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Best Exercise Bikes for Beginners – Newbies Buying Guide

Beginner in the world of exercise bikes?

Not to worry as I was too not too long ago. The good news is, you’ve made it to the right place.

Here I personally tested and reviewed the best indoor exercise bikes for beginners and ranked them based on what they provide when compared to the rest.

Listed below is a guide that I spent weeks putting together to help beginners (like myself just a few years ago) choose which exercise bike will be best for their type of training, their goals, their budget, and to help prevent them from getting ripped off.

First though, before we jump into my list, I feel that it is necessary for you to know what the different types of exercise bikes are.

Quick Summary of Our Top Picks

Schwinn 1p70

Best Upright Exercise Bike

the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is our choice for the best Upright Exercise Bike

Editors Choice - Best Overall Option

  • Most Popular & Highest Rated
  • Excellent Bang For Buck - Cost Effective Option
  • Built to Last - Thing is a Tank
  • Compact & Easily Move-able
  • Comfortable as heck
  • This is the bike that I Personally Us

Sunny Health and Fitness

Best Spin Exercise Bike

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is our pick for the Best Spin Exercise Bike

Editors Choice - Best Overall Option

  • Priced Right - Excellent Bang For Buck Spin Bike
  • Built extremely well
  • Most Popular Option Among Spin Bike Users
  • Highly Rated
  • Extremely easy to move
  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable seat

Schwinn 270

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is our choice for the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Editors Choice - Best Overall Option

  • Extremely Affordable
  • Cost Effective - Excellent Bang For Buck
  • Highly Rated
  • Extremely Comfortable - Our Most Comfortable tested exercise bike
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Compact space saving design

What are the Different Types of Exercise Bikes

There are 3 basic types of exercise bikes, and they are:

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright Exercise Bikes are another type of exercise bikes

This type of exercise bike is the closest to a traditional road bike. Upright exercise bikes were designed to give the same real-life cycling experience as outdoor road bikes like the Schwinn GTX3.

The handle is slightly higher than the seat and the pedal is bicycle-styled, this design makes such models as hyper bikes good for slightly higher intensity workout than say a recumbent bike or a low-intensity Elliptigo sub bike.

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With no back support, you are made to lean forward to hold the handlebars for support and balance at some points of the exercise. That posture mildly engages your upper body while cycling.

Like other innovations, upright exercise bikes have become more sophisticated.

Depending on the price and model you settle for, they now come with extra features and amenities such as a padded seat, distance tracker, heart rate monitor and resistance alteration.

Some exercise bikes also feature live training courses, which is particularly awesome for motivation and to keep you on track towards achieving your goals.

Another good thing about upright exercise bikes is that they occupy less space and are often times foldable, making them a perfect for people who live with limited workout space in their home gym setup or apartment.

Advantages of Upright Exercise Bikes

They stimulate the same cycling experience as riding outdoors.

Cyclists who need to train at home due to weather and other issues will find upright exercise bikes to be a great alternative.

They are generally affordable and low maintenance and can be purchased by most individuals without putting a hole in their pocket.

They give faster results in shedding weight than recumbent exercise bikes.

They have a small footprint, hence a perfect indoor space-saving exercise bike.

They tighten your abdominal muscles and strengthen your upper body muscles.

They burn fat approximately 600 calories every hour.

Upright exercise bikes are generally small in size, require fewer materials to produce and thus generally cost less than other types of exercise bikes.

For many, aside from keeping fit, the ultimate aim of getting on an exercise bike is to burn calories. Though how many calories you burn riding a stationary bike depends on your effort.

The thing is, it is important to note that upright exercise bikes are by far some of the best weight loss cardio machines out there, and thus usually preferred by those who want to lose weight faster, which is one of the reason some people are torn between spin bikes and treadmills when it comes to losing weight. 

