is going to seem a bit silly but cambered bar curls are just curls that you do on a cambered bar.. literally.

Cambered bar curls are curls that are performed on a bar that allows you to have a little bit more comfortable grip that is not so strenuous on your wrist. On a cambered bar your wrist are facing inwards at a 45 degree angle.

This grip allows you to lift quite a bit more weight without tearing up your wrist joints in the process. It also allows you to focus more on lifting the weight and getting a full contraction of the muscle.

Cambered bar curls are my favorite exercise for building up big arms because I do not have to worry about having elbow pain, wrecking my wrist, or tearing up my cartilage like I do on the straight curl bar.

Cambered Curl Bar Vs Straight Curl Bar

How exactly is a cambered curl bar different than a straight curl bar you might ask. Well the main difference is that the cambered bar has several different angles in the bar allowing you to get a couple different grips on the bar when working both your triceps and your biceps. These angles are usually 45 degree angles and allow for better grip positions for people who do have trouble with their wrist and elbows.

A straight bar is is just that.. a straight.. bar.. it is designed to go straight across and only allows for flat 90 degree angle grips which for me is extremely painful and is something that I definitely do not advise doing. I’m 24 and I already feel the aches and pains.

How To Do Cambered Bar Curls

how to do cambered bar curls step 1

Learning how to do cambered bar curls is not that hard I promise.

First you need to find a cambered or EZ bar.

Make sure you have a weight that is not too heavy, make sure your feet shoulder width apart, standing straight up with your arms down at your sides, curl the bar up to your chest.

Tip: For the best growth and size you need to be holding and flexing at the top of the rep range. This will allow you squeeze as much blood as possible into the muscles allowing for maximum growth and the best pump.

How To Do Sitting Cambered Preacher Curls

how to do cambered bar curls

how to do cambered bar curls step 2

Sitting cambered preacher curls are just as easy. The are the same thing as standing but now you’re sitting with your elbows on a padded bench at a downward 45 degree angle. This bench will keep you in tension with gravity and will keep the force against your biceps, causing them to have to go through more work with the same amount of weight

Watch the video below to get a visual representation of how to do them

What Muscles Does A Cambered Bar Work?

Does a cambered bar work different muscles than a straight bar does? Yes. It does. A cambered bar changes your grip just enough to allow you to not only focus on working the biceps but it also engages your brachioradialis which is your forearm muscle that sticks out the most when doing hammer curls.

Doing cambered bar curls will really increase the size you have on both your biceps and your forearms.

Are Cambered Bar Curls The Best Bicep Exercise For Size? Yes!

Yes, for me cambered bar curls are definitely the number 1 bicep builder and are also the best for putting size onto your arms. They allow you to lift heavier weight in a safer way all while allowing you to engage your forearm muscles as well. It’s a win win!

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