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Tytax Home Gym Reviews – Best All In Home Gym Machines

****UPDATE: January 20th, 2022

I have recently purchased the Marcy Home Gym for my personal garage gym set up. This one on amazon here

My opinion has since changed and unfortunately, I will no longer recommend Tytax's home gym systems, for the simply reasoning.... They cost too damn much.

After using several other home gym systems and finally purchasing the Marcy Set up, I can't imagine why myself, nor anyone else, (unless they just have tons of money) would waste their money on one of these. 

My Marcy set up, delivers almost everything that the Tytax system did for much much less than half the price of the Tytax systems. 

I felt the need to mention this so that my readers don't go out and waste their money on one of these insanely priced set ups, when they can spend a fracture of the cost and still get everything they need.

A couple of years ago, I decided that the 40-minute drive every day to the gym in bottleneck traffic wasn’t really worth it.

So, I did the next best thing. I set up a home gym.

Only, the actual process was not as simple as I just made it sound.

I spent weeks researching about the type of equipment that I should buy.

I contemplated options. Spoke to fitness centers.

Some of them recommended I go for a barebones home gym setup, you know that old school setups that have a power rack and lat pulldown, some plates, a weight bench and sort of a short barbell

Keep in mind, I had limited space.

Sure, I've seen this set up before and it looked great in pictures on Reddit.

But it wasn’t for me. I am not a power lifter who’s looking to move all the weight that I can. So yeah, a high-end bodybuilding home gym would be nothing short of an overkill for me.

Definitely not into Stronglifts 5x5 either.

Instead, I am the kinda guy that gets bored of a repetitive routine a lot sooner than others.

I am a fitness fanatic, I lift most days and it's a big part of my life so I am willing to make the investment in myself to make sure I get a home gym that will not only last me but keep me from getting burnt out.

I needed at least a bench, a cable row, a budget squat rack, all the above, and everything else that I could squeeze into my low-ceiling basement gym.

The more research I did, I stumbled upon Tytax Home Gyms and for a moment, I felt like I was a kid in a candy shop.

Every one of their home gyms seemed like a perfect fit for my home.

And after reading all of the positive reviews on reddit and other forums I knew this was going to be the best brand for me.

After a lot of back and forth, I finally went ahead and bought the Tytax M2. 

Best Tytax Gym For The Money

Tytax M2 - Most Bang For Your Buck

tytax home gym reviews
  • Combines cost, function, and quality extremely well.
  • More than 400 exercises
  • Compact, can fit into just about any workout space
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 10 additional attachments can be added if you want later on
  • My personal home gym

Why Tytax Is The Best Home Gym Company

Tytax was founded by Stanisław Szultka in the year 1988 when the concept of a home gym was mostly unheard of in Poland. Oh yes, it’s a Polish Brand.

From a tiny garage in his home, he designed the prototype for the Tytax S6, a single-station machine that continues to be designed and produced till date.

Within a couple of years, the S6 would become the face of home gyms in Poland and across Europe forcing the brand to go mainstream.

A factory was set up in 1992 and since then, Tytax has become a global leader in home gym and fitness equipment.

Today, the brand commands a global presence and has offices in United States, Australia, Germany, China, HongKong, India, UK, France, Taiwan, and of course, Poland.

While there are many fitness equipment brands, some of them made and designed here in the United States, there are numerous reasons why Tytax is amongst the global leaders in the business.

Constant upgrades

Each one of Tytax’s home gyms have undergone numerous revisions and iterations to stay updated with the latest technological updates, as well as the dynamic changes occurring in the fitness space.

For example, if there’s a better, more efficient way to perform an exercise, Tytax would be one of the first brands to incorporate that change into their full body workout machines.

To give you some perspective, the S6 has undergone up to 7 iterations to reach the current design that you see today. In comparison, most other brands of home gyms have remained unchanged for the past twenty years, barring some cosmetic changes of course.