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Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Most Comfortable – Best For Seniors or People Who are Overweight

Recumbent Exercise Bikes are another type of exercise bikes

A recumbent exercise bike offers more ergonomic and optimal training positions. They are engineered to give riders with very low center of gravity stability and superior comfort when riding.

The comfortable reclined seat of a recumbent bike almost aligns with the pedals, giving the knees a 90-degree bend at the end or beginning of a stroke.

The lumbar support, padded seat, adjustable backrest all contribute to the comfortable and optimum riding experience. The natural sitting position and body alignment additionally give maximum fitness results with less ache in your hip, knees, joint, butt and back.

Though the handle is not a big deal in recumbent exercise bikes, it offers versatility for you to switch to a traditional cycling position effortlessly.

The pedal comes with multiple resistance level settings and adjustable straps for non-stop cycling to keep your feet locked in place.

Several brands of recumbent exercise bikes come with extra perks such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, heart rate monitors, workout tracking displays, fans, cup holders and so on.

Advantages of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

A recumbent bike is generally more comfortable with less straining of your back and aching of the upper body muscle.

They are more relaxed and fun with comfortable seats leading to more motivated exercise sessions.

They are perfect for seniors and those with back problems.

They are also great for individuals recovering from injuries and health problems for its low impact.

They are efficient for plus sized people that need to lose weight or achieve their fitness goals slowly and steadily.

Due to the level of comfort a recumbent exercise bike provides, it is a great exercise bike for knee rehabilitation, seniors, or for people who are overweight and need a comfortable seating position.

Indoor Cycle Bikes / Spin Bikes

Best For Interactive Live Workout Programs (Zwift, IFit, Peloton)

One of the types of exercise bikes is an Indoor Cycle Bikes

Spin bikes are the latest among the types of exercise bikes. Also known as indoor cycling bikes, they are for the most intensive workouts and provide the quickest result among all the bikes discussed.

The most distinctive feature of their design is the weighted and high resistance flywheel mechanism, which requires more effort to pedal than an upright or recumbent exercise bike.

The flywheel is closely connected to a pedal.

You can adjust the tension and the resistance of the flywheel, depending on the effort you want to exert, which is mostly the case with most zwift exercise spin bikes that give you control over your workouts. The flyweight can weigh as much as 45 lbs.

You can switch from high effort cycling like climbing the hill to minimal effort comparable to rapid descending.

The seat is often thought of as uncomfortable, especially for new riders. But the thing is, it is not designed to be comfortable, but rather designed for intensive cycling to mimic the same experience provided by an outdoor road bike.

Your butt is mostly off the seat while pedaling anyway. For maintaining continuous cycling, there is a strap for your feet to keep your feet locked in.

Advantages of Indoor Cycle Bikes

They are low maintenance.

Spin bikes have a small footprint, which makes it a perfect indoor exercise bike for an apartment home gym or someone with limited workout space.

You can burn up to 500 calories in a workout session.

They improve the strength of your legs and lower body after a few sessions.

Most effective for weight loss as most of the intense cycling is done standing.

Since you exert a sizable amount of energy on spinning, they lower your stress level by releasing the feel-good hormones.

Spin bikes quickly improve stamina and endurance level.

Builds a lot of strength in your legs, from your butt, to your calves.

With a Spin bike(Indoor Cycle Bikes), you are guaranteed a full body and intense cardiovascular workout due to their structure and high resistance flywheel.

Spin bikes are for those that need to build their endurance and burn a lot of calories in a short period of time or for those that would like to closely simulate an outdoor road bike experience.

Best Upright Exercise Bikes for Beginners

Now that we’ve covered the types of exercise bikes, it’s time to get down to the major business of the day – the top performing exercise bikes for beginners, beginning in the upright section.

Now there are many brands of exercise bikes in this market. And they are all also different in composition, making the task of settling for the best one a challenging affair.

The good news is I have done the research for you. Listed below are the best, highest performing budget models out right now that are worth your buck.

Rated based on function, quality, and cost.

In that order

Now let’s get to it!

1. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Editors Choice - Best Upright Exercise Bike

Best Features

  • Wide range of resistance level, 25 precisely.
  • Attractive design and solid build.
  • Makes little or no noise while you ride.
  • 29 exercise programs.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is affordable and good value for the money spent.
  • Wireless heart rate monitor
  • Big pedals and strap for uninterrupted cycling
  • Calories, time and distance tracker
  • Cooling fan plus USB and MP3 to make your exercise more convenient and fun.
  • 2 LCD Screens to monitor and display feedback on 12 different workout profiles.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review

This exercise bike is my preferred choice, not because it is the absolute best, but because this bike provides the best bang for your buck in terms of quality, features, and function and it all comes in at an affordable price point.

You can check this bike out on amazon by clicking here.

Schwinn 170 is an exciting model from the renowned Schwinn brand that packs good features and value at a really competitive price.

One notable feature of Schwinn 170 is that it collects and monitors vital data which is crucial to monitor progress and so that you can aim for optimal performance on the bike.

And then there’s the Built-in Bluetooth and dedicated app, with which you store and access both your workout data, progress on your smartphones and use other external fitness tool.


This bike is going to be the best option for beginners. Not because it is the overall best bike, but because it does everything extremely well.

It is simple, affordable, and functional. If you are a newbie and this is your first exercise bike purchase.. Go with this one here.

2. Nautilus U618

Best Bang for Your Buck Upright Bike

Best Features

  • Noiseless drive any time of the day
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Extra amenities include a cup holder, MP3, USB, Sound system.
  • Fitness goal tracking
  • Solid build with adjustable seat
  • Large and convenient elbow rest.
  • fairly heavy flywheel of up to 30lbs (13.5kg), with 25 different resistance levels.
  • 29 workout programs

Nautilus U618 Upright Bike Review

The Nautilus U618 is one of the best upright bikes on the market, considering the features and extra perks it offers. It is almost unbeatable at its pricing. Below are some of the factors that make this model so popular.

Firstly, it has built-in Bluetooth for data tracking and connection capability with workout apps such as Myfitness, UARecord and others. This bike also comes with a cushioned gel seat that is extremely adjustable to meet all height needs for both tall and short users.

It also features a wireless strap, with which you can monitor your heart rate during the workout and a built-in cooling fan to make your workout more comfortable.

Lastly it possesses relatively large and tilt-able Dual Mode LCD display and 29 workout programs for motivation and achieving your fitness goals. You can also choose to connect with RideSocial app and bring fun to your cycling with immersive scenic views from various parts of the world while riding.


One of the best in the market and especially fitting for small rooms or people with limited workout space.

3. Schwinn 130

Cheapest Exercise bike for Beginners

Best Features

  • Low priced and great value for money.
  • Simple assemble or dismantle.
  • Easy tracking of progress with SchwinnConnect and MyFitnessPal.
  • 2 users settings
  • It comes with lengthy warranties on both the frame and parts.
  • Easy to use for beginners and mildly experienced with 20 levels of resistance.
  • Adjustable height to fit in a wide range of users.
  • Transportable with wheels for easy movement.
  • Simple but relatively convenient handlebars.
  • 20 work-out programs
  • 20 resistance levels

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike Review

If pricing is one of your major considerations when deciding on the upright exercise bike to go for, the Schwinn 130 should probably be on top of your wish list.

But please, don't mistake the low price for lack of features and quality.

The Schwinn 130 beats a lot of competition in its range and compares favorably with others in higher price ranges.

Apart from being affordable, it also sports some major functionalities, among which are 20 computerized workout programs that set you on your way to achieving your goal, and 20 different resistance levels with steady increments as you progress from a novice to an experienced user.

It also includes various functionalities to make your workout more enjoyable such as a cooling fan, USB, and MP3 Players.

It is lightweight with a compact build and sports a slick dual-window LCD screen that monitors your progress and data.


One of the best low priced budget exercise bikes in the market, perfect for beginners on a tight budget.

