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StreetStrider Vs ElliptiGO: Which Elliptical Bike is Best For You?

In the world of outdoor elliptical bikes there are two top contenders. StreetStrider and ElliptiGo.

They are dang close too, lemme tell ya, but just which one comes out on top when you pin the two against each other?

Well, that is exactly what I did, I put StreetStrider’s outdoor bike Vs Elliptigo’s outdoor bike.

And here you are going to get not only my personal opinion but also an in-depth comparison of each so that you can figure out which one is best for you.

Quick Summary: My Personal Opinion

After testing both of these bikes, the Elliptigo comes out on top for a few reasons. Cost, Comfortability, and versatility. The Elliptigo provides a better bang for your buck buy than the StreetStrider does, as well as better versatility allowing you to go off-road, and hit any terrain that you want to with ease.

If you are just getting into these bikes I would highly recommend starting out with the cost-effective option from Elliptigo, the Sub model.

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here.

StreetStrider vs Elliptigo – Differences, Which is best, and My Thoughts

streetstrider vs elliptigo comparison

If you’re like me, creating the right combination of exercise and adventure can be a real challenge. Between balancing my work schedule, errands, and extracurricular activities, just finding the time for fitness during the day can be a pain.

On top of that, falling into a repetitive program can make it even harder to build good habits. Sometimes, jumping on my incline treadmill just isn’t enough to keep my interest and put me in the right mood to follow through on my exercise goals, especially after a long day of work.

And what about spending time outdoors? By the time work is finished and my errands complete, even if I have managed to drive to the gym for a workout, the sun has almost always set before I’ve had a chance to enjoy it.

With outdoor elliptical vehicles, I’ve found an answer to all of these issues in one compact exercise machine. And as the market for these incredible full-body workout machines has grown, so has your list of options for enjoying an innovative, full-body, and exciting outdoor ride.

Two of the most popular brands in this category are StreetStrider and ElliptiGo. While both are outdoor pedaled vehicles that feature an elliptical stride motion, their frames and compositions vary greatly from one another and make for distinct riding experiences.

ElliptiGo follows the two-wheel architecture of a traditional bicycle, but it incorporates an elliptical motion in its stride design.

Then there’s a standing posture, which improves form and simulates a realistic gait throughout use. Think of it like a middle ground between a stationary bike and an elliptical, but with a sprinkle of more perks here and there.

StreetStrider also uses a stand-up design for its products, but it incorporates a tadpole tricycle design and handlebars that share the same elliptical motion as the pedals and a turning system based on body weight rather than turning the steering column by hand. 

Both of these designs offer plenty of benefits, including a full-body outdoor workout and posture-friendly architecture. Their differences, however, are significant enough that each will appeal significantly more to a specific crowd than the other.

Which one would you choose? Do you see yourself enjoying the nuance of a realistic stride with the balance and steering of a bicycle (ElliptiGO), or riding an arm-engaging tricycle with weight-based steering? Let’s break these down and find the right fit for you!

StreetStrider Vs ElliptiGO – How Their Designs Differ

streestrider vs elliptigo differences


The most apparent difference between these designs is the number of wheels. Beyond the aesthetic distinction, this creates a distinct riding experience for each vehicle due to the effect it has on balance and control while steering.

The ElliptiGO models all follow the two-wheel format of traditional bicycles. Due to the relatively elongated shape of these bikes to accommodate the elliptical stride, the spacing between these wheels can feel larger than on a standard bicycle.

This design means that, like a traditional bicycle, continuous motion is required to maintain the ElliptiGO’s balance when both feet are positioned on the pedals.

For those familiar with riding a bicycle or say a hyper bike, this will feel very familiar and won’t require much adjustment.

The StreetStrider, on the other hand, has a tadpole tricycle design, meaning that it has two wheels in the front and one in the back. The front wheels are essentially aligned as extensions of the vertical handlebars that the rider holds during use – the handles are pretty much similar to what you’ll find on a home or commercial elliptical.

