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Best Power Racks with Lat Pulldown – Reviewed & Rated (2022)

Best Value

Best rated power rack with Lat pulldown

Fitness Reality 810XLT

Best Overall

x class our top commercial power rack with lat pull down

Fitness Reality X-Class

Most Affordable

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Searching around trying to find the best power racks with lat pulldown attachments?

Good, you have made to the right place as here we have reviewed the top rated picks on the market and listed our favorites here for you to see.

I mean to be honest, you are doing yourself a favor power racks with lat pulldown are nothing lesser than a full body home gym. Literally the best most cost effective home gym investment you could possibly make.

Working out inside a rack needs no endorsement. Irrespective of whether you are looking to build strength or aiming for hypertrophy, it ticks all the right boxes.

Squats, deadlifts, OHP, name it and you’ve got it.

But, let’s face it. A conventional power rack lacks variation.

Doing the same old heavy, compound lifts can get mundane pretty soon. Boredom is one of the reasons why people quit lifting at home.

The lat pull down attachment lets you add some diversity to your routine with isolation moves that would otherwise require a separate pull up bar.

While we love the pull up, there are a lot of guys that we know who aren’t too keen doing them every day.

They prefer the convenience and the option to go heavy with lat pull downs instead.

Psst…those low rows are your tickets to a bigger back.

Our Top Pick

Fitness Reality 810XLT - Best Bang For Your Buck

Best rated power rack with Lat pulldown

Best Features

  • Recommended By Men's Health As #1 Rated Power Rack with Lat Pulldown
  • Most Cost Effective Option
  • Built to Last
  • Highly Rated
  • Is the One I Personally Own

Why you should only buy a power rack with a lat pulldown

A lot of people who build home gyms in garages and lofts and even in their basements struggle to choose between a full-sized power rack with an integrated lat pull down or buying a separate lat pull down machine.

We would always vouch for the former over the latter.

Here’s why.

It’s cheaper and extremely cost effective

Power Racks don’t come super cheap. At least the quality ones don’t. The power rack integrated with a lat pull down option don’t cost much above the price of a normal power rack. Why then would you want to spend a few hundred dollars more to invest in a separate lat station, when you can pretty much do all the moves in an integrated unit? 

We are here to build an affordable solution, not the best all out home gym.

Some low end machines do lack a few bells and whistles. But all the best power racks with lat pulldown listed here will let you do all the moves with a full range of motion.

It saves space

Unless you are Bruce Wayne with a capacious man cave that can house a separate machine for each exercise, shoulder press machine here, smith machine there, no, most people, including myself do not have that much room. We believe that saving space gives you more room to move around after a set. You don’t feel claustrophobic and you are less likely to bruise your shin bumping into the machine that’s placed precariously close to you. The best power racks with lat pull down is at least 25 exercises in one machine. Throw in a bench and you have another 10 exercises in limited space.

You hit more muscles

Why limit yourself to only the exercises that you can do with a rack, when you can do more without spending extra money or adding to the footprint? Like we said earlier, a power rack alone lets you do only a handful of free weight exercises. Add the lat pull down and you greatly expand on its capabilities. More variation, more isolation moves, a better looking body. Win-win all the way.

Our Best Rated Power Racks with Lat Pulldown List

Best power racks with Lat pulldown

Fitness Reality 810XLT

Best Bang for Your Buck Power Rack With Lat Pull Down

x class our top commercial power rack with lat pull down

Fitness Reality X-Class

Best Overall & Best Commercial

rep fitness power rack with lat pull down


top power rack with lat pull down buy now

Valor Fitness BD-7

best commercial power rack with lat pull down.jpeg

HulkFit Power rack with Lat Pull Down

our cheapest power rack with lat pull down

Merax Athletics Power Rack with Lat Pulldown

Power Rack with Lat Pull Down for sale

Vanswe Power Rack

Cheapest Quality Power Rack with Lat Pull Down

Best Rated Power Racks with Lat Pulldown List

If you have your mind set on the best power racks with lat pulldown, then here are your best options.