4. Sunny Health and Fitness

Most Compact Upright Exercise Bike

Best Features

  • Lightweight, foldable and very portable with two front base wheels
  • Handlebars have sensors to monitor pulse.
  • Quick Recovery function
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Easy to assemble and adjustable height.
  • It is made with quality material, making it long-lasting.
  • 4-way adjustable and fairly large seat compared to others in the price range.
  • Pulse sensor

Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Bike Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike has 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance for amore strategized indoor workout, with a programmable monitor.

Its 4-way seat adjustability adds to your comfort while riding. It is also a good value for money, considering it offers several amenities in a reasonably sturdy frame for a low price.

Among some exciting qualities it possesses are a steel frame which makes it sturdy and capable of supporting a weight of up to 240 lb, and a backlit screen which displays essential metrics that include calories burned, heart rate, power level, distance, and speed.

It also has 24 pre-installed workout programs, with the ability to track your data and metrics, and incorporate them in determining a seamless workout routine for you.


This bike is an excellent alternative if you do not like any of the others up above. Getting maximum fitness on your own is achievable with the 24 pre-installed programs.

5. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike

Cheap Simple Easy to Use Bike for Beginners

Best Features

  • 8 level magnetic resistance system and increase intensity to up the intensity
  • 2.25" LCD with large text display.
  • The console makes use of 2AAA batteries and can last for three months.
  • Pretty affordable compared to others of its price range.
  • It has a low footprint and a perfect indoor exercise and for a small room.
  • It has a low resistance, which is fine for even the first time rider.
  • Generally, the assembling is easy but depends on reading and interpreting the instruction well.

Marcy Exercise Bike Review

When it comes to strength training and gym equipment, some people want nothing complicated. They want a simple exercise bike that has the necessary and vital features to get the job done. If you are one of such people, then the Marcy upright exercise bike is your best option.

Marcy may keep it simple and may not come with a lot of extras, but it takes nothing away from its efficiency. Its pedals come with straps for uninterrupted cycling, and it sports an adjustable seat and height for comfort.

It also features progress tracking programs that inform you of vital information such as distance covered, time spent, and calories burned.

And as an icing on the cake, it is relatively silent and causes no disturbance when listening to music, or watching TV.


It is not big on specs and features, but very affordable, durable, simple, and easy to set up.

Best Indoor Cycling Bike for Beginners

If you don't mind the intense workout and the instant results that indoor cycling bikes provide, then you should definitely read on.

Spin bike or indoor cycling bike as some will call it, drives you to a high energy workout that results in faster weight loss and other benefits.

Here is the best of this class of bikes for beginners.

1. SH&F Spin Bike

Editors Choice - Best Indoor Spin Bike For Beginners

Best Features

  • 13-level magnetic resistance.
  • Comfortable Pulse Sensor.
  • 4-way adjustable seat to make your exercise sessions more comfortable.
  • A lighter flywheel weighing 3.3kg (7.3 lbs).
  • A digital monitor with four distinct windows that display the race program, the speed and cadence, distance and watts, and time and pulse.
  • 2AA battery for monitor display.
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.

Sunny Health and Fitness Spin Bike Review

This Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycle bike is unique for its magnetic belt drive mechanism and its aesthetic design, making your ride smooth, quiet and with zero vibration. It is common for other Sunny indoor spin bikes and other brands to use a heavy flywheel, but this particular model is made with a rather light flywheel.

It is noiseless with a smooth belt drive, has handlebars that are integrated with sensors to monitor your heart rate, and is made mainly of steel.

A lightweight and balanced flywheel also makes your pedaling motion smoother, and it is easy to move about thanks to smooth transport wheels.


Perfect thanks to some really impressive features and worthy extras.