Walk into big box fitness stores and take a good look at their home gyms. Can you spot any difference? Chances are that you won’t be able to. That’s because they all look the same. Almost as if they were all mass produced in a common factory and white labeled before they were packed off to these stores.

But one glance at any of Tytax’s home gyms and you’d instantly notice that these are different.

These are the real deal, the result of constant innovation that has resulted in streamlined product designs. These home gyms are designed to provide you with the maximum options in a limited footprint.

Easy to use

What is the most distinctive factor that separates a home gym from one in a fitness center? Home gyms are meant for use by the average joe and jane. They need to be easy to use, not cumbersome.

That’s precisely what you get with Tytax’s models. Ratchet-based accessories that need not be secured, pulley based designs, sliding benches, levers, everything about the gym can be customized with ease.

You can attach a seating option where you need to. You can swap the bench for a row. 

All of these without racking your brains. As easy as push and pull in some cases. Some of the fittings may seem old school but they are very effective. Right from assembly to dismantling, anybody can set up a Tytax home gym in a span of minutes.


I must say that I was a little skeptical to begin with because the brand isn’t that well known here in the US. Yeah, we are used to the likes of Marcy home gym 988 and 990, Weider pro 6900 and 2980 or other multi station home gyms.

But after speaking to some fitness centers that already had the home gyms installed, as well as some home users who were using the T3, the M2 and the S6 for over four years, I was sold. 

These machines are designed to last forever. Tytax calls them tanks and that’s precisely what they are. Incredibly heavy duty.

The Tytax Warranty and Guarantee

Tytax is one of the only brands that backs up their products with a lifetime warranty.

If you buy one of these home gyms and the frame cracks on you while you are alive, the brand will replace it. No questions asked. That’s irrespective of whether it’s 10, 15, 20 or 30-years in the future.

That’s incredible, considering that home gyms are more likely to get damaged due to incorrect usage, as compared to commercial products.

Goes to show that this is a brand that believes in their products.

It’s not just limited to the frame either.

All structural and moving parts of the home gym are covered under a 5-year warranty.

If there are any parts where defects or wear and tear will appear the soonest, it’s a moving part. A 5-year warranty on these is as good as a lifetime one.

Bearings, bushings and pulleys get an amazing 3-year warranty. Again, these are parts that are most prone to damage in the early days. By offering a 3-year warranty on these, Tytax is essentially giving you a completely new product should anything go wrong.

Coating, Cables, Exterior Upholstery and Accessories get a 1-year warranty. So even if there’s a dent in the frame or the paint chips off or one of the cables get frayed, or the upholstery tears accidentally, everything gets repaired or replaced.

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all warranty plan, Tytax offers different warranty times on different components of their home gyms.

You can be rest assured that you are dealing with a company that takes pride in their products and backs it up with the best warranties in the business.

Tytax Home Gyms Rated

#1 Rated - Tytax M2

tytax m2 home gym machine

Most Cost Effective Bang for Your Buck

  • Over 400 Exercises
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Extremely Cost Effective Option
  • Most Popular Choice

#2 Rated - Tytax T1-X

tytax t1-x home gym machine

Best All-In-One Home Gym

Need a little more than the M2 home gym? This is the next step up. This home gym provides an excellent value and bang for your buck. 

#3 Rated - Tytax T3-X

tytax t3-x home gym

Best Home Gym For Body Builders

  • Recognized by many as the best home gym in the world.
  • Choice for top athletes and world class stars.
  • Most comprehensive all in one home gym

#4 Rated - Tytax M1

tytax m1 home gym

Best Budget Tytax Home Gym

#5 Rated - Tytax S6

Tytax s6 home gym

Most Affordable Tytax Home Gym

Why The Tytax Home Gym Is Worth Every Penny

What do you look for in a home gym?

For me, it was about finding the right mix of features, user friendliness, design, quality and warranty.

I follow short term workout programs and keep changing them every 90-120 days. I didn’t want to get stuck with a small power rack or a cage where I’d have to do the same type of exercises for the rest of my life.

