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The Best Recumbent Bikes For Tall People

Best Value

best bang for your buck  recumbent bike for tall people

Nautilus R618

Best Overall

best tall person recumbent bike for the money

Sole R92

Most Affordable

recumbent bike alternative for tall people

Exerpuetic 900XL

It’s funny how most brands don’t mention what the best recumbent bikes for tall people are.

I mean, they are all over the place with advertisements about their bike models and harping about schmancy features.

There’s a lot of literature on how they help reduce pattern overload, and can be godsend if you have a bad back that prevents you from riding a normal, stationary bike.

But what about the maximum height capacity for these bikes?

Our Top Pick

Nautilus R618 - Best Bang For Your Buck

nautilus r618 recumbent bike for tall people
  • Tallest User Height 6'7"
  • Max weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Best Option for Big & Tall
  • Built to Last
  • Offers the Best Bang For Buck - Most Cost Effective Option
  • 20 integrated workouts to choose from
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 9” LCD screen

What is the upper height limit for someone to use a Recumbent Bike?

Nada. Zero information on it.

I am 6’5 and I had a tough time trying to find recumbent bikes that I could ride comfortably without stressing my knees. 

A friend of mine is 6’7. He underwent a similar ordeal while trying to find the best recumbent bikes for tall people.

So we figured that there might be a lot of others who face a similar predicament as ours, and we spent weeks analyzing different brands and models to come up with this list.

If you are above 6’ and are looking for a recumbent bike for home use, this list is everything you wanted. and then some.

Our Best Recumbent Bikes For Tall People

best recumbent bike for tall people

Editor’s Choice

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’7”

schwinn 270 tall person recumbent bike

Most Popular Option

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’4”

best recumbent bike for tall people

Best overall but more expensive

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’7”

recumbent bike for tall person

Best recumbent bike for total body workout

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’4”

diamondback recumbent bike for tall person

Best for tall and heavy people

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

recumbent exercise bike for tall people

Tall Person Recumbent Bike With Arm Exercisers

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

cheapest recumbent bike for tall people

Simple, Easy To Use, and Affordable

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

recumbent bike alternative for tall people


Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

Best Recumbent Bikes for Tall People

All said and done, here are the best recumbent bikes for all the goliaths around the world.

1. Nautilus R618 – Editor’s Choice

Best Overall Option For Tall People

Best features

  • Perfect for users as tall as 6’7.
  • Max weight capacity of 325 lbs.
  • Magnetic flywheel resistance system
  • 25 preset resistance levels to choose from
  • LED Console with twin displays
  • Gel cushioned seat with vented, PVC backrest
  • Step-through design

Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’7”

The Nautilus R618 is a commercial-grade recumbent bike that’s perfect tall users.

It has a completely adjustable aluminum-rail based seat assembly, that lets users as tall as 6’7” ride comfortably. The max weight capacity is an impressive 325 lbs. which is amongst the best that you can get.

The frame is crafted from stainless steel tubing and features a step-through design which allows even people with physical limitations to sit comfortably, and then adjust it according to their height and comfort.

Heavy gel cushioning on the seat and a contoured and vented heavy duty PVC backrest with multiple reclining positions, keep you comfortable for extended durations.

The resistance system is a magnetic one, also called an Eddy Current one in which there’s a servo motor with a resistance pad.

Pre-Set Workout Programs

As you select from one of the 25 preset resistance levels on the large backlit LED console, the position of the brake element on the flywheel is altered increasing or decreasing the difficulty.

The presets in particular, take guesswork out of exercising. You can select from rolling hills, pyramids, summit pass, Cross training as well as interval training and the bike automatically changes the resistance for you.

All your vital details such as heart rate, calories burnt, time, distance covered and RPM are displayed on one of the twin consoles.

With an excellent customer rating all over the fitness community, the Nautilus R681 is our top pick.

2. Schwinn 270 - Most Popular Option

Best features

  • Max height capacity of 193 centimeters (6’4)
  • Max weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Sturdy, steel frame
  • Eddy Current resistance system with 25 levels
  • 29 onboard workouts to choose from
  • Dual LCD display
  • Can be synced with third party apps to customize workouts
  • Can store 4 profiles for different family members

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’4”

With a max height capacity of 193 centimeters, which is 6’4”, the Schwinn 270 is not that far behind either when it comes to recumbent bikes for tall users.

It is sturdy, comfortable, low-profile and has an ergonomic design which lets you ride smoothly even if you have lower back issues.

The walk-through design means that even if you are physically challenged, you can comfortably sit and get started with your workouts. It has a 17-pound flywheel with an eddy current brake resistance system that has 25-incremental levels to choose from.

