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My In-Depth Rogue Echo Bike Review – After 2 Years of Ownership

Ahh the Underestimated, under appreciated, gem of a bike that is the Rogue Echo.

When it comes to air bikes, if you've done any amount of shopping around, you've likely already heard about the Assault AirBike, Schwinn AD Pro, or even something like the Xebex Air Bike.

After all, for years on end, these bikes more or less dominated the industry, and barely anyone dared to stand in their way.

However, as of late - the word on the street is that the Rogue Echo Bike is just as good, if not a far better alternative to any of the options above.

So, like any self-respecting home-gym enthusiast, I had to go and find out the truth for myself!

Keep reading to learn about my entire review and experience with the Rogue Echo Bike. From the nitty-gritty of the setup to the specs, how it holds up, and even a verdict update after 2 years of using it.

Let's dive right in!

What Is The Rogue Echo Bike & Why Did I Get It?

my revew of that rogue echo air bike

This is my Rogue Echo when I first got it. To this date, it is the best air bike I have ever owned and by far my most favorite exercise bike

First and foremost, let's talk about Rogue and the crazy Echo Bike they've built.

This brand is actually quite well known in the home fitness space, if you want to build a decent home gym setup, you will definitely add Rogue equipment to that setup. However, up until recently, they've only focused on power-lifting equipment. I'm talking about squat racks, power racks and cages, and the mix.

While they may be new in the Air Bike space - they're undoubtedly a great brand, with a solid reputation backing their products.

So, you can probably imagine how people were pretty skeptical when this new "wonder-bike" launched. Initially, most people (myself included) thought that it was probably a gimmick.

But, as a few months rolled by, I heard more and more good things about the Rogue Echo Bike. From supposedly stellar build quality to a fantastic feature pack, it all had me wondering whether or not this was the new best bike out and about.. period. 2nd to none.

So finally, I decided to go grab my own Echo from their website.

Interestingly enough, while shopping, I saw that they also retailed the Assault Air Bike and the Elite model alongside their own Echo bike.

Here's why the Rogue Echo bike was on my radar (and ultimately, why I bought it)

our review of the rogue echo bike

  • Has a solid steel frame, compared to the flimsy frames we've all come to know with other popular Air Bikes.
  • Has a high weight capacity which clocks in around 350lb.
  • It uses a belt-drive fan system, which really provides for a challenging HIIT workout, and gives the machine a bit more longevity in the long run.
  • The Echo impressively packs quite a few comfort features. There's a nice LCD console that's compatible with heart rate monitors. And the seat is actually fully-adjustable, which is nice since non-adjustable seats were always a personal pet peeve of mine.
  • The assembly process is supposed to be a total breeze. (It was)
  • Compared to other popular Air Bikes, the Echo is priced very competitively.

And before we dive into the meat and bones of my review, I want to take a quick second to let you know that all of the expectations I laid out above did in fact come true.

However, here are a few "cons" that I came face to face with while owning the bike:

  • The wind guard is NOT included, and you'll have to buy it separately. Albeit, it's dirt cheap. And i didn't even get it.
  • The Echo Bike lacks multiple grip options, which isn't so much of a con as a suggested quality of life improvement.
  • Rogue's warranty, although 2 years,.. 3 would have been better suited for me..However, I haven't had to enact it, at least yet. But this is something to keep in mind.

An Overview Of What The Rogue Echo Bike Has To Offer

Here's What You Need to Know

rogue echo air bike review

The Bike's Frame

It's no secret that for an air bike to be any good - the frame needs to be solid. After all, the whole principle of how these bikes operate relies on the fact that the more you push, the more resistance you'd get.

And a HIIT workout doesn't exactly revolve around a cruise and coast approach, does it?

So, how does the Rogue Echo Bike's frame size up to the competition?

Well, first and foremost - it's solid, and I mean absolutely solid. The Echo features a thick, steel frame that can support up to 350lb all in all, which is pretty impressive all on its own.

Of course, the thicker, bulkier frame does make the bike substantially more hefty than for example the Assault Air Bike, which brings the Echo to a whopping 127lb of weight.

However, it's a worthwhile tradeoff, since this is one of the most stable air bikes that I've ever been on in my life! And I mean, the bike didn't move an inch when my 6"3 self was going all-out, impressive.

In addition to this, the rugged build quality continues with a steel fan blade and handles that are welded to the arms of the bike. This build-choice effectively minimizes wear and tear, while making the already incredibly stable bike even more stable.

All in all, when it comes to the frame - I'm happy to say (from experience) that you can throw just about any sort of workout at it, and it won't buckle, ever.