2. Schwinn IC3 & IC2

Best Overall Spin Bike

Best Features

  • Steel frame and support the weight of 300 pounds.
  • Quiet and perfect for apartment workouts
  • Include extras such as tablet holder and water bottle holder for refreshing.
  • Extended warranty
  • You can set a fitness goal with various metrics.
  • Four-way adjustable seat and handlebars.

Schwinn IC3 Review

If you are looking for a high-intensity spin bike at a price, then the Schwinn IC3 or IC2 is it. The model packs an impressive collection of features that make its low pricing almost unbelievable.

Among some of its exciting qualities are: a seamless up/down and front/back seat adjustment, toe cage pedal and SPD clips to maintain consistent riding, and a high Inertia flywheel weighing 40 pounds for enhanced momentum.

It also features high grade and noiseless belt drive, non coded chest straps for health improvement and progress metrics and 6-Panel LCD panel that displays metrics such as distance, time, speed calories, pulse, and RPM


Solid, sturdy high energy exercise bike for cyclists and those up for it.

3. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

Cheaper Alternative Option for Beginners

Best Features

  • Distance, time, RPM, Calories and pulse display
  • Easy for beginners and even enjoyable
  • Different muscle groups are engaged, leading to overall toning workout
  • Quiet workout at any time of the day
  • Relatively low priced
  • It is a perfect indoor exercise bike due to its small footprint
  • 330-pound weight support
  • PYHIGH indoor cycling bike - Best Exercise Bikes for Beginners

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Review

PYHIGH is a low impact indoor cycling bike for those that want steady and efficient workout exercise.

The brand PYHIGH is a smaller and one of the newest brands in the exercise bike industry, but yet has been able to hold its own by producing truly remarkable exercise bike models.

This particular indoor cycling bike has a sturdy frame and amazingly ergonomic 48lb. flywheel. It’s also incredibly low impact (smooth pedal motion), which makes for an enjoyable ride, especially for beginners.

Other remarkable characteristics of this low maintenance and low priced indoor cycling exercise bike include a reasonably large and easy-to-read screen, support for up to 330 pounds of weight, and multi-grip handlebars for absolute comfort and stability while riding.

It also features a fully padded, adjustable and breathable seat, caged pedals to maintain uninterrupted riding, and transportable wheels for easy movement.


As comfortable as a spin bike can get, yet still a great option for intense cardio workouts and other fitness goals.

Best Features

  • Easy to set up or even dismantle
  • Outdoor cycling experience with little or no jerks
  • Perfectly suited for an intense workout.
  • The front transport wheel makes it easily transportable.
  • Water bottle holder for easy hydration
  • Adjustable handle bar

SF B1002 Sunny Bike Review

Sunny health and fitness SF-B1002 is a sturdy indoor cycling bike for those that want the realistic feel of road cycling with a highly engaging cardiovascular workout.

The 49lb flywheel gives you the adventurous feeling of cycling on the road. The feel and comfort of riding on SF-B1002 make it an excellent start for beginners and also a good alternative for experienced riders who couldn't get on the road due to bad weather or other conditions.

It recreates the on-the-road feeling from the comfort of their homes, and adds a well-padded seat that is adjustable in up, down, as well as forward and backward in position.

The handlebars are also adjustable in four directions, and ensure a consistent riding aided by clip pedals with straps.

it is extremely easy to control the resistance knob to raise or reduce intensity, and it features a fairly heavy weighted flyweight of 49 lbs., emergency brake for safety – especially for injury-prone or sick riders – and a water bottle holder included for easier hydration during workouts.


It is perfect for small rooms and beginners. It can be moved about like you would a regular bike.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Beginners

Recumbent bikes are perfect for people who are wanting to get into shape but prefer a more comfortable seating position.

These bike are also best suited for seniors or for people who are overweight and need a heavy duty exercise bike to support the extra weight.