Squats and deadlifts, chest press and bench press... yeah that's great but I need more.

At the same time, I needed a home gym that would fit into my garage and something that would be easy to use.

Tytax’s home gyms tick all of these boxes.

  • The gyms, be it the smallest S6 or the largest T3, offer at least 200 exercises on it. That’s the bare minimum mind you. With the larger models, you can perform up to 500 exercises for overall muscle growth in - biceps and triceps, upper and lower lats, . Talk about variation. One of these machines can replace up to seven different workout stations.
  • The home gyms are ridiculously-easy to set up. When I saw the catalog, I thought that I would need a professional to install it. Nada. I set this home gym up myself over the weekend with a couple of cold beers. They are a treat to use too.
  • Let’s face it. Despite all the talk about features and durability, we are suckers for aesthetics. We all love a good looking machine and if there was ever a home gym beauty contest, Tytax’s gyms would waltz home with the crown.
  • They come with lifetime warranties. Enough said.

Tytax Home Gym Reviews

All said and done, here are the best Tytax home gyms for your consideration starting with my favorite one, the M2.

1. Tytax M2 - Best Bang for Buck

Best features

  • Compact all in one home gym that takes only 102 sq ft of space
  • 400+ exercises
  • Most Cost Effective Option
  • 2 exercise stations clubbed into one
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Sliding bench on rails
  • Independent preacher attachment
  • Option to add 10 more attachments
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

Tytax M2 Review

Have 102 square feet of room to spare in your basement or garage? Do yourself a favor and get home the Tytax M2.

This is hands down, the most advanced home gym that I have ever come across.

It is a beautifully engineered product that maximizes space utility while giving you the option to perform more than 400 exercises.

If those weren’t enough for some reason, you can buy and add 10 additional accessories to this, which further increases its capabilities.

The M2 is built like a tank and weighs 750 lbs. when fully assembled. Despite this, the assembly is incredibly simple. As I mentioned before, I was able to set it up in a few hours all alone.

Coming to the functionality, it is two workout stations seamlessly blended into one.

The first one features an independent sliding bench on bearings and guide rails that makes it effortless to position according to the workout you are doing. Just push to lock it in and pull it towards you if need be.

The second one is a set of cables and pulleys that let you perform all major upper body exercises.

Here’s a detailed list.

  1. Bench Press (Incline and Decline)
  2. Leg Press
  3. Lower and Upper Gate Cable Butterfly
  4. Free weight Preacher bench
  5. Cable preacher bench
  6. Pull up bars with the option to connect a counter-balance system for assisted pull ups
  7. Cardio training

That’s the best usage of the 102 square feet in my garage. It’s been two years since I bought the M2 and there’s not a blemish on it. Works like a charm.

Highly recommended!

tytax m2 home gym review

2. T1-X - Best Overall Tytax Gym For The Money

Best features

  • Three workout stations in one
  • 400+ workouts including a smith machine
  • 11-gauge carbon steel frame
  • Machine-milled stainless steel pillars
  •  Incredibly heavy duty
  • Excellent bang for buck step up from the M2
  • Best all in one home gym.

Tytax T1-X Review

The T1-X is a commercial-grade behemoth that will be the only machine that your home gym ever needs.

It is huge, it is 3-workout stations in one and it ticks almost every exercise that you can perform in a gym.

It is built ground up from 11-gauge carbon steel, while most home gyms and even commercial grade ones use the thinner 12-gauge variety.

Naturally, it weighs 1408 lbs. when fully assembled. We hate clichés, but this is a tank. (That’s the last time we are using this analogy)

Some details of the individual machines crammed into this one.

  1. Bench with adjustable position
  2. Smith Machine
  3. Leg Press
  4. Butterfly Arms
  5. Lower and Upper gate cable butterfly
  6. Freeweight Preacher Bench
  7. Cable Preacher bench
  8. Pull Up with assisted option
  9. Multiple cardio options

The T1-X is one of Tytax’s largest home gyms that’s commonly used in commercial fitness centers. But when it’s Tytax, there’s always room for improvisation.

