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Schwinn GTX 3 Review : Is It Worth The Hype?(2020)

Looking to possibly get yourself a Schwinn GTX 3 ehh?

Well you have made it to the right place because here I’m gonna give you an in depth review of the Schwinn GTX 3 Hybrid bike so that you can make your own choice as whether or not this bike is for you and will help you in your pursuit of cycling your way to fitness like I did.

Healthy living is no longer a niche fascination or a “fad”. Each day, more and more people embrace positive lifestyle changes and set new fitness targets to reach. Part of this is finding the right routine and type of exercise for your lifestyle and physical goals.

Cycling has stood the test of time as an excellent dual threat exercise option: it serves as an excellent workout while also providing a convenient option for commuting from place to place. For those who like this method, choosing the best ride whether it be the Schwinn GTX 3 or another model is essential for getting the most out of the cycling experience.

Update as of June 2020: Today I had the opportunity to ride the Schwinn GTX Elite Bike... And I have to say... it is a bit better than my GTX 3. It is a bit more expensive but the comfort of the Elite is better, the frame is easy for me to handle on turns and bumps, and the ride feel just makes it a slightly better bike that I feel more than justifies the cost. 

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

I felt that I had an obligation to let you guys know that there is a slightly better bike out. Although my review here still stands, the GTX 3 is still a wonderful bike and I still plan to ride it throughout the next few years.

Like cars, bikes don’t follow a “one-size-fits-all” model – each one is crafted with a specific type of rider in mind. Mountain bikes, for example, offer a pleasant riding experience but tend to be larger and slower than other models.

Road bikes make up the difference in speed, but aren’t as comfortable or compatible for off-road terrain. For those looking for a combination of speed and easy, hybrid bicycles like the GTX 3 offer the best of both worlds.

About Schwinn Bikes

schwinn gtx 3

This is my GTX 3 I bought a couple years ago that I still use here in 2020. Check out the pic below of the two bikes together. I bought my girlfriend one too, and she absolutely loves it.

For over 100 years, Schwinn has pioneered cycling innovation. Founded in 1895, their contributions and developments have helped bike-riding grow from merely a hobby for some to being a way of life for countless people.

Schwinn emphasizes the value of learning to ride a bicycle. It professes this as a rite of passage for not only youths, but for people of all ages worldwide. Learning to ride is an invaluable process that builds confidence and the capability to enjoy a wonderful pastime.

While bikes have changed and developed significantly over the last century, Schwinn’s commitment to providing excellent bicycles and inspiring people’s riding journies has not waivered- it has grown even stronger with time!

Among the innovations that Schwinn has driven forward since their founding is the hybrid bicycle, a versatile alternative to the traditional mountain and road bikes that have been the prominent categories for cycling options.

In keeping with their steadfast goal of offering excellent rides and memorable experiences, they have created a versatile blend of the best features that mountain and road bikes offer to produce a powerfully comfortable bicycle that any rider can enjoy!

GTX 3 Hybrid Bike…What The Heck are Schwinn Hybrid Bikes?

Schwinn GTX 3 bike review

Schwinn hybrid bikes take the strengths from road and mountain bikes that make them the vehicles of choice for cyclists and combine them to make an adaptable bicycle that can be enjoyed by riders looking for an all-around experience.

Schwinn has built a bike with the thin tires and lightweight frame that give road bicycles their sought-after speed, with a comfortable seat and handlebars positioned for an upright riding posture that make riding a mountain bike significantly more comfortable.

This combination gives riders the flexibility to have enjoyable off-road riding experiences or to reach optimal speeds for commuting, training, or purely maximizing the fun had while biking.

The same way the Schwinn hybrid bicycle is adaptable to different terrains, it also fits different riders well. Whether you want to enjoy relaxing rides on the bike path, commute in comfort, or challenge yourself on difficult trails, this bike can accommodate your goals.

For the ideal hybrid bicycle riding experience, factors like manueverability, grip, and speed should always be considered.

To live up to its name, it is essential that a hybrid bike be flexibly maneuverable on various surfaces, while also providing reliable grips for balance and stability. And of course, it has to have the speed to make commuting efficient and riding enjoyable!