If you are too bored or are looking to add some variety, you can pick from one of Schwinn’s 29 program modes. There are 9 heart-rate control exercise programs, 12-profile workouts and some fitness tests as well.

You can also store four profiles on-board, which can be very useful if different family members use the bike.

There’s an onboard acoustic system in addition to the dual LCD screen which allows you to keep an eye on your vitals.

You can pair it with Schwinn connect, which is the brand’s official workout program, or you can even pair it with MyFitnessPal, if that’s what works better for you.

With a max weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a great max height capacity, the Schwinn 270 gives you great value.

3. Sole R92 - Best Overall but More Expensive

Best features

  • Max height capacity of 200 cms (6’7)
  • Max weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Heavy-gauge steel tubing coated in aluminum
  • Eddy current resistance system with a 20-pound flywheel
  • 20-preset workouts to choose from
  • Grip pulse sensors as well as a chest strap monitor
  • 9” LCD screen

Sole r92 Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’7”

We love the Sole R92. It is crammed with features and has a max height capacity of 200 centimeters starting all the way from 137 centimeters.

Right from kids who are 4’6 to adults who are up to 6’7 can use the bike comfortably.

It is crafted from head to toe from heavy-gauge steel tubing, coated with aluminum. In a nutshell, it is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty to boot.

The eddy current resistance system is as good as they come. It has a 20-pound flywheel which will give you more resistance than the other two in this list. In addition to this, there are 20-preset workout programs to choose from.

There are both, grip pulse sensors as well as a chest strap to monitor your heart rate and the deets are shown on the 9” LCD screen in clear, bright icons and numbers.

Apart from the standard features, the Sole R92 also boasts of one of the most comfortable seats that we’ve seen in a recumbent bike. It has 12-adjustable positions and you can be rest assured to find one that works for your height.

A built-in workout cooling fan is a neat addition. So are the water bottle holder and the casters for transport within the house.

The only deterrent for someone would be the price. But if that’s not a deal breaker for you, then the Sole R92 is the best overall pick, in this list of best recumbent bikes for tall people.

4. Stamina Elite

Best recumbent bike for total body workouts

Best features

  • Max height capacity of 193 centimeters or 6’4”
  • Max weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Eddy Current magnetic resistance system with 9-levels to choose from
  • Zero wobble or shake
  • Amply padded seat and back rest
  • Upper hand pedals for upper body workout

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’4”

While a lot of users use a recumbent bike as a rehab tool or as a low-impact cardiovascular workout at best, some use it for a hardcore full-body, fat burning workout routine.

The Stamina Elite is a great pick if that’s what you are looking for.

It has a max height capacity of 193 centimeters or 6’4” and a max weight capacity of 250 lbs.

That’s around 50 lbs. lesser than the average. But we’ve spoken to users who weight much more and have used it with no problems whatsoever.

It is pretty sturdy and has a stainless steel frame that does not wobble or shake. The eddy current magnetic resistance system has 9-levels to choose from. Adjusting the magnetic resistance is as easy as turning a knob.

There’s ample padding on the seat to keep you comfy during intense workout sessions. We also liked the adjustable backrest that can be customized to your liking.

The standout feature though, has to be the upper hand pedals that allow you to work your upper body, including the back, shoulders, bi, tris, and chest. Clubbed with the intense lower body workout that this can give you, the Elite is as good as an elliptical, only lower impact.

There are pulse sensors integrated into the grips and there’s a multi-function monitor that shows you the important details. It may not be as fancy or as feature rich as some of the other options in this list.

But if you seek a full body workout machine, this is as good as any.

5. Diamondback 910SR - Best for tall and heavy people

Best features

  • Max height rating of 198 cms and max weight rating of 325 lbs.
  • Steel frame
  • Built for Big & Tall People
  • 35-in built workouts and 32-incremental resistance levels
  • LCD console with Quickset buttons
  • In built speaker with MP3 compatibility
  • Contact sensor and a wireless heart rate receiver
  • Silent ECS resistance

Diamondback 910sr Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

With a max weight capacity of 325 lbs. and a max height capacity of 198 cms, the Diamondback 910SR is one of the best recumbent bikes for tall people, and also for heavy men and women that need a heavy duty recumbent bike with a higher weight capacity.

It is crafted from steel, and is as steady as a rock even when you are using it at the highest resistance setting. No creaking noises, no wobble. To top it off, it has one of the quietest resistance systems that we’ve seen.

Quiet, Adjustable, & 35 Built in Workout Programs

Have a baby at home? This is what you need. It is whisper-quiet.