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Editors Choice – Excellent Bang For Buck

Best Features

  • Highly comfortable
  • Large pedals with adjustable straps to keep your feet fixed on them.
  • 29 different work-out programs.
  • Quiet pedaling makes it perfect for any apartment.
  • It can accommodate all types of height and body size.
  • 3 cooling fans.
  • MP3 player and built-in sound system.
  • Transportation wheels for easy mobility.
  • 25 resistance levels

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

This bike is my go to exercise bike not because it is the best all around bike but because it provide you with the most bang for your buck.

It combines quality, function, and cost very well and comes in at an affordable price point.

Schwinn brand is synonymous with quality, and they have an amazing collection of the best exercise bikes in the industry. The Schwinn 270 is yet another brilliant model in their recumbent bike series.

It packs a lot of exciting features and extras to make your workouts as efficient and comfortable as possible.

In fact this is the most comfortable exercise bike that I have ever ridden. It's a perfect recumbent bike for tall users, short users, heavy and light users.

It's really the best you can get. Can't say enough good about it.

Some of these stand-out qualities can be found in its 2-in-1 LCD display for monitoring metrics and tracking your progress, 25 levels of resistance for seamless level-difficulty changes, light flywheel, comfortable handlebars with integrated pulse sensors, and cooling fans that keep you cool during your workouts.

The seat is well-cushioned and adjustable with a backrest for extra comfort, and it sports a bottle holder just for emphasis.


A profile can be created for up to 4 people. Plus it has most things needed in a modern exercise bike.

2. 3G Cardio Elite

Most Comfortable Recumbent Bike

Best Features

  • Heavy, sturdy and durable.
  • A highly comfortable seat with a wide range of adjustments.
  • There is little stress on your knee and ankle due to its narrow Q factor.
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • 12 different workout programs
  • LCD Monitor Display

3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike Review

Though its claim of being the most comfortable recumbent exercise bike is debatable, we can tell you for sure that this bike is extremely comfortable and features most of the specifications and other social functionalities you expect from a bike of its price range.

If you love classy bikes, and don't mind spending a bit more for real extra perks, the 3G cardio elite RB recumbent bike might just be the best exercise bike for you.

Its stand-out qualities can be found in its adjustable and well-padded seat, capable of accommodating riders as tall as 6'4", remote control handle, 16 levels of magnetic resistance, 12 different workout programs to get you on your way to fitness, and fairly large LCD monitor which displays several metrics at a time.


Highly compact, it does not pack too many extras but enough functions for comfort when exercising.

3. Nautilus R618

Most Popular Recumbent Bike

Best Features

  • 28 training programs with milestones that make workouts less daunting.
  • Transportable
  • Highly comfortable with a padded seat and perforated backrest.
  • Sturdy construction and elegant design.
  • Works with the RideSocial app for aesthetic views of the world while riding.
  • 29 resistance levels.
  • An adjustable and richly padded seat and backrest.
  • Dual LCD screen with metric display based on your preference.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Fairly heavy 20 lbs flywheel

Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Review

The Nautilus R618 is as modern and advanced as exercise bikes come. This newest model of the Nautilus recumbent bike series boasts of exceptional functionality and an elegant design.

Though it is designed for home use, it compares favorably with the best of commercial exercise bikes. You're practically bringing the gym to your home.

Its 25 different resistance levels cater to various riders' fitness levels, and its 29 training programs provides needed guidance in achieving fitness goals.


You can hardly find a more ergonomic exercise bike in the market. It has every feature you will ever need.

Beginners Looking to Buy Your First Exercise Bike? Here’s what to Look Out for

Here’swhat to Look Out for if you are a Beginner Looking to Buy Your First Exercise Bike

Nothing beats having an exercise bike when you're trying to lose weight or generally get fit. You're no longer held down by the excuse of bad weather to hit the road or the gym.

That said, it is best to choose an exercise bike that makes your workout really effective from the comfort of your home.

We have already discussed the different types of exercise bikes, and when it comes down to it, the right one for you depends on what your goals are, how far you are planning to take it, and the type of training you plan to be doing.

But there are things that you need to keep in mind as a beginner so that if you do decide to choose a bike that is not on this list, you will make an informed decision and not end up buying something that you may regret later on.

