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Elliptigo 8c Review & Comparison – Best Outdoor Elliptical Bike for the Money?

As an avid fitness enthusiast, I always try to keep an open mind about how technology can bring exercise to new heights and some fitness nerd out there always blows me away with what comes up next!

I used to hear about ElliptiGo everywhere; all of a sudden the brand was going viral in the fitness community. I decided to check them out and their funky-looking bicycles definitely caught my interest, especially the ElliptiGo 8C.

I actually had a friend who I had met at the gym who had this exact model from Elliptigo. He told me buying the 8c was one of the best decisions that he had made concerning his fitness. He told me he did his research and the 8c was the best outdoor elliptical bike that was available for the money (most bang for the buck he said).

He told me it made him want to exercise (he was in his mid 40’s).

He said he had a previous injury to his left knee and wanted to find something that would allow him to exercise but would keep the impact off of his joints. He was also quite on the heavy side, so it was apparent this sort of cardio weight-loss machine was a perfect fit.

He said: The 8C worked perfect for him and got him excited about exercising again – I was still on the fence about it…

I mean, standing while cycling outdoors? What’s the benefit of doing that? I had to know I always used my GTX 3 and never had a complaint so how different would the ElliptiGo or its other model the ElliptiGo sub be?

ElliptiGo; The Brand, The Owners, The Goal

ElliptiGO, Inc. manufactures and sells top-of-line stand-up and outdoor elliptical bicycles. The company aims to provide people desiring athletic activity with an alternative cardiovascular training method that minimizes impact on the joints and allows for outdoor activity.

Founded in 2008 by Bryan Pate and Brent Teal, ElliptiGO strives to provide opportunities for people from various backgrounds to be active and reach for their fitness goals (say weight loss, enhancing stamina and endurance, or simply staying fit) in spite of any hindrances such as injuries.

The co-founders profess 5 values that are integral to the company’s identity: their genuine concern for their customers, how they are inspired by those who purchase from them, their love of innovation, doing the right thing, and working hard while playing hard.

ElliptiGO has come a long way from crafting the first prototype of the long-stride elliptical bicycle in 2006. More than 15 years later, a newer, more developed, and more versatile version is available for sale in the form of the EliptiGO 8C and here I am going to review it, as I was able to test and ride it personally for myself for an entire week thanks to my new found gym buddy!

Shout out to Steven for letting me use his 8c for this review. Thanks man!

Billed by the company as “the world’s most popular elliptical bike”, the 8C model is promoted as adaptable for any rider’s lifestyle and comes with state-of-the-art features designed to help you meet all of your health and exercise goals.

The Low Down on the Elliptigo 8C – Should You Buy it?

elliptigo 8c outdoor elliptical bike review

At first glance, the slightly higher price attached to the 8C model will quickly catch your eye. In this case, though, what you pay for is what you get.

Having ridden several elliptical bicycles before (not standing), never have I enjoyed both comfort and convenience as I experienced when riding the 8C.

But this one…, the 8C is hands down something of a kind.

It’s so easy to handle and versatile in movement, I felt more like I was gliding than riding a bike.

Whether I was drifting smoothly through the neighborhood or leveling up my speed on the bike path, I never felt the discomfort or pain that I sometimes experience while riding my hyper bike or any traditional bicycle.

The upright posture that the 8C design allows for is both relaxing and liberating. My body never felt tense while pedaling or turning, and the bicycle’s adjustable nature meant that the handlebars and pedals were always placed properly for my height and reach.

I initially had concerns about the size of the wheels, but my feelings quickly changed when I felt how easy it is to steer, even at higher speeds. Never did I feel worried about the bicycle collapsing to one side or overturning – it felt like an extension of my arms and legs.

Having tried the ElliptiGO 8C, I can’t recommend it enough. Any concerns about the seemingly high price will be offset by the quality of this model, especially for those who bike regularly and will be using the bicycle regularly.