Also, everything’s adjustable so that you can get a comfortable, ergonomic fit. Right from the seat to the backrest to the console and even the pedal-straps, you can tailor it down to the T. 

It comes with 35 in-built workout programs and 32 incremental resistance levels. That’s a lot folks.

You can be rest assured that you won’t get bored or run out of exercises with this.

The console is one of the best in the business. The LCD display is bright and vivid. There are Quickset one-touch buttons to program everything, a numeric keypad to enter workout stats and data.

Why it also has a speaker with MP3 compatibility, which can also be used with any portable music device.

While it does have contact sensors to monitor your heart rate, it also has a wireless Polar heart rate receiver, which allows you to wear a matching Polar heart rate monitor strap and go wireless.

Overall, the Diamondback 910SR has an impressive feature list at a very affordable price.

Best features

  • Max weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Max height capacity of 200 cms
  • 8-inbuilt resistance levels
  • Eddy current resistance system
  • Oversized backrest and seat
  • Pulse sensors on the handlebar for tracking the heart rate
  • LCD display

Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

The SF (Sunny Fitness) RB4708 is a heavy duty recumbent cross trainer that boasts of a max weight capacity of 350 lbs. That’s the highest weight capacity in this list.

To add to this, it has a max user height capacity of 200 centimeters which is perfect for anybody who is considered tall.

So, if you have someone at home who’s unable to use normal recumbent bikes due to their weight, this one fits the bill.

In addition to 8 inbuilt resistance levels powered by a magnetic flywheel system, the bike also comes with moveable handlebars that move forward and backward, somewhat like an elliptical. Only, you can do this while you are seated comfortably with the oversized backrest reclined to your liking.

Pulse sensors on the handlebar track your heart rate, while the important details are revealed on the large LCD display.

It lacks some of the fancy features like a water bottle holder or a speaker. But those aren’t deal breakers as long as it gives you one hell of a workout.

7. Merax Recumbent Bike - Most Simple and Affordable Option

Best features

  • Max weight capacity of 380 lbs.
  • Low-profile, step-through design
  • Adjustable backrest and pedal straps
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • 8-magnetic resistance levels
  • Can be synced with the Merax app to track and store your details

Merax Recumbent Bike Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

Despite not being as well-known as some of the other brands in this list, this Merax recumbent bike has a max weight capacity of up to 380 lbs.

Remember us talking about finding bikes for Goliaths? We weren’t kidding.

It has a very low-profile, step-through design, an ergonomic seating and comfortable, oversized backrests.

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Hard to beat that combo.

The backrest can be adjusted to multiple angles and adjustable pedal-straps ensure that you never lose a footing even during intense workout sessions.

Talking about intensity, there are 8-magnetic tension levels. While that may not seem like much, everything from the fifth level is seriously difficult.

Moreover, you can always use your smartphone to download more intense workout programs and use it, if you crave for some variety.

All in all, the Merax recumbent bike is a pretty good option.

It may not boast of all the bells and whistles that the other models have. But if you weigh 350 lbs. or more, then your options are greatly limited. This is one of the only ones with excellent customer ratings.

8. EXERPEUTIC 900XL - Cheapest Recumbent bike for Tall People

Best features

  • Max height capacity of 200 cms and minimum of 160 cms
  • 300 lbs. max weight capacity
  • 8-magnetic resistance levels
  • Step-through design
  • Comfortable cushioned seat and oversized back rest
  • Leg stabilizers
  • Weighs just 63 lbs.
  • Casters for easy transportation within the house

Exerpeutic 900xl Review

Tallest Recommended Height: 6’5”

The 900XL is the entry-level recumbent bike model from Exerpeutic that has an impressive max user height capacity of 200 centimeters (6’6”) and a minimum of just 160 centimeters (5’3”) which makes it perfect for people who are considered short as well.

That’s a perfect family exercise bike.

To add to this, it has a step-through design that allows even seniors to sit comfortably on the bike.

The cushioning on the seat is excellent and there’s an oversized backrest to boot. This can be adjusted according to your preference and there are leg stabilizers which keep your feet balanced during intense, demanding workouts.

8-magnetic resistance levels allow you to challenge yourself as well as use progressive-resistance for strength training as well as hypertrophy.

At the lowest resistance setting, it works like a functional exercise tool, best suited for rehab.

You can track your heart rate courtesy the contact sensor and the details are displayed on the large LCD screen, along with the time, speed and distance.

Despite the 300 lbs. max weight capacity, the unit weighs just 63 lbs. and is extremely easy to move around the house for storage as there are two integrated caster wheels on the front legs.

Shopping for a Tall Person's Recumbent Bike? Here's what to look for

The height of the average American male is 5’10.