This significantly impacts the balance of the StreetStrider versus traditional bicycles or the ElliptiGo models: it can remain stationary with a rider completely on board due to the added static stability of two front wheels keeping it upright when stopped.

While this may require an adjustment period for those who are used to riding a standard two-wheel bicycle, the increased balance from a stationary position may benefit less experienced riders who are not accustomed to pedaling to remain upright.

The creators of both the ElliptiGO and the StreetStrider have removed the seat from the vehicles’ designs, instead adding a stand-up feature for a distinct riding experience. This allows for an upright posture and a closer simulation of a regular walking or running gait

Additionally, standing up while riding gives you a completely different view of your surroundings as you exercise. Common trails will have a fresh perspective, and you will get to enjoy seeing new areas from a unique view instead of leaning and looking straight ahead.

The elliptical stride that both of these designs feature also enhances the simulation of a normal gait. The elongated pedaling path also incorporates body weight more naturally than traditionally circular pedals that require more forceful downward pressure.

Hand placement differs greatly between the ElliptiGO and the StreetStrider. The former uses traditional handlebars, with wide ergonomic grips that allow for different hand placement depending on body type and rider preference.

The steering column also has an adjustable height to ensure that people of different shapes and sizes can reach and grip the handlebars without straining or experiencing a negative impact on their balance or overall ride.

The StreetStrider features an innovative turning system that I will discuss more in a moment, but a key part of this is the arm levers that replace traditional handlebars. They function the same as the arm levers on an indoor apartment elliptical or one that you would find at a gym.

Vertical rather than horizontal, the grips allow the rider to propel their arms back and forth in unison with their legs so that their entire body is responsible for propelling the StreetStrider forward, making this unit a great cardio machine for weight loss while still being low impact.

Like the handlebars on the ElliptiGO, the StreetStrider’s arm levers can be adjusted to suit the needs of differently sized riders. The gear shifts are located here to ensure that easy and quick changes can be made while riding.

Which Bike is more Comfortable? StreetStrider or the ElliptiGo

elliptigo vs streetstrider which elliptical bike is more comfortable

When it comes to your ability to enjoy a solid workout, both of these options provide plenty of comforts while pushing yourself to reach your fitness goals. Each one has been designed to remove much of the stress associated with riding a traditional bicycle or a stationary spin exercise bike.

I have enjoyed riding the ElliptiGO for long distances without the tension I tend to associate with a regular bike like my GTX 3. While not having a seat might seem like a step in the wrong direction, it actually opened me up to a relaxed riding posture I didn’t know was possible.

I don’t have to hunch over in order to hold on to the handlebars, so my shoulders immediately feel looser and more relaxed. The same goes for my lower back: not having to conform to a tiny saddle and standing straight up to ride gives my spine plenty of relief.

Additionally, the elliptical shape of the pedals allows my body weight to carry me through each cycle as if I’m walking or running – allowing me to reap the benefits of running.

No more lifting myself out of my seat to pedal harder – this bicycle allows my motion to do that naturally!

The StreetStrider offers much of the same comfort, though sometimes in a different manner. The elliptical pedaling path and seatless format are the same, but the structural differences between the wheels and arm levers bring a significantly different experience.

Having two wheels in the front of the trike immediately makes the StreetStrider stable. A straight path never feels the least bit uncertain due to balance – whether I’m speeding down a hill or cruising on a flat area, straight paths always feel safe.

The dynamic arm levers make your workout synchronous throughout your entire body. Pedaling with my arms as well as my legs ensures that I’m completely tuned in to one rhythm rather than moving my legs while remaining static in my arms and torso.

Other riders have also noted that these models are comfortable enough to ride in spite of previous injuries. One verified buyer of the ElliptiGO noted that running for many years caused numerous injuries, but that this bike allowed her a fulfilling return to exercise.