1. Fitness Reality 810XLT

Best Bang for Your Buck Power Rack With Lat Pull Down

Best features

  • Best Bang for Buck Option -  Cost Effective
  • 46” wide and 50” deep rack
  • 800 lbs. max weight capacity
  • Pull up bar and lat pull down attachment
  • Two safety bars made of 1” thick steel
  • 2” x 2” 14-gauge square steel tubing construction
  • 19-adjustable positions
  • Stable enough to be used without bolting to the floor
  • Great value

Fitness Reality 810 XLT Review

The 810XLT from Fitness Reality is a large power rack with an incredible 800 lbs. max weight capacity.

That’s more weight than what you’ll ever lift in a home gym unless you are aiming for the powerlifting Gold at the upcoming Olympics.

Size, Build, Features

Build from 2″ x 2″ square 14-gauge steel frame, it is built like a tank and doesn’t even need to be bolted to the floor.

The rack is 46” wide and 50” deep which means that there’s ample room to walk in and for side to side movements. You can comfortably perform all lifts, including ones using the lat pull down attachment without feeling cramped.

Lat Pulldown Attachment

Talking about the lat pull down, this power rack has the best lat pulldown machine as it is the only rack that comes with an adjustable Leg Hold-down, which is a huge plus. The two foam rollers will keep your legs in place and prevent you from pulling yourself up.

Also, there’s additional room at the rear to accommodate your legs. The lat pull down attachment has a weight capacity of 270 lbs and comes with two 1” spring collars to lock your weights.

The 810XLT also comes with a pull up bar at 84”, a feather above the top of the cage, which allows a 6” tall user to comfortably do pull ups.

It features two 23” long safety bars with 19-adjustable positions allowing to pick one that’s comfortable for your height. Each safety bar is 1” solid steel. So you can be rest assured that this has you covered.

2. Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower

Best Overall & Best Commercial

Best features

  • Capacious power rack with 86.5” depth
  • Sufficient room for a spotter in addition to the main lifter
  • Commercial grade unit
  • Constructed from 2″ x 3″ tubular steel frame
  • 1500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Two sets of safety bars
  • Pull up bar and Lat pull down attachment
  • Low row attachment
  • Works with Olympic bars

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower Review

The X-Class from Fitness Reality is the best power rack with lat pull down on the market currently.

It is just slightly more expensive which is why it ranked in at #2. Most home gym setups will not need a cage with this much strength. If you are bodybuilder and are building a home gym to fit your heavier weight needs then this is going to be the one for you.

Commercial Grade Build & Weight Capacity

This heavy duty power cage is a commercial-grade unit that’s normally used in gyms and fitness centers. But there’s no reason why it cannot be a great addition to a home gym set up.

With 86.5” depth and 52” width, this is a large power rack that can easily accommodate a spotter in addition to the lifter. If you are just starting off with heavy weights, then this is the perfect set up for you.

It has a max weight capacity of 1500 lbs. and is constructed from heavy, 2″ x 3″ tubular steel frame. This means that there’s no need to bolt it down. But if you wish to do that just to be doubly sure, you’d be glad to know that it comes with pre-drilled holes.

The X-Class features a height-adjustable multi-grip pull-up bar and an Olympic lat pull down with a low cable row attachment as well.

There are two sets of safety bars to keep you covered in case of a sudden misstep or if you wish to rack the bar midway during a rep.

The first two are 11.5” and there are two dual-mounted, 35.5″ ones as well, compatible with 7’ Olympic barbells.

If there are multiple users who will work out in your home gym, or if you are looking to lift in excess of 600 lbs., or if you are simply looking for a fully-loaded power rack, then there’s no better pick.