You can buy 16 additional accessories if you wish to further expand on the T1-X’s capabilities.

If you have the room to spare (I didn’t), then I would highly recommend the Tytax T1-X.

tytax t1-x home gym review

3. Tytax T3-X

Best Home Gym For Bodybuilders

Best features

  • 7-fitness stations in one
  • Best Home Gym For Bodybuilders
  • 470+ exercises
  • 11-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Weighs 1680 lbs. when fully assembled
  • Includes 335 lbs. of weights
  • Counter balance system allows weighs as low as 1 lbs. to be used
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Most comprehensive Tytax ever

Tytax T3-X Home Gym Review

What do you get when you club Tytax’s most advanced, home workout system into a compact, garage-sized design?

You get the T3-X. The best home gym in the world. Literally. You will not find one better. 

This is 7-independent workout stations in one mammoth machine that surprisingly, takes only 230 square feet of space.

That’s not a home gym size that we come across every day. But we have seen tons of gyms where people have just wasted valuable real estate by cramming individual machines into a tiny space.

If you have the room, T3-X will be a more cost effective and more efficient alternative.

Just like its younger sibling the T1-X, this allows you to perform 400+ exercises. 470 to be more precise.

Along with the standard options including the bench, the gate butterfly and the preacher, you also get the smith hybrid machine and assisted counter balance technology, which is perfect for family use.

It is built from 11-gauge carbon steel and has some of the best in-class features, like the 1.2 inch steel guide rods on the smith machine that prevent wear and tear and eventually, the shudder effect.

We could go on and on about the T3-X.

In a nutshell, it is the best home gym that money can buy. Period.

tytax t3-x home gym review

4. Tytax M1

Best Budget Option

Best features

  • 5 workout stations in one home gym
  • 400+ exercises possible
  • 10+ accessories to further expand its usage
  • Requires just 91 square feet of space
  • Assisted lifts with the counter balance system

Tytax M1 Review

The Tytax M1 offers a convenient middle ground for users who don’t have the room or the need for something as big as the rest of the options.

It requires only 91 square feet of space in your gym. You can still do 400+ exercises with this mind you.

Apart from a couple of cardio options, it ticks all the other boxes that home gym users normally look for.

Here are some of the stations included in the standard package.

  1. Adjustable sliding bench on rails
  2. Leg press, leg curl, extension and alternative exercises
  3. Lower and Upper gate butterfly
  4. Free weight preacher bench
  5. Assisted pull up
  6. Counter balance system
  7. Cardio with RM

The M1 comes almost 30% preassembled and weighs 665 lbs. when put together.

Just like the other home gyms from Tytax, it is incredibly easy to use as well.

tytax m1 review

5.  Tytax S6

Most Affordable Tytax Gym

Best features

  • Most compact Tytax
  • Stanislaw’s flagship design that started the company
  • Single workout station that gives you 200+ exercises
  • Requires just 40 square feet of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple accessories can be added to this

Tytax S6 Home Gym Review

Last but not the least, we have the S6, the flagship that it all started with.

This is the original machine that Stanisław Szultka first designed in 1988. It has been constantly updated and today looks a lot more refined than the original.

It’s a space-saving design that takes only 40 square feet of space and can fit in most home gyms with ease.

Building an apartment home gym or just need some home gym equipment for a smaller workout space? This is going to be your best model to get.

Despite being Tytax’s most basic offering, that is just 1-workout station, you can still do 200 exercises with it.

Here are the options included with the S6.

  1. Adjustable bench on rails For Chest Press
  2. Leg Press
  3. Butterfly arms
  4. Lower and upper gate cable butterfly
  5. Preacher
  6. Lever preacher bench (The only option where you get this)
  7. Cable preacher bench
  8. Pull up handles and assisted pull ups

The S6 is a perfect home gym for beginners as well as recreational users who aren’t looking to move too much weight.