What Is Your Goal & Desired Training Style?

As a beginner to exercise bikes you need to first determine just which type of training and workout style you will be doing.

Here are my recommendations for each type of training style.

Cycling Workout to Get in Shape and Burn fat?

Get an Upright Exercise Bike

if your goal is to Get in Shape and Burn fat then getting an Upright Exercise Bike is your best bet

Thinking of burning calories, body fat and getting in shape as quickly as possible and could care less about ultimate comfort? Then you need to get yourself an upright exercise bike.

This type of exercise bike provides you with an excellent cardiovascular workout without putting much strain on your knees and calves.

Not to mention most Upright exercise bikes now come computerized with a lot of programs and apps to make getting fit from your home easier than before.

Train for a Cycling Competition or Just Want to Get Better at Real World Cycling?

Get an Indoor Cycle

if your goal is to Get Better at Real World Cycling or you are Training for a Cycling Competition then getting an Indoor Cycle is your best pick

an Indoor Cycle - if your goal is to Get Better at Real World Cycling or you are Training for a Cycling Competition

Sticking to the training/regime is crucial to having a successful cycling competition.

Few days of inactivity can mar the chances of a cyclist, and many internal and external factors can see to that. That makes indoor cycling bikes a must-have for a cyclist looking forward to a cycling competition.

Outdoor cycling provides more excitement with its natural atmosphere and different sceneries to enjoy. But it doesn’t come close to indoor cycling in terms of keeping eyes on vital metrics such as distance, heart rate, and maintaining progress.

Outdoor, you can't control external factors like traffic, hills, passerby, wind, etc. An indoor cycling bike will surely improve your chances thanks to measured and controlled variables.

For the best options, check out the exercise bikes reviewed above.

Relaxed, Comfortable Training - Get a Recumbent Bike

if your goal is a Relaxed, Comfortable Training then a Recumbent Bike is the best option for you

The unique selling point of recumbent exercise bikes is the comfort they provide during workouts. This comfort should not be mistaken for inefficiency.

Recumbent exercise bikes put more focus on the lower part of the body while resting the upper part during the cardiovascular workout. They provide intense training just as well as other exercise bikes do but with touches of comfort through design and their easy seating position.

Weight Limit of the Bike – Will It Support Your Weight?

This factor is often ignored by many, but it is crucial to consider the weight of the bike and how much weight it can carry, especially if you or any potential rider is on the “plus” size side.

For the safety of the riders, the bike needs to be heavy enough to support the weight. Make sure to look at the maximum weight capacity of the bike and always aim to get a bike that support at least 20 lbs. more than what you weigh.

Quiet and Smooth Riding – Is the Bike Loud or Quiet?

For those who want some comfort in the form of entertainment such as listening to music or watching some YouTube or t/v during your workouts then a quiet exercise bike is a must.

All of the ones in our list are extremely quiet but if you do choose another bike not on this list then be sure to test it out and make sure that you can handle the noise level that it produces.

Pre-Installed Workout Program – Does That Bike Come with Workout Programs?

As a beginner, monitoring our progress and fitness level helps in not only staying motivated and focused but also keep you on track to actually reaching those goals.

Your work is easier with an exercise bike that comes with pre-installed programs which adjusts your routine based on your age, weight and gender, and also gives great feedback.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars – Does the Bike Have These?

Adjustable seats and handlebars not only make you comfortable while you ride, but also give room for adjusting to the different height and size.

Other Perks

Depending on your preference, you may want to choose an exercise bike that comes ready with amenities such as mp3, sound system, cooling fan, easily adjustable resistance level, large LCD screen display, and so on.

Of course, the more luxurious an exercise bike is, the higher its price.

Don't Forget to Read Recent Customer Reviews – What Are the Reviews Saying?

Surfing through the customer reviews before putting your money on a brand and model of exercise bike can save you a lot of money and future headaches.