3. REP FITNESS Power Rack

Simple and Easy To Set Up

Best features

  • Simple and Easy to Set Up
  • 2×2” 14-gauge steel frame
  • Reasonably compact size
  • 48” wide and 48” deep
  • Two pull up bars
  • Weight horns add stability
  • Wider base at the rear for low rows
  • 1000 lbs. capacity

REP FITNESS Power Rack Review

There are some great features that separate this power rack from Rep Fitness from run-of-the-mill models.

For starters, it comes with two pull up bars, one with a 1.25” grip and the other with a 2” fat grip. Apart from a stronger grip, a thicker bar brings muscle irradiation into play. For the uninitiated, that’s a fancy term for stimulating more muscle fibers.

Secondly, it has a 1000 lbs. capacity, which is much more than what you’d get with basic power racks for home use.

Despite the seemingly large footprint, it is in fact quite compact making it a well-suited piece of gym equipment for small rooms, basements, and apartment home gyms. The width and depth are both 48”. It is 84” tall but with the lat attachment, that increases to 86”. If you have a room with low ceilings, they also have a shorter version that’s just 72” tall.

The P1000 is made from 2×2″ 14-gauge steel, which is extremely durable. Rightly so, it stays steady like a boulder. No need to bolt it down to the surface as there are weight horns on the back that give it some additional stability.

We also like the numbered uprights that are placed every fifth hole. Takes the guesswork out of it.

The pull up bar is positioned on the front of the cage which allows you to do the exercise without being restricted. You can do them corn-cob and neutral grip pull-ups if you so please.

Overall, this is a terrific power rack with a lat pull down. It does have a few quibbles. But none of them are even close to deal breakers.

4. Valor Fitness BD-7

Best features

  • 12-gauge steel construction
  • 44” wide and 58.12” deep
  • Two safety bars
  • Height adjustable support bars
  • Lat pull down attachment with two bars, one for pull downs and one for rows
  • 4 weight storage pegs on the rear

Valor Fitness BD-7 Review

The BD-7 from Valor Fitness is the only option in this list that is made from 12-gauge steel.

The rest are all 14-gauge ones. For those who are unaware of this, the lower the gauge, thicker the steel.

This is one of the most durable, heavy duty racks in the market currently.

The weight capacity is 650 lbs. only though, which is a little low if you compare it with some of the other options that we’ve picked.

But hey, that works just fine for a lot of home users.

It is 44” wide and 58.12” deep, which will fit most small to medium sized gyms easily.

There are two safety bars that are 1” thick and made of solid steel. In addition to this, there’s a bar support with a foam roller for use with the lat pull down attachment.

The support bar is adjustable to 27-different positions that range from 17.5” to 68”.

The BD-7 comes with two separate bars with the lat pulley system on the rear. There’s the 38” lat pull bar on the upper part, which is used for pull downs. There’s another 20” accessory pull down bar at the bottom part that can be used for cable rows and curls.

The cable in the pulley travels 60” giving you ample room to move about for your exercises.

On the rear, there are 4 weight storage pegs that are 1” in diameter and can accommodate up to 4 standard sized plates. Throw in an Olympic sleeve adapter and these can be used to store Olympic plates as well. That serves a dual purpose. It keeps the gym neat and also keeps the rack stable.

Overall, this is a good pick for home users who aren’t looking to move a lot of weight but need a power rack that is extremely sturdy and built very well.

5. HulkFit Power rack with Lat Pull Down

Best features

  • Excellent Cheap Alternative
  • 1000 lbs. max weight capacity
  • 203 lbs. aseembled weight
  • Rubberized feet
  • 2” x 2” steel tubing construction with yellow powder coated finish
  • Dip bar, pull up bar
  • Pulley Lat Pull down system
  • Low row bar
  • Safety rods

HulkFit Power Rack Review

If you are looking to move beyond 600 lbs with your squats or deadlifts, then there are only a handful of racks that can sustain that weight and stay wobble-free.