Schwinn GTX 3 Review – Is it Worth Buying?

schwinn gtx 3 review

Short answer: Yes.

For the money you pay for the GTX 3, the amount of bike you get is essentially unbeatable. second to none.

To this day, I have yet to experience a bad ride on the GTX 3. The seat is comfortable, and the range of speeds give me enough options to enjoy my workout both in the hills not far from home, on the road to the office, or on the bike path near my house.

The hybrid nature of the bike also allows me to enjoy riding with improved posture compared to a road bike while also keeping the option to test my best time on the bike path in a way that I wouldn’t be able to with a regular mountain bike.

Maintenance has also never been an issue with my GTX 3. Having enjoyed countless rides, I have never had to replace a single part; this is largely due to its very well-built frame and puncture resistant tires.

The price of the GTX 3 is considerably less expensive than options in either the mountain bike or road bike category. Its affordability bolsters an already desirable model that lets you enjoy a variety of riding experiences for a very manageable cost.

All things considered, the GTX 3 is a steal: durability, efficiency, and comfort make this a must for any rider looking to reap the rewards of a hybrid cycling experience for an affordable price – not to mention that it comes pre-assembled for your convenience!

What are Customer Reviews Saying about the Schwinn GTX 3?

schwinn gtx 3 hybrid bike review

This is me and my girlfriend’s Schwinn GTX 3’s we bought back in 2018 and still ride them today here in 2020. They still look new!

Positive reviews point to the GTX 3 being durable and easy to ride. Owners have spoken of riding upwards of 100 miles after first getting it and, upon only finding an issue with one of the tires, was able to have it repaired by Dick’s Sporting Goods for free.

Others have noted that it holds up well on long-distance rides. For those who typically ride long distance, the GTX 3 has been tried and tested on rides of more than 30 miles and has held up with no reported issues.

Others reference the bike’s lightweight frame as a plus and compliment its easy handling. Gear-changing is very smooth and allows for riders to pick up speed at will without any problematic shifting or delay.

While the vast majority of reviews of the GTX 3 have been positive, it is not without some observed drawbacks. Several critics have talked about the wheels being noisy while riding and the lack of numbering on the gear shifter.

Others have pointed out that its specialized frame has made certain modifications problematic. Some have attempted to attach water bottle holders to the bike but have been unable to find a place or proper fit for one.

Overall, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The GTX 3 isn’t universally considered to be perfect, but is anything ever? Based on user reports up until now, it seems that the pros far outweigh the cons.

Features of the Schwinn GTX 3

Schwinn GTX 3 Feature Overview:

  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Frame Size: 17.5 inch, and a 20 inch frame option
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame Material: Polished Alloy
  • Wheel Material: Polished Alloy
  • Forks: Suntour SR’s M3020’s
  • Fork Travel: 70 millimeters
  • # of Gears / Speeds: 7 speed

The GTX 3 is built on a lightweight aluminum frame (ranging from 17 to 20 inches) and with Size 700c wheels. Its build contributes to its flexibility as a bicycle that rides just as well on the street as it does on wooded riding paths.

Rims and handlebars firmly built from sturdy alloy ensure that this bike is built to last and remain durable over time and various surfaces. A 7-speed cog set gives you plenty of options for resistance and speed depending on where – and why – you ride.

schwinn gtx 3 road bike review

Womens GTX 3 – Any Difference in Womens Version of the GTX 3?

Schwinn has released versions of the GTX 3 for both men and women. While the components remain virtually identical between them, the Women’s GTX 3 has a smaller frame (15 to 17 inches) to accommodate their – on average – shorter stature.

Is the Womens Version of the GTX 3 a Good Womens Hybrid Bike?

In a nutshell, these models are nearly identical. And with female riders that are equally as equipped for high performance and just as likely to require convenient commuting as men, why shouldn’t they be?

A smaller frame (women are, on average, physically smaller than men) is essentially all that differentiates the women’s GTX 3 from its male-intended counterpart. A strong frame, versatile structure, and comfortable design make this model an asset for any gender.