Elliptigo 8C Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

If you turn to satisfied reviews to determine whether you will make a purchase, look no further than the reviews on ElliptiGO’s website.

Based on 180+ customer ratings, the 8C has so far averaged 4.9 stars out of 5.

One of the most common praises from buyers is how much pressure the 8C takes off of their bodies during use, which can’t be said for higher-impact cardio machines like incline treadmills or spin exercise bikes.

Numerous reviews mention how the model allows them to avoid impact and still enjoy the type of cardiovascular exercise that they so much enjoy.

Some buyers even explain that, despite past injuries that kept them from their regular athletic activities, the 8C offers an incredibly smooth ride that takes pressure off of the body at multiple points to allow them to enjoy exercise once again.

Other reviews mention that the structure of the 8C gives the rider a full-body workout experience. These buyers enjoy that the upright, standing position allows for movement in a natural motion that engages multiple parts of the body.

And although this is one of the best – if not the best – outdoor exercise bikes for beginners, these compliments don’t only come from recreational and beginner riders.

One verified buyer explains that his organization owns three 8C models which they use to supplement the training of their high-calibre athletes by taking advantage of the customizable stride length.

This option for modification is what makes the model especially valuable to the buyer: the runners he works with are preparing for the Olympics, and adjusting the 8C’s stride length to simulate running strides provides them with realistic and low-impact training.

elliptigo 8c review is this the best outdoor elliptical bike

Other reviews compare the ElliptiGO 8C to a traditional elliptical. Apart from finding its static nature boring, one rider found that this model has provided him with a health benefit that using an elliptical hasn’t been able to provide.

He mentions that using a traditional commercial elliptical found in public gyms has not been able to keep the stress off his joints as the Elliptigo has.

With the ElliptiGO 8C, however, these issues no longer affect him and his rides are both easy on his joints and constantly stimulating and exciting.

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He believes that this is due to the excitement and dynamic nature that riding outdoors offers. Rather than remaining stationary and focusing only on the physical challenge, the sights and terrain changes that come with riding outside offer a more engaging experience.

The same rider also recognizes the unique commuting alternative that the 8C model offers: its wide speed range allows for him to travel quickly to and from his destination without overexerting himself on the way.

He also praises the portability of the Elliptigo 8C, explaining that while it seems large, it can be easily broken down and made to easily fit into standard Sedans and SUVs.

He adds that its flexible design has meant that he has not needed to purchase a bike rack.

Another reviewer expresses the pure comfort that the 8C model offers by removing the pressure normally exerted on the lower back and neck when riding a traditional bicycle, and he further enjoys the improved view offered by the standing posture that accompanies it.

He also appreciates that while the ElliptiGO 8C differs greatly in form from a traditional bicycle, its parts are actually very similar; this has made replacements and fixes for his unit easy and quick in spite of its distinctive design.

When looking for feedback both on the ElliptiGO website and through external sellers such as Amazon, it’s clear that the 8C model is enjoyed by many and has changed the way that numerous people exercise.

My Review of the 8c Outdoor Bike – What Features Stood Out to Me?

elliptigo 8c bike review

The ElliptiGO 8C’s innovative design is comprised of several functional attributes that contribute to a new and exciting riding experience. This model’s almost universally customizable design maximizes your opportunity to find your perfect fit.

The handlebars are equipped with ergonomic grips and bar ends. Combined with their wide length, this ensures that you have multiple options for where and how you place your hands for easy steering, comfortable positioning, and proper posture.

The steering column is described as being “one-size-fits-all” – it can be collapsed or extended depending on the needs of the rider, so that buyers tall, short, and in between can find a height that suits the particular needs of their bodies.

To further accommodate riders of all different shapes and sizes, the 8C also has an adjustable stride length. Most other ellipticals out there come with different stride lengths. The 18″ stride length, the 20″ stride length and the 22″ stride length, all of which are cool and come with varying elliptical weight limits. The 8C blows them all right out of the water since it can be easily adjustable for users of different heights.

