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How Much Does a Deadlift Bar Weigh? Tips & Everything You Need to Know

As surprising as it seems, the weight of the bar is rarely discussed in a gym. Especially the deadlift bar.

I guess people expect you to just know this?

It’s like one of those unsaid facts that everybody expects everybody else to know.

The real fact though is that most people don’t know how much a deadlift bar weighs or how much a bench press bar weighs.

Nor do they know whom to ask about it. Walk up to your coach and ask them the weight of the hex bar for example. Bet you’ll catch them unprepared to answer that.

So they just make educated guesses and continue to miscalculate their PR lifts.

We figured that it was time we addressed the elephant in the room.

So here goes.

What is a Deadlift Bar?

what is a deadlift bar and how much does it weigh
These are two different deadlifting bars. The smaller looking one is the Rogue deadlift bar. The bigger one is the Texas deadlifting bar.

The deadlift bar is in essence a barbell that is used specifically for deadlifts.

It is 7-feet long and can vary significantly in quality depending on the make and the brand.

Bars made of American steel are generally considered to be the gold standard for any type of lifting.

Having said that, there are distinct varieties of barbells that are used for lifting.

  • The Standard Bar: Also called the Power Bar (Not the Olympic bar), these bars are by far the most commonly used ones as they can be used interchangeably for squatting workouts, deadlifts and bench pressing. These bars feature aggressive knurling as it helps the lifter maintain his grip while moving heavy weight. These bars are pretty rigid with very little whip. So, they do not bend as much as deadlift bars and hence should be the last choice if you intend to lift very heavy weights on a deadlift.
  • The Deadlift bar: The Deadlift bar is also a power bar that has slightly more whip to it. This allows the bar to bend a lot more when the lifter is moving heavy weight. Also allows the lifter to use speed at the start of the movement.
  • The Trap Bar: This bar, also known as the hex bar, are designed differently than any other bar. This bar allows you to actually stand inside of it with the weight on each side of you. Allowing you to get the best position for trap lifts possible.
  • The Olympic bar: These bars are designed to help the lifter perform the two Olympic lifts, which is the clean and jerk and the snatch. These have more whip as compared to the power bar and come with fast rotating sleeves which allows the lifter to hold their grip while getting under the bar.

Deadlifting: What is it?

deadlifting heavy weight with the bardeadlifting heavy weight with the bar

The Deadlift is a weight lifting exercise in which one lifts a weight-loaded deadlift bar off the floor and lowers it again in a controlled fashion.

The back should be straight at all times, not arched, with the torso perpendicular to the ground at the starting and final position.

It is considered to be one of the most effective exercises of all times for both strength and mass building, and a compound move that involves many major muscle groups.

Hence, it is crucial that you practice with very light weights until you get the form right with a full range of motion, both concentric (lifting the bar up) and eccentric (lowering it down).

Practice deadlifts with a light weight and count up to three to reach the top position. Count to three again to lower the bar and touch it on the ground. Pause and then repeat.

How Much Does a Deadlift Bar Weigh? – 44 lbs. (20 kgs.)

Coming to the question that started it all, how much does the deadlift bar really weigh?

The Standard Deadlift bar weighs in at 45 lbs without any extra added weight.

But what is you are using a different type of deadlifting bar? Do all types of deadlift bars weight the same?

No. If you are using another type of deadlifting bar then the weight varies.

Standard Deadlift Bar Weight – 44 lbs. (20 kgs.)

The Standard Deadlift bar, also known as the power bar weighs 44 lbs. or 20 kgs. At least the reputed brands do. There may however be cheaper varieties of bars that weigh less. Weight is usually considered to be an indicator of quality. If the bar weighs less, it tends to be rigid and has a less weight load capacity.

How Much Does a Rogue Deadlift Bar Weigh? – 44 lbs. (20 kgs.)

how much does a rogue deadlift bar weigh

Rogue is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment in the USA and their bars, both power bars as well as Olympic bars are considered to be amongst the best in the business. Rogue has a range of deadlift bars under the Ohio range. All of these bars measure 7.5’ in length, are 27 mm in Diameter and come with aggressive knurling for a firm grip. The increased length and thinner diameter gives these bars enhanced flexibility, which is perfect for deadlifts. These bars weigh 20 kgs or 44 lbs.