The HulkFit is one of them. It has a 1000 lbs. max weight capacity. But it can easily hold 900 lbs. at least with no problems. (I like to stay under the max weight limit)

This is a full-sized power rack that’s 44” wide and 47” deep. So, there’s only enough room for one person inside the cage. But there’s ample customization options, with two support bars that feature J-Hooks. So you can easily lift without a spotter.

It weighs 203 lbs. when fully assembled and there’s no need to bolt it down.

Moreover, it comes with rubberized feet that keeps it stable and slip free.

On top, there are multi-grip pull up bars and a lat pulley system with 2” sleeves that work only with Olympic plates.

On the lower part, there are two dip bars with foam padding and a low row bar.

Both the pulley bars are connected to a security knob which will keep you covered in case of an accidental slip.

The cage is constructed from 2” x 2” square steel tubing and comes with a yellow powder coated finish.

There are a few customers who have complained about the powder coating being chipped in places when the rack was delivered. That doesn’t really affect the functionality. But if you are equally keen on getting the aesthetics right, you might want to keep an eye out for that.

To summarize, the Hulkfit is a great buy at this price point. It can hold a lot of weight for a home gym. The only possible niggle is the lack of room inside the rack. But if you are looking for a compact power rack, this one fits the bill perfectly.

6. Merax Athletics Power Rack with Lat Pulldown

Best features

  • 2″x 2″ steel tubing
  • 800 lbs. capacity for the safety bars
  • Multi-grip pull up bar with knurling
  • Lat Pull down and Low row cable attachment
  • Thigh support bar with a foam roller
  • Great pricing

Merax Athletics Power Rack Review

With a powder coated chrome finish, this full-sized cage from Merax Athletics is a stunner.

The aesthetics are well matched by sturdy and wobble-free construction. It is 2” x 2” square steel tubing all over with rubberized feet to keep it steady. It does not weigh a lot though. So, if you are going to test the max weight load by banging 500 lbs of weighted barbells, we recommend that you bolt it down.

Talking about the capacity, the safety bars are rated for 800 lbs. That’s phenomenal.

The bar catchers are rated for a tad less. But that’s not a deal breaker.

The cage comes with a multi-grip pull up bar that has knurling for a firm grip. We found it a little aggressive for our liking. But a few minutes spent sanding should set things right.

There’s also a lat pull down and low row cable attachment with a thigh support bar that has a foam roller. This will prevent you from being pulled off the bench.

At 43” wide and 47” deep, this isn’t the roomiest power rack in this list. In fact, you might discover that you’ll have to make some workarounds if you want to use a bench with this.

But it all boils down to the money that you are willing to spend.

At this price, this is a great buy. It is sturdy, the assembly is easy, the holes don’t mismatch, the weight capacity is amazing, there are pull down and pull up bars.

What more can you ask for?

7. Vanswe Power Rack - Cheapest Quality Power Rack with Lat Pull Down

Best features

  • Full-sized power rack at a pocket-friendly price
  • Constructed from 2” x 2” square steel frame
  • 6” wide and 56” deep
  • Bunch of additional accessories including dip handles, pull up bar and lat pull down
  • Adaptor sleeves for using with Olympic plates
  • Safety bars adjustable to 21-positions

Vanswe Power Rack Review

If you work out just once a while, then you may not want to spend an arm and a leg to buy a power rack.

At the same time, you don’t want to cut corners too much and end up with a gimcrack that begins to wobble the moment you rack a heavy squat or bench press bar.

You’ll love the Vanswe Power Rack. It is an extremely well-made, full-sized cage that comes with a 650-lbs max weight capacity and a whole bunch of additional accessories that add tons of variation to your work outs.

There are dip handles, bar holders both inside and outside the cage, a pull-up bar that can be installed upside down (if you seek an additional 6-inches of clearance), a lat pull down pulley system and 2 adaptor sleeves for using with 2” diameter Olympic plates.