Another verified buyer of the same model shared how he had previously torn his meniscus. The ElliptiGO allowed him to exercise with “zero knee complaints” and enjoy outdoor workouts that stationary indoor exercise bikes don’t usually make possible.

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Similarly, the StreetStrider has allowed previously injured individuals to enjoy comfortable yet invigorating exercise. One buyer noted that despite surgery on both knees, this model allows for a great full-body workout that “doesn’t cause any pain”.

A different buyer mentioned that a bad back diagnosis prevents her from using a standard bicycle due to the pressure exerted on her back. According to her, using the StreetStrider comes with no such pressure and she is now able to exercise regularly.

Steering – Which is easier to steer? How are they different?

elliptigo vs streetstrider which is easier to steer
this is the Elliptigo outdoor elliptical bike steering around a high speed corner

One major distinction between these designs is how steering works. While the ElliptiGO retains the same concept of turning handlebars and occasionally leaning slightly at certain speeds, the StreetStrider has its own system that completely changes this process.

StreetStrider tricycles utilize a “lean-to-steer system” which uses the rider’s body weight to turn. By leaning and shifting your weight to one side, the StreetStrider adjusts your path to follow the same direction to which you shift.

This concept both accommodates for the arm levers being used for upper-body exercise and provides the rider with a core workout; the shifting of weight required to turn engages these muscles in a way that traditionally-turning pedaled vehicles do not.

While this innovation certainly has physical benefits, it is not without drawbacks. Combined with its tricycle design, the turning system can be difficult to master for those whom are accustomed to more traditional bicycles.

During my rides, I have had a harder time taking sharper turns on the StreetStrider than on the ElliptiGO; the latter has a tighter turning radius and the handlebars give me more control over more abrupt turns or changes of direction.

Some reviewers have expressed similar feelings, citing difficulty in operating the StreetStrider. While these innovations are not without their strengths, the ElliptiGO provides more control and familiarity in this area while still offering a dynamic new riding experience.

ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider – The Speed Options

The ElliptiGO and StreetStriders both offer a wide range of speed modification across their models. These are generally determined based on the targeted customer for a given model: some are intended for beginners, while other models are meant for seasoned riders.

The ElliptiGO’s elliptical stride models span 8 levels of resistance. The 3C model (intended for new riders) offers 3 speeds, while the 11R model (meant for experienced and high performance riders) comes with 11 options for modifying the level of resistance.

Meanwhile, the StreetStrider models range from 3 speeds for the most basic 3i and 8 speeds for the more adaptable 8s. This difference of 5 speeds allows for different choices between newer riders and those looking to take on challenges requiring more speed options.

When considering which brand to go with, it’s worth noting the wider range of speed modification that ElliptiGO offers its customers. This is also important for newer riders who purchase a bike with more speeds and plan to increase their riding challenges over time.

Reliability – Which is More Reliable ElliptiGO or StreetStrider?

Both of these vehicles seem to be comprised of quality material and have been thoroughly engineered for excellent and enduring performance. I haven’t experienced any mechanical issues or breakdowns while riding either one of them.

Reviews for both the ElliptiGO and StreetStrider models tend to agree. Buyers have praised the solid and lightweight frames, durability with frequent use, and the responsiveness of the respective companies regarding structural issues or complaints.

Both companies offer warranties for a variety of issues that can arise, including a 30-day full refund policy that ElliptiGO provides for any reason. StreetStrider’s warranty is also comprehensive and includes specific coverage for different parts of the vehicle.

Additionally, StreetStrider has an option for white glove service that includes assembly and custom fitting of the purchased unit by a StreetStrider professional to match your height requirements and be ready for immediate use upon unpacking.

Considering all of these factors, it’s clear that both companies have great confidence in their products and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied and provided with everything needed to get the most out of their purchases.