In fact, its flexible and adaptable composition are exactly what make the GTX 3 for Women a great option: no two female cyclists are the same, and a bike that empowers riding your way is the best ideal to which a bicycle company looking to serve women can inspire.

And women who have purchased the GTX 3 seem to agree! One rider searched long and hard for a bicycle that could accommodate riding together with her family, challenging workouts, and portability for use on vacation.

After test-riding it and having it custom-fitted for her, she has never regretted the decision. She mentions the comfortable seat and credits the well-positioned handlebars for helping her posture while riding.

Another buyer purchased the GTX 3 with the intention of riding with her daughter. However, after learning how to ride it herself, her daughter enjoyed the experience so much that the buyer intends to purchase a second bike so that they can ride together.

She also mentions that her smaller stature has made finding an ideal bicycle difficult for her in the past. However, after trying the GTX 3, she finds it to be “the perfect bike” that allows both her and her daughter to enjoy riding in comfort.

Schwinn GTX 3 vs GTX 2 – What are the differences?

schwinn gtx 3 outdoor bike review

Look at that Hybrid Bike Beauty!

When it comes to having options, who better to compete against than yourself? Another bike model that sells similarly is the Schwinn GTX 2.0 700c Dual 18 Men’s Sport bike. While similar, they are intended for different riders and have several differences.

The GTX 2 weighs 33 pounds, compared to the GTX 3 which comes in at 46 pounds. This difference in weight can be attributed to the material used, as the GTX 2 has a lighter frame to support its desired higher speeds.

Additionally, the GTX 2 has 3 times as many speeds, with 21 compared to the 7 included with the GTX 3. This is understandable, as the GTX 2 is intended for more dedicated high performance compared to the hybrid nature of the GTX 3.

When compared for quality, assessments tend to favor the comfort and ease of use that comes with the GTX 3. GTX 2 buyers have voiced concerns about its seat, with one user having replaced it with a more comfortable alternative.

Other riders have observed an occasional flaw in the material used for the GTX 2, with the complaint of the chain breaking being a prominent one. This contrasts the almost universal regard for the GTX 3’s quality.

Overall, while these bikes share a similar frame length (the GTX 2 measures 18 inches compared to the GTX 3’s nearly identical 17.5 inches), their builds make them suitable for very different riders.

The GTX 2, with its 21 speeds and lighter frame, make it preferable for high-performance riders focused on speed. The GTX 3’s heavier and more comfortable design provide a more blended experience for those with multifaceted riding goals.

FAQs About Schwinn GTX 3

Here are some of the most important and most common questions buyers have about the GTX 3 hybrid bike.

Do I Get a Warranty with the GTX 3?

While shopping sites like Dick’s Sporting Goods do not provide information regarding a warranty on the GTX 3, they do explicitly state that used bikes and bikes sold preassembled online are non-returnable per their policy.

They do, however, offer a bike assembly service in which they will put together your purchased GTX 3 bicycle in their store for no additional charge when they are provided with proof of purchase that it was bought in one of their stores or on their website.

What is a good tire pressure to have in my GTX 3?

The tire pressure for your bike is a consideration that must take several factors into account, including the rider’s weight and the size of the tires. Online guides can be very helpful for new riders or those looking to get the most out of a specifically sized tire.

My Overall Thoughts – Should You Buy the Schwinn GTX 3?

Through all the reviews that I’ve read so far, I have yet to find a subject where I disagree. The GTX 3’s lightweight frame provides an easy ride that can match a wide range of speeds that I might want to try.

To be fair, while I’ve never tried attaching a water bottle, I have wondered whether this would be possible on the bike’s frame. And I have noticed that there tends to be noise from the bicycle whenever I’m riding.

However, are these problems big enough for me to disregard a comfortable seat, handlebars that make steering easy, and a design that allows me to ride on a wide selection of terrains? In short, no way!

Ultimately, Schwinn’s GTX 3 is exactly as advertised: a hybrid bike with the flexibility for you to ride how and where you choose, and with the comfort and durability to allow you to do it for a long time to come. As far as bikes go, this is as close to “can’t miss” as they come!

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