The standard sleeves can be used with standard 1” weights.

The cage is constructed from 2” x 2” steel frame and measures 47.6” wide and 56” deep giving you ample room to work out. It is pretty sturdy and features non-slip rubber feet. But we’d recommend bolting it down if you intend to do really heavy workouts with it.

The two safety bars are 1” thick steel and height adjustable to 21-different positions.

Apart from a black and silver finish, the Vanswe Power Rack is also available in an attractive orange and black finish. If you want to workout once in a while and want something that is better than a cheap squat rack this power rack is for you.

What are the Benefits of having a Power Rack for your Home Gym?

You should know, there is a ton of benefits of owning a power rack as a part of your home gym. Especially one that has a lat pulldown. It is essentially a mini home gym in itself.

fitness reality 810xlt power rack with lat pull down

It lets you work out safely without a spotter

Without a power rack, you will either have to limit your load to what you can lift alone and unload safely. Think volumetric lifts which do have a purpose in a home gym designed for bodybuilding, but aren’t the best choice for most of us who are not body builders and just looking for an affordable solution.

The other option is to work out with a spotter who can cover you and catch the load, if you miss a lift.

With a rack, you can move the maximum possible weight without worrying about the safety aspect.

Each rack comes with multiple safety bars. There are J-hooks that can be positioned inside and outside of the cage.

Just set the safety bars right below your full range of motion. Even if you do miss a lift, the safety bars will have you covered.

Work on your weak areas

One of the most underrated uses of a power rack is to do heavy partials.

The general consensus among bodybuilders seems to be that a complete movement with a full range of motion activates more muscle. While this is true, heavy partials allow you to move heavier weight, as well as overload a specific part of your range of motion.

When performed repetitively and with progressive overload, these will allow your body to get adapted to moving heavier weights, which increases both size and strength.

Heavy partials are a great way to work on your weak areas and will result in better strength gains when used with full reps. (

With the rack, you can do your full squats and then club it with heavy partial reps, similar to sissy squats, but starting at 105% of your max and then working it up to say 120% of your max slowly. Just set the safety bars accordingly.

If your range of motion for the bench press needs working, you can use this both at the sticking point or at the lowest position by adjusting the safety bars.

Work on Dead Stops

Dead stops will remove the stretch reflex from the move allowing you to build great starting strength for any move.

If you are squatting, set the safety bars at the lowest squat position. Now unload the barbell, lower it to the safety bar and hold for 5-8 seconds before returning to the starting position.

If at any point during the move, you feel that the weight is too much to handle, just let it go. The safety catch will hold the bar.

This can be done with both, overhead presses as well as the bench press.

For functional isometrics

Functional Isometrics are used by strength coaches as it is one of the best ways of strength training without moving a heavy load.

If you don’t have a spotter or a coach to help, a rack is one of the best options to incorporate this training method into your routine.

You can work on three positions.

  1. A couple of inches from the start position.
  2. The Sticking point
  3. A couple of inches below the final position.

Set the bar according to the area that you want to work on. Set the pins a couple of inches above it. Lift the bar and press it against the pin and hold for 5-8 seconds.

Now keep adding weight to the bar until you cannot press and hold it anymore.

What are the Benefits of a Lat Pulldown?

When it comes to the lat pulldown, things are much simpler.

It activates all the muscles of the back

While the primary target of the lat pull down is the latissimus dorsi, it also incorporates the rhomboids, the traps and the teres major and minor muscles. If you are looking to add some isolation moves to your compound lifts, this is one of your best bets.

The arms and your chest too

While it’s not a bicep or tricep builder per se, the pulling action when clubbed with heavy weights are a terrific arm workout that targets both biceps as well as forearms. That’s not all. You’ll also involve the pectoralis minor, which the small muscle of your chest that lies deep inside the pectoralis major. Oh, you’ll hit your triceps too.