So, if you are taller than the average American Joe or Jane, then you already have your task cut out while shopping for fitness equipment.

Be it commercial elliptical machines or the Stairmaster or even a professional treadmill, most units are not designed for long limbs and the full stride.

However, as we discovered, there are a few hidden gems that do manage to tick all the boxes that one looks for.

Talking about the boxes, here’s a checklist to consider when you go shopping to try and find the best recumbent bike for your tall figure.

The Tallest User Height Capacity (and the weight)

Most brands will talk about the maximum weight capacity because it’s a selling point.

People like to buy machines rated for heavy use because the general belief is that these are sturdier or build to a higher standard than the rest.

While that does hold true to an extent, you should be more interested in the max user height capacity.

As you’d be aware by now, most recumbent bikes are rated for users up to 6’2 inches. There are only a handful of them that are rated for users up to 6’7.

If that’s your height, then you are in luck because you have not one but seven models to choose from.

But if you are above 6’7, then your only option is the Nautilus R618.

Adjustment and comfort

How easy is it to sit on the bike and adjust it, so that you can stretch out your legs completely while pedaling without straining your ankles or your knees?

The adjustment mechanism must be easy to use. Some models have simple knobs and levers to adjust most of its functions.

Similarly, a walk-through design like what Schwinn and Nautilus offer, is one of the best ones since it allows even a senior user, or ones with physical limitations to sit comfortably on the bike.

Can the backrest be adjusted to multiple positions? Is it just preset positions or can you customize and lock it at a specific angle?

Can the handles be adjusted as well?

Ideally, you should be able to sit comfortably with a straight or reclined back with your legs stretched out in front of you.

Resistance system

There are many types of resistance systems used in exercise bikes. A magnetic one, also called an Eddy Current system is the most common and also the most effective.

These have two magnets on either sides of the flywheel and provide a much superior resistance as compared to a friction-based system or a mechanical one, that can be maintenance-heavy.

Magnetic systems are also quieter and feature incremental resistance levels.

The standard is 8-tension levels while more advanced models can provide up to 25-levels.

Pick one depending on your intended use. If it’s for rehab or low impact exercise, even a simple 8-level model will work fine. But if you are looking at a full body workout, you might want to consider one with higher tension levels.

All the ones in this list feature a magnetic resistance system.

Other features

All the other features, like the size of the LCD display, Bluetooth compatibility, an in-built speaker and caster wheels for storage, are desirable.

But even if the recumbent bike doesn’t come with these, it doesn’t really make a difference as long as it is sturdily built, height adjustable and can give you an intense workout which you seek.

Most Common Question Tall Users have about Recumbent bikes

Most of the tall guys that we spoke to had a whole bunch of questions about the best recumbent bikes.

Here’s a brief FAQ that tries to answer some of them.

Which of these is the best recumbent bike for home use?

While all of them are great choices for home use, the Nautilus R618 and the Sunny Fitness SFRB4708 are the best ones.

We have personally owned the Nautilus R618 for three years and it has been flawless so far. Me and my partner, both taller than 6’4 use it regularly for everything from light cardio to HIIT.

It is quiet and compact enough to fit in a corner of the basement.

With the Sunny Fitness SFRB4708, you get a full body recumbent cross trainer for the price of a recumbent bike.

Moreover, it doesn’t take up any additional space either. Why wouldn’t you pick a more advanced unit if you have the choice?

Recumbent Bike vs. Stationary bike

Recumbent bikes are gentler on your lower back as compared to a stationary exercise bike because they allow you to sit well into the frame.

You will be more comfortable, with a natural reclining position which prevents soreness and upper body fatigue. If you have lower back issues or spondylosis or arthritis, these bikes are your best bet.

Maybe you have knee, joint issues, or you are planning to get your knees back in shape. If so, a recumbent bike is your best option for knee rehab.

Also, the seats and backrests on recumbent bikes are sometimes as comfortable and plush as an office chair.

We all know how the saddle on a stationary one feels.

Are recumbent bikes a good workout?

They provide you with a workout as good as any.

There are multiple resistance levels to choose from. Many bikes come with software programmed workouts that increase and decrease resistance levels depending on your fitness goal.

Right from muscle toning to calorie burns, you can do pretty much anything with the recumbent bike.

Closing Thoughts

That’s it fellow tall-people.

To summarize what we just said, the Nautilus R618 is our top pick. It is feature-rich, top-rated and pretty reasonably priced.

If you are looking for a slightly inexpensive option, go for the Scwhinn 270. Great value that unit!

The Stamina Elite is one of the best options for a total body workout.

Do you have anything to add to our list of best recumbent bikes for tall people? Feel free to use the comments box below.

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