And the range is pretty cool too, as it can be changed from 16 to up to 25 inches, plenty of flexibility is allotted to ensure that comfortable and safe alignment can be set.

The 8C’s stride height can also be adjusted, with a range from 2.5 up to 5.8 inches. Changing how this attribute is set allows you to find both your most comfortable stride while riding and also maintain your desired pedaling intensity.

The 8C also features size-able foot platforms which gives riders plenty of choice with how they set their stances and position their feet. This helps ensure maximum comfort for riders with limitations or those who want to change positions while the bicycle is in use.

This feature further distinguishes the model by providing the option for different riding alignments. Like stride height, people with specific exercise goals or training requirements can modify their foot placement to accommodate different training patterns and routines. Sounds like a true steal to me, you don’t often get so much from such a bang-for-buck outdoor elliptical bike.

The bars supporting the rider are built with a long elliptical path to properly simulate a running stride while also removing impact and maintaining a form that minimizes unnecessary strain placed on the legs and the rest of the body during regular running.

What Makes the Elliptgo 8c the Best Outdoor Elliptical Bike?


With just a glance, it’s quickly apparent that the ElliptiGO 8C differs substantially from traditional bicycles in both form and function. It’s worth taking a closer look to see what mechanisms, and measurements make this model stand out from others.

8c elliptigo outdoor elliptical bike review

Design, Size, Build, & Speed of the 8C

From end to end, the ElliptiGO measures 75 inches – over 6 feet – in length. This makes it more than half a foot longer than the average bicycle. The extra length allows for the long elliptical path that the model’s parts follow while being used.

This model weighs 44 pounds, which is surprisingly light for an outdoor elliptical bike.

While the height of the ElliptiGO 8C can reach up to 58 inches (nearly 5 feet), the adjustable steering column allows this to be reduced to only 32 inches for storage purposes, which makes its relatively larger frame considerably more practical for stowing away in tight places.

It’s undoubtedly the best combination of a low-impact full-body workout machine and a space-efficient option that you can ever ask for. In a bout between ellipticals and exercise bikes, this one would take the cake.

However, if you’re unable to venture outdoors due to bad weather or any reason, you may have to settle for one of those quiet ellipticals for apartment gyms or a space-saver exercise bike.

How Many Resistance Levels Does it Have?

The 8C model also features 8 gears for changing speeds and resistance levels. Combined with its elliptical design, these give buyers plenty of flexibility when deciding on straight or hilly paths, easy-going or intense rides, and long or short trips.

Going balls to the wall on the 8c in the top gear will allow you to travel at speeds up to 25 MPH.

Does Elliptigo Offer a Warranty on the 8C? – YES

You get 30 days to try the bike out and see if you like it and if for any reason you do not. Well no questions asked, you can return it, assuming you have no damaged it in anyway.

ElliptiGO offers an all-purpose guarantee that allows for any customer who has purchased their bicycles directly from the company to return it for any reason and receive a full refund as long as it occurs within the warranty period of 30 days.

How Does It Compare to other Elliptigo Models like the 3C & 11R?

While the 8C has its share of highly positive reviews, it’s not the only long-stride elliptical ElliptiGO product on the market. The 3C and 11R models offer variations on the same innovative concept that provide differing levels of usability and performance.

So what is it about these models that differentiate them from the 8C? A comparison will give you a closer look at these bikes and help you determine which is the best fit for you.

Elliptigo 8C vs 3C

The 3C is introduced as the “entry-level long-stride model” offered by ElliptiGO. It’s intended to serve as an introduction to long-stride elliptical bicycles for less-experienced riders who are looking for a comfortable and fun experience and who are okay with upgrading to the 8C in the near future.

The majority of the specifications are identical to the 8C model, although the 3C weighs 2 pounds less. While this might appear to be a negligible difference to some, it could help people new to riding adjust to both the effort of pedaling and the stand-up build.