Rows for a bigger back

Most of the best power racks with lat pull down also feature a low row bar that allows you to target your traps and upper back with rows.

Key Features to look for in a Power Rack with Lat Pull down

With so many power racks to choose from and most of them looking identical, how do you pick the best one that works for your fitness goals?

Here are a few key factors to consider before you swipe that card.

Size of the rack and room inside it

A lot of people are so hung up over the footprint of the power rack that they fail to notice the room inside the rack. If you like working out inside the cage, you need sufficient room to move from side to side as well as forward and back. So when you pick a rack, by all means pick one that will fit into the room. But also pay close attention to the inner width and depth. If the rack has optional attachments like a pull up bar or a lat pull down, then these will account for a few more inches vertically and horizontally on the rear. Also, you need sufficient space to comfortably sit and complete the full range of motion. A lot of manufacturers add some extra width near the rear part of the base of the rack.


Most power racks are made of 2” x 2” square steel tubing made of 14-gauge steel. While this isn’t the thickest that you can buy, it isn’t weak or flimsy either. It works fine for home use and usually doesn’t wobble or bend under the load. Having said that, if you intend to regularly squat in excess of 600 lbs., we recommend a 12-gauge steel rack as it will be able to handle the loads easier.

Max weight capacity

Manufacturers often harp about the maximum weight capacity of the rack. But it’s usually the rating of the solid steel safety bars ‘inside’ the cage. If you prefer working outside of the cage, then you’ll want to know the max weight rating of the J-Hooks or safety catches positioned outside the cage. Not the bars inside. There’s usually a difference of a couple of hundred pounds.

Ease of assembly

Don’t get fooled by the final picture that you see on the online shopping portal. Most of the best power racks with lat pull down come unassembled in different boxes. You’ll need one that’s easy to assemble with clearly labelled instructions. Else you’ll have to spend hours trying to figure out what parts go where. Also, the pre-drilled holes should line up. Poorly made racks will be a nightmare to assemble.

Extra features

All the power racks that we’ve picked offer loads of extra features like pull up bars (some of them have multiple pull up bars), dip handles, lat pull down bars and low row bars. While the extra features don’t improve the functionality of the rack, they are a great way to add some variation to your workouts. Want to work your triceps muscles with dips, jump on the dip bar. Just got done with squats, work your back with the lat pull down. Trust me, it's nice to have variation in your workouts. Prevents burn out.


Does the rack come with multiple safety bars? Always look for safety bars that are made of solid steel that’s at least 1” thick. Anything thinner may not be able to support the weight of the barbell when you drop it onto it. J-Hooks are another safety feature that a lot of users look for.

If the rack comes with J-hooks, check the quality. It should allow you to drop the barbell onto it without bending under the weight. By the way, you can always buy good quality J-hooks separately. So don’t get hung up over it. Thigh bars are a crucial feature, especially if you lift heavy weights with the lat pull down. These bars are height adjustable and feature one or two foam rolls that will rest against your thigh and prevent your body from being pulled upwards.

Best Power Rack with Lat Pull Down 

My Personal Picks

To summarize this article, here are my personal picks for the best power racks with lat pull down.

If you are shopping on a shoestring budget, then there’s no better pick than the Vanswe Power Rack. Great build quality, multiple features. That’s a lot of rack for very little money.

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

If you are looking for the best combination of quality and price, go for the Fitness Reality 810XLT. It has an 800 lbs. max weight capacity and is built like a battle tank.

You can check this one out on amazon by clicking here

If you are looking for a commercial-grade unit for your home or gym, then we’ll recommend the Fitness Reality X-Class without even batting an eyelid. It has a 1500 lbs. combined max weight capacity, is an unbelievable 86.5” deep and is made from 2″ x 3″ steel frame.

You can check this one out on amazon by clicking here

That’s it folks. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have anything to add to this, or feel that we missed out on your personal favorite best power rack with a lat pulldown, do comment below.

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