Compact & Easy to Move

The Rogue Echo bike is extremely compact all things considered. And although, it is a bit heavier than some of the other air bikes out there, Rogue has made it extremely easy to just up and move this bike around whenever you so please. 

I literally tilt it up and move it with one hand. The fact that it is compact and easy to move was extremely important to me and can be very beneficial for people who need a compact and small piece of gym equipment for an  apartment home gym or they are limited with their workout space.

compact and portabilty of rogue echo bike

The Seat & Comfort

Admittedly, worrying about comfort during a workout is kind of silly. But, when I recall how some of the air bikes I've tried made me feel like I was sitting on one of Vlad The Impaler's prized courtyard spikes - comfort is something that you should definitely never overlook.

Most air bikes out there use standard bicycle seats. And while the vast majority of people either train their butts to withstand the discomfort or try to soothe things with a cushion - the Echo solves that problem entirely.

The Echo's bike seat is actually pretty darn soft all on its own. In addition to this, it's fully adjustable. You have a total of 8 vertical and 5 horizontal positions to play around with.

rogue echo bike seat review

Given the aforementioned horror-experiences I've had, this was a big deal for me. And after just over a year of using the bike regularly, I can attest to the fact that I've never once had to worry about a cushion or trying to jerry-rig some kind of custom seat.

So, all in all, the Echo's seat is amazingly comfortable and highly customizable compared to other popular air bikes.

The Feature Kit

Now that we've covered the build, let's talk about the features that the Rogue Echo Bike has to offer.

First and foremost, let's talk about the LCD console. The screen is actually pretty sizable at 6x6 inches. This makes it easy to read while you're working out. And one thing that I really liked was the fact that the display uses a pretty high contrast setting out of the box. This made all the information easy to find on the screen, without me having to pause my workout to lean over and look at it closely.

Now if you're buying a bike for your gym, you likely won't find this next bit that interesting. However, if you're setting it up at home like me - the transport wheels that come with the Echo will be an absolute lifesaver. Just try to imagine hauling around this 127-pound beast. Doesn't sound all too fun right?

When I first got the bike, for some reason, I assumed that it came with a built-in heart monitor. However, that's not actually the case - it even clearly says that it's "compatible" rather than included. So, having figured that out, I instantly got it connected with my Polar T31C. And it worked like a charm out of the box.

But, the Echo's accessory roster isn't just limited to its compatibility with heart rate monitors. You can throw on a wind guard and Rogue even offers an add-on phone holder that attaches to the bike's frame. In addition to this, you can also swap out the pedals if you want to have a slightly better grip with a pair of cleats.

The Warranty Package

Now, we can't cap things off without taking a look at the warranty that comes with the bike.

To keep things brief - it's a 2-year warranty on materials and the build.

While it may seem like it's pretty fair, in reality, it's quite short. Especially for something like the frame of the bike. Not that I'd really worry about something happening to the frame - but if by some freak accident, it ever snaps, that would effectively render the bike useless. And it sure as heck won't happen in the first two years of ownership.

So, it would definitely be nice to see a longer warranty policy on the bike. As when compared to the standard 3-5 years you'd get with most other popular bikes, Rogues 2-year warranty is almost redundant.

My Verdict On The Rogue Echo Bike

For the money, it's the best air bike there is

rogue echo air bike reviews

All in all, considering all of the things we've covered about the Rogue Echo Bike above, alongside me using it for just over 2 years - I think that this is one of, if not the, best high-end cardio machines out there.

On paper, this bike stacks up incredibly well against other popular air bikes like the Assault Bike and Schwinn AD7 Pro. And having used all three in the past, I'd even go as far as to say that the Rogue Echo Bike wins out.

However, it's not exactly perfect either. It doesn't feature a built-in heart monitor, comes without a wind guard and the warranty policy is significantly shorter than what you'd get with top competitor models.

But, in my eyes, the cons of the Rogue Echo Bike are pretty negligible when you consider the horde of upsides that it boasts.

And here's the kicker - not only is it better than other popular high-end air bikes, but it's far more affordable too which makes it a perfect exercise bike for beginners or people who are on a tighter budget.

So, that's it for me! If you've stuck around up until this point in my review of the Rogue Echo Bike, you should now have a pretty good idea of what it boasts, how it holds up, and what you should know about it before you buy one for yourself.

I hope that my review helped you make the final decision on which air bike is the best fit for you. And if you have any questions about the Rogue Echo Bike that I didn't already answer, feel free to get in touch and I'd be happy to share my thoughts!

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