But if you are a fitness buff who’s looking for more variety or the ability to perform more exercises, I recommend that you check out the other options.

Which Tytax Home Gym Is Right For Me?

That depends on your bodybuilding goals, the availability of space and the amount of cash you are willing to spend. 

How many users in the family will be using the home gym?

Is it just you or will it be used by multiple people with different fitness goals?

More the number of people using it at the same time, more options you need.

If there are multiple users, it is recommended that you check out the multifunctional machines like the T1-X, T3-X, M2 and M1.

If it’s just you and you just want to stay active, the S6 is a good option. It’s a tad limited in the number of exercises that you can perform with it though.

You’d also have to take the available space requirements into consideration. Don’t forget to account for the wall-to-machine clearance so that you can get in and out of the machine with ease. 

Last but not the least, there’s the budget to consider.

Tytax’s home gyms are quite reasonably priced if you compare the features, the build quality and the overall customer reviews with that of other brands.

Benefits Of Having A Tytax Home Gym

One of the common mistakes that home users often make is to underestimate the kind of equipment they will need and the number of exercises they will perform.

So, they cut corners while shopping and buy a basic $800 piece of junk that they soon outgrow or damage permanently.

With Tytax, you buy a home gym for life.

11-gauge Carbon steel

All Tytax home gyms are made in Europe from 11-gauge steel. That’s commercial-grade quality that even the best home gym brands don’t use.

Bench on rails

The bench on rails is the smartest design that eliminates the room for error. Ditto with the hybrid smith machine. It is features like these that make Tytax gyms perfect for family use.

Gyms for all sizes

There are five options, each one better than the previous one allowing you to pick the one that best meets your fitness requirements and your budget.

Most number of options

Every square inch of space is utilized to its max potential. Power racks, gun racks, leg press, leg curls, preacher, cable, pulley, a Tytax home gym is a gym in the true sense.

Best warranties

No other brand offers warranties as comprehensive as Tytax. You are covered for life on the frame, 5-years on moving components, 3 for pulleys and 1-year for the rest. There’s no room to wrong with this.

FAQ Most Buyers Have About Tytax Home Gyms

I frequently get messages on my social media accounts enquiring about my experience with the Tytax M2.

Most of these guys also seem to have doubts about a few general things. Here’s an FAQ that aims to answer these questions.

Are Tytax Home Gyms the Best Home Gyms Available?  

There is not a close 2nd. No other explanation needed. period.

They are worth every dime that you spend on them.

Engineered to perfection, easy to use, flexible, scalable, versatile and comprehensive.

Are the home gyms shipped without dents and scratches? 

A. Tytax’s home gyms are shipped in bulletproof crates as Tytax calls them. These crates are as heavy duty as the products themselves. I received the Tytax M2 in mint condition without a single scratch on it. This was also confirmed by scores of customers that I spoke to as part of my research.

How can you claim a warranty in case one of the products gets damaged?

A. Thankfully, I haven’t had that experience yet. But in case you do, you’d be glad to know that Tytax’s customer service is amongst the best in the business. You should get help and a response within just a few hours. In most cases, the replacement product is shipped within a couple of working days.

Is it really easy to assemble these huge products? 

A. It is. I was as intimidated as you probably are seeing those pictures of the final assembled home gym. But after I read through the instruction manual, (which is extremely detailed with schematics) and I checked some YouTube videos, I was able to assemble my home gym over the weekend without any additional help.

Will one of these home gyms be overkill for my home? 

A. Certainly not. Like I’ve said many times in this article, this is a lifetime purchase. You can probably pass it on as a heirloom. It’s built to last forever. And with all the options and exercises possible, everyone in your family can use it easily.

My Concluding Thoughts & Recommendation

That’s it folks. I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog post on the best Tytax home gyms.

To summarize what I wrote, the T3-X is the most advanced home gym ever. If you are looking at a multi-user unit that has the most number of options, this is your best bet.

On the other hand, if you aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg, go for the Tytax M1.


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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page

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