StreetStrider vs ElliptiGO – Which is Best For Me? My Choice

elliptigo outdoor bike vs the streetstrider bike

Like buying a car, choosing one of these bikes is a choice that includes lots of considerations. Personal fitness goals, familiarity with riding, and the terrain in the surrounding area all weigh heavily in making a decision.

Yeah, these things are a load of fun and will most likely change your view and motivation levels on exercising but you still need to take some things into consideration before buying one.

Being an athlete, I’m always looking for new ways to push myself, and biking on hilly terrain appeals to me. With this in mind, more options for speed and resistance are essential for my high-performance fitness goals.

With lots of riding experience, the balance of a traditional bicycle doesn’t present any problems to me. Since I like flexibility and the ability to adjust abruptly, the more responsive handling of the ElliptiGO appeals to me more than the resting balance of the StreetStrider.

Turning becomes even more important when considering that there are plenty of winding curves and tight spaces in my area. This makes the ElliptiGO a more sensible choice when considering my environment.

While the ElliptiGO is my preferred choice, that in no way means that everyone should pass on the StreetStrider! There are plenty of benefits to the latter’s design that make it the ideal selection for many people.

Who is the StreetStrider Best For?

streetstrider vs elliptigo which outdoor elliptical bike is best for me

With an easily balanced frame and new-age turning mechanics, the StreetStrider presents both a fun experience for curious enthusiasts and a comfortable option for casual riders looking to move away from the traditional bicycle models.

If you’re looking for more balance than a typical two-wheeled bicycle provides, ride in areas with straight paths and soft turns, and are interested in a workout that incorporates core exercises into turning mechanics, then the StreetStrider will be a great fit for you!

Who is the ElliptiGO Best For?

elliptigo vs streetstrider review and comparison

This design rides like a very comfortable and maneuverable evolution of the standard bike that’s familiar to most of us. Its mechanics offer improved posture, various speed options, and natural handling for those who are used to biking on the road or in the hills.

The ElliptiGO is sure to satisfy cycling purists who enjoy challenging themselves, riders who like flexibility when making turns, and newcomers who want to get a full-body workout every other day while enjoying the perks of riding outdoors in comfort.

ElliptiGO Outdoor Elliptical Bike Models

ElliptiGO has 4 distinct options for those seeking an elliptical stride stand-up riding experience.

ElliptiGO 3C


elliptigo 3c outdoor elliptical bikeThis model is considered the entry-level bicycle in ElliptiGO’s series of long-stride models. It has 3 options for speed and resistance modification, weighs 42 pounds, and has an adjustable stride length that ranges from 16 to 25 inches. 

The stride length is particularly important to keep an eye on when deciding the right elliptical for your size. If you’re a short guy, a 16″ or 18″ elliptical strider should make for a perfect fit. If you’re a bit on the tall side, then you need to consider going for the 20″ strider elliptical or a 22″ strider. And while at it, make sure to check the elliptical weight limit that your unit of choice can handle. 

The 3C model is ideal for those who are new to riding stand-up bicycles or bikes in general – more like the beginner exercise bike version for stand-up riding. Its 3-gear range allows for experimentation with different speeds and terrains and provides a comfortable introduction for novice riders.

ElliptiGO 8C

elliptigo 8c elliptical bike

The Elliptigo 8C model is the next step up in complexity from the 3C. Billed by ElliptiGO as “the world’s most popular elliptical bike”, it has 8 gears for changing speed and resistance, an adjustable stride length, and ElliptiGO’s ergonomic handlebar grips and large foot platforms.

This is considered to be the ideal blend of comfort and challenge for riders who enjoy stand-up elliptical biking and are looking for the next step up in performance training. ElliptiGo considers giving you the most for what you pay for.

ElliptiGO 11R

elliptigo 11r outdoor elliptical bike

The ElliptiGO 11R is intended for what the company calls “the ultimate elliptical cycling experience”. 11 speeds, vibration-dampening carbon fiber drive arms, and a sleek 39.4-pound frame make this the ideal choice for high-performance cyclists.