How Much Does a Texas Deadlift Bar Weigh? – 44 lbs. (20 kgs.)

texas deadlift bar

Texas Power Bars is one of the best brands in the business used universally in the gym by powerlifters and professional bodybuilders. It is the official deadlifting bar for the American Powerlifting committee as well as for 54 other countries with the Global Powerlifting Alliance.

The bar weighs 20 kilos or 44 lbs. and is 27 mm in diameter, exactly like the Rogue Deadlift bar. Both these brands use the best quality steel and feature bars with 190,000 PSI tensile strength and a max weight load capacity of 1500 lbs.

texas deadlift bar weight vs the rogue deadlift bar weight
You can really see the difference here between the Rogue bar and Texas bar. the Rogue is on top.

My Favorite Deadlift Bar – The Best One for Your Buck

However, not everybody can afford one of these premium quality bars used by professionals. Nor do you need it unless you are desperate to pull off a Ronnie Coleman and deadlift 500 kilos.

If you are looking for a cheap decent quality deadlift bar for your home gym setup, then check out the 7-foot Olympic bar from CAP Barbells.

the best deadlift bar weight

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

It is constructed from solid, cold-rolled steel and is 28 mm in Diameter, which is perfect for deadlifting.

It is a tad smaller than professional Olympic bars as it measures 7-feet only. Not that it makes a whole load of difference to the quality of your deadlifts.

More importantly, it weighs 20 kilos, which is exactly what heavy duty bars weigh.

It features aggressive, diamond knurling on the sides and an extended loading sleeve that measures 15”.

Most Common Beginner Questions about Deadlifting Bars

Here are some of the most common questions that newbies have about deadlifting bars

What Does a Deadlift Bar Look Like?

deadlift bar vs normal bar
Here you can see the difference between the deadlift bar and the normal bar. The

Now you know how much a deadlifting bar weighs.. but what does it look like exactly?


Newbie lifters might often mistake an Olympic bar to be a standard one and a power bar to be a deadlift bar, since they all look ‘almost’ identical. But there are a few small differences between them.

But there are some easy ways to spot a Deadlift bar.

Deadlift bars Vs Normal and Olympic Bars

Usually measure 7-feet or slightly more depending on the brand. Rogue for example makes bars that are 7.5 feet. These also have large, extended loading sleeves which moves the weights further away from the center of the bar, bringing the whip/bend into play as the weights are lifted off the ground. These bars are noticeably thinner than powerlifting bars and Olympic bars, and are usually 27mm in Diameter. The latter are 28-29mm in Diameter. The knurling on deadlift bars is aggressive and is limited to the sides with no center knurling. Deadlift bars do not have rotating sleeves with needle bearings.

Are There Different Length Deadlift Bars?

Mostly, no.

The standard length for Olympic bars is 7-feet. Deadlift bars either match the Olympic bar in length and weight, or they can be slightly longer and thinner as Rogue and Texas Bars go.

Some manufacturers also offer longer bars that are 8-feet and are typically used by powerlifters for squats and deadlifts.

But these are rarely found in fitness studios and gyms.

Can You Deadlift with a Fixed Weight Barbell?

You sure can, especially if you are just starting off with deadlifts and heavy weights.

However, the mechanics of the lift are slightly different.

  1. These bars are shorter than conventional deadlift bars which makes it a little easier to lift.
  2. The plates are normally smaller in diameter as compared to Olympic plates which means that you might have to bend more before you lift the weight. If you don’t get the form right, this increases the risk of injury.

Rather than using fixed weight barbells, it would be a much better idea to start with an Olympic barbell without any plates. This is called the Broomstick technique and it allows you to master the form needed for a deadlift.

Once you get the form right, keep adding 5-10 lbs. plates on the bar and keep increasing the weights progressively.

Deadlift Bar vs Stiff Bar

For those who are getting started with deadlifts, it is always recommended that you practice on a specialized deadlift bar especially until you move up in weight.

If you’ve always deadlifted on a stiff bar, then transitioning to a deadlift bar will take some practice, as the whip might throw you off balance at the top.

Since the stiff bar doesn’t bend, most lifters tend to lift explosively which will result in the deadlift bar bending and this can throw you out of lock out.

So take time and practice as much as you can.

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