The major difference is the number of gears. The 3C model comes with 3 possible speed settings compared to the 8 offered by the 8C. This is ideal for less-experienced riders who are becoming familiar with changing gears and biking in general.

ElliptiGO also explains that, with fewer resistance options due to fewer gears, flat terrain and mild hills are the recommended terrains for the 3C model as opposed to the 8C which can accommodate rides on larger hills.

The 3C model is less expensive than the 8C. This may be a desirable option for people who ride casually and plan to stick to flatter terrain when using their long-stride elliptical bike.

But again, if it was me I would just stick with the 8C model. It’s a perfect mid range bang for buck model.

Elliptigo 8c vs 11r

ElliptiGO describes the 11R model as the best option for riders looking for “the ultimate elliptical cycling experience”. This bicycle is intended for riders looking to reach performance goals and test themselves while taking advantage of the long-stride design.

The 11R has been engineered with carbon fiber drive arms which reduces vibration from the road while riding. This distinction from the 8C model makes it a better option for high-performance buyers looking to maximize speed and reduce time during rides.

Another difference between the two models is weight: the 11R comes in at 39.4 pounds – almost 5 pounds lighter than the 8C model. This is a significant factor when considering speed, and it makes the 11R the choice better optimized for performance.

The 11R model also has 11 gears – the most of any bike sold by ElliptiGO. This wide range of speed and resistance options contributes to this model’s reputation as the best choice for riding enthusiasts looking to test themselves and reach speed goals.

ElliptiGO sells the 11R for a bit more than the 8C model, but you also get quite a bit for your money. For those looking for the most flexibility in resistance or to challenge themselves on the steepest hills, this option may be worth the steep price hike for experienced and goal-oriented riders.

But if you are a beginner like me and do not need all the fancy shmancy features, the 8C is plenty. Although I do wish that this bike had a place to store or hold a water bottle for my longer rides.

Elliptigo VS StreetStrider – Which Brand Is Better?

Ahh the Elliptigo vs Streetstrider debate – one that will always be decided based on opinion.

But hey, let me give you my opinion – as I have ridden a streetstrider outdoor bike. Streetstrider is a great and very comparable bike to the Elliptigo line up, I mean hey they are the direct competitors. But I for one can tell you that Elliptigo is light years ahead of Streetstrider in just about every way.

Streetstrider bikes though do come out a bit ahead on one aspect though and that is; their bikes are better designed for an older age group. Their bikes are wider and bigger, designed more for just strolling around the neighborhood and are very simple in design.

Want an Outdoor Elliptical bike? Get The 8C & Make Exercising Fun

features of the Elliptigo 8c outdoor elliptical bike should you buy it

Long-stride elliptical outdoor bicycles provide a dynamic new way of riding that’s both exciting and beneficial. The combination of reduced impact and physical strain, motion that emulates a running gait, and convenient shape makes ElliptiGO a valuable riding alternative.

And the range of options that ElliptiGO, Inc. offers – from the beginner-friendly 3C model to the performance-based 11R – make it easy to choose a long-stride elliptical model for yourself.

If you’re comfortable with riding a bicycle and looking for a change of pace that offers comfortable and innovative posture and flexibility of speed without breaking the bank, then consider that the ElliptiGO 8C may be your ideal new ride!

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page

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  1. I’ve owned my ElliptiGO 8c for 5 years and I must say it has truly helped get through my running program. Now that I’m in my 60s and have had aortic valve replacement, my 8c has truly helped me get through my injuries and allowed me to maintain a certain level of fitness even my valve replacement. It is tough when the outside temp dips into the 30s but on the days w/o the wind it can provided a great training experience. I do wish I could convert my 8c to an 11r but even though I ride on some steep hills, my 8c still allows me to get through some valuable tough hill training sessions. I currently run approx 45 to 50 km per week and about 80 km of training on my 8c.
    It’s not a bike it’s an Elliptigo.

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