The price difference between this model and the 8C model is a nice chunk more than its less expensive counterpart, but you are getting quite a bit more for your money with this model. For those seeking the most challenge-friendly and state-of-the-art experience, though, it’s worth every penny.

ElliptiGO Arc 8

elliptigo arc 8 elliptical bike

The Arc 8 differs from other elliptiGO models due to its shorter stride length. At approximately 14 inches, its pedaling path is more vertical in nature and provides a workout more focused on the legs. At 37 pounds, its lighter weight is ideal for portability and speed.

Cycling purists may prefer this option due to a more familiar peddling pattern and the workout that it provides for the legs. It also offers significant savings, with its retail price being the lowest of all of ElliptiGO’s stand-up bikes with an elliptical stride.

ElliptiGO Sub Stand-up Bike

elliptigo sub outdoor stand up bike

The Elliptigo Sub model is quite different than the rest in the fact that it is actually a stand-up outdoor exercise bike rather than an outdoor elliptical bike.

This is the smallest and most compact of ElliptiGo’s outdoor bike models and is also the lightest making it the most fun of the bunch. This bike is also the cheapest of all Elliptigo models which is definitely a bonus.

If you are looking for an outdoor exercise bike rather than an outdoor elliptical bike then this is going to be the best option for most beginners who have never ridden one of these before.

This is a sporty, fast, exhilarating, and fun exercise bike designed to be ridden by all.

StreetStrider Outdoor Elliptical Bike Models

StreetStrider offers 3 variations on their elliptical tricycle design to help customers find the ideal fit for their riding needs.

StreetStrider 3i

streetstrider 3i outdoor elliptical bike

The 3i model is the most basic option offered by StreetStrider, with 3 speeds and a frame suitable for riders up to 300 pounds. Its frame weighs 53 pounds and includes breaks for both the front wheels and the back wheel.

This model is the preferred choice for customers who are less familiar with riding in general and are curious about StreetStrider’s tricycle design and innovative turning system. Its retail price is the cheapest of all of the company’s vehicles.

StreetStrider 7i

streetstrider 7i outdoor elliptical bike

The StreetStrider 7i adds more options for speed and resistance, with 7 gears compared to the 3 available on the 3i model. Like the other StreetStrider vehicles, it can accommodate a rider weighing up to 300 pounds and has adjustable arm levers.

This model best fits riders who have become comfortable with StreetStrider’s “lean-to-steer” turning system and want more options for speed and resistance when riding on hilly terrain.

StreetStrider 8s

streetstrider 8s outdoor elliptical bike

In the words of the company, the 8s model is “the lightest and smoothest StreetStrider ever built”. Weighing in at 44 pounds and featuring 8 gears, this vehicle offers plenty of variability in resistance for an incredibly flexible riding experience.

The 8s suits seasoned riders who enjoy StreetStrider’s turning system and are looking to take their fitness goals to the next level. Considered by StreetStrider to be “the best combination of performance and price,”.

My Last Thoughts

With more than half a dozen models between them, ElliptiGO and StreetStrider recognize the widespread acclaim for their designs. Differences aside, both recognize the comfort that a standing design brings and the importance of full-body exercise and comfort.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these choices. Are you looking for a stable ride with a modern twist on vehicle handling? Or do you want to take on the most dynamic paths with the widest possible range of speeds?

How will you ride? The choice is yours!

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page


  1. I have been looking at elliptical bikes & considering purchase. Thank you so much for your objective reviews of them! It helped clear up some of the details on the different models. I’m glad you also included comments about folks recovering from/dealing with injuries. That’s me & it’s appreciated.

  2. This comparison between the StreetStrider and ElliptiGO elliptical bikes is very helpful for anyone looking to purchase one of these machines. It’s great that you have compared their features, prices, and user reviews so that readers can make an informed decision about which bike best suits their needs. Thank you for sharing this information!

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