The reviews give you the first-hand information and experience using a particular exercise bike.

Though we have gone through the stress of compiling the best brands and model of exercise bikes based on our experience and that of numerous customers so that you don't have to.

But if you decide to choose a different bike, then you need to be sure to read the most recent reviews from verified customers.

Don't cheap out, get a brand worthy bike.

Who does not want to save some money when making a purchase? This is all well and good, but you should never compromise on quality just for a few bucks, especially when buying your first exercise bike.

Investing in the quality known brands saves you from constant maintenance and breakdowns and gives you peace of mind.

My advice, get the best one that you can afford. They often last as long as you do and come with extra benefits that make the extra money spent on acquiring them an excellent investment in yourself.

Popular Exercise Bike Brands

Listed below are the most recognized and popular brands of exercise bikes


Schwinn is a famous brand that makes great exercise bikes

Schwinn is almost unbeatable in the exercise bike industry. It is not just about the number of models but the quality of every model produced by the company.

And to be honest, they have rolled out quite a number of exercise bike models, including the Schwinn IC3 & IC4 which I compared to Peloton here and held up pretty well. I also pinned the Schwinn IC2 against the IC3 and both are quite cool.

The American company has a long-standing history of producing the best of bicycles, like the GTX 3, that started in the 1800s and brought the same innovative drive to indoor bicycle technology.

Again, whenever you choose the Schwinn brand, you can be assured you are going for the highest premium quality at a surprisingly affordable price.


Nautilus is a well-known brand that makes great exercise equipment like exercise bikes

Any fitness lover or gym regular must have come across the Nautilus brand. They have become a guardian of the fitness equipment since their inception in 1970.

One of their great bikes is the Nautilus R616 which I compared to the Schwinn 270 and it turned out to be a great recumbent bike.

Nautilus is an innovative brand in health and fitness, always constantly introducing features that edge competitors and stand as personal best for numerous cyclists.

Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness is a great brand known for making quality exercise equipment, like exercise bikes

Sunny Health and Fitness have made a name for itself as the maker fitness equipment of outstanding quality and craftsmanship as well as affordability.

Speaking of any strength training or fitness equipment from commercial to personal and Sunny Health and Fitness equipment are up there with the very best.

Even better as their product comes at very competitive and attractive prices. Not as long of a history as the brand mentioned above, but they are one of the fastest-growing exercise brands, able to combine high quality with low price.

If those qualities are part of your considerations when buying an exercise bike, Sunny Health and Fitness should be at the top of your wishlist.

Besides the three popular brands I mentioned here, I wanted to let you know that Nordictrack, Peloton and Bowflex are also leading brands when it comes to exercise bikes and fitness equipment. 

Training Styles That Are Popular On Exercise Bikes

There are several ways to train with an exercise bike. It depends on how much time and effort you are ready to put in. Here are a few of the workout training variations you can try from the comfort of your home.

1. Speed Interval

This workout is about building your endurance level, with repeated efforts.

You can decide to dedicate about an hour in total for exercise with intervals. It involves spinning as easy as you can for 10 - 15 minutes, then fast for 1 minute, followed by a recovery time of 1 minute before the next round.

The subsequent rounds can be reduced by half of the first round and more for a cool-down period. This is very similar to HIIT training.

2. Climbing Burst

This training stimulates climbing the hill. It requires more resistance. You need to pedal easy for about 10 to 15 minutes and then stand while pedaling at a high resistance level for about 15 seconds. A cool down duration of 10 minutes will do.

3. Ladder Climbing

This training requires more power as it stimulates high-intensity racing. It entails about one and a half hours of cycling.

You can start with easy pedaling for about 10 minutes and decrease the time of pedaling as you increase the resistance of the exercise bike.

After getting to your limit or the end of the exercise, start another round but with lower time. A cool down duration of 10 minutes is a good starting point.

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now.
My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future.
I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics.
My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics.
Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward.
You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page

Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page