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Elliptigo Sub Review – The Most Fun Outdoor Stand Up Bike

It seems that there are endless workout “fads” that come and go in today’s fast-paced world. For fitness-minded individuals like myself, the challenge is to sort through these and find which new technologies offer real positive change and which are style rather than substance.

ElliptiGO has stood up well to this scrutiny so far. Having been in business since 2008, the company is over a decade old and has continued to produce new-age products that give exercise a fun and innovative twist, like the ElliptiGO SUB (stand-up bike).

ElliptiGO, Inc. manufactures and sells stand-up and elliptical bicycles. The company aims to provide people desiring athletic activity with an alternative cardiovascular training method that minimizes impact on the joints and allows for outdoor activity.

And let me tell ya.. this thing is freaking awesome. I had so much fun riding around outside on this outdoor stand-up bike.

I never realized just how much fun these things are until I got to ride the Sub for the first time. I was hooked, and actually ended up buying a blue one for myself.

You can check out the one that I bought on amazon by clicking here.

Founded in 2008 by Bryan Pate and Brent Teal, ElliptiGO strives to provide opportunities for people from various backgrounds to be active and reach for their fitness goals in spite of any hindrances such as injuries.

The co-founders profess 5 values that are integral to the company’s identity: their genuine concern for their customers, how they are inspired by those who purchase from them, their love of innovation, doing the right thing, and working hard while playing hard.

Seeking to add a dynamic new option for riders desiring a change of pace, ElliptiGO released the SUB in 2018. It combines the more traditional circular pedaling motion with a frame built for use while standing. It’s more like a hyper bike that’s been tweaked and twisted to take the strain out of your workout while retaining all the perks.

Promoted as ElliptiGO’s “smallest, lightest and most portable bike”, the SUC model is adaptable and comes with state-of-the-art features designed to help you meet all of your health and exercise goals.

elliptigo sub review
Yes, I’m just cruisin round and round


The Low Down on the Elliptigo Sub – Should You Buy it?

When visiting ElliptiGO’s website, the first thing you’ll notice about the SUB model is its low price: it is not only the least expensive stand-up bike, but the least expensive of any bicycle sold by ElliptiGO. Thankfully, in this case, the lower price doesn’t equate to lower value.

Whether I was drifting smoothly through the neighborhood or leveling up my speed on the bike path, I never felt the discomfort or pain that I’ve experienced while riding my GTX 3 which is a traditional bicycle.

I also experienced immediate relief due to not having to hunch over to reach the handlebars or sit uncomfortably on a traditional or stationary bike saddle.

I’m not saying that stationary bikes aren’t cool. I have had my fair share of fun kicking the tires on the likes of the Expresso and the Peloton bike, dug in to have a feel of both the Peloton Bike and Bike Plus, and compared bikes from different brands like Schwinn 170 and Nautilus U616.  

But honestly, this bad boy takes comfort above and beyond while allowing me to be wild and free when exercising outside.

If comfort is a priority for ElliptiGO, they’re certainly succeeding in this area.

I have gone as far as pitching ElliptiGo against StreetStrider in a heated showdown, and it held its own impressively even when going toe to toe with such a renowned brand in the outdoor standing bikes space.

In my time using the ElliptiGO SUB, I enjoyed a comfortable, fun, and dynamic experience on a model that is the perfect price and design for entry-level cyclists who want to enjoy the benefits and experience of stand-up riding. 

Reviews of the Elliptigo Sub – What are customers saying?

elliptigo sub outdoor elliptical bike review


Reviews from verified ElliptiGO SUB buyers reveal nearly universal satisfaction, with over 90% of those reviewers giving the model 5 stars out of 5, and none giving a rating below 3 stars. So what is it that makes this new type of bike so appealing for seasoned riders and rookies alike?

Riders regularly praise the innovation of stand-up riding, with one buyer noting that he used to rise up out of the saddle on his traditional bicycle and that this removed the need for this uncomfortable movement due to body weight playing a bigger role in the pedaling process.

Buyers have cited the ElliptiGO SUB’s value as a cross-training tool, with runners finding great value in the ability to work out in a motion that emulates running while removing impact. Its wide range of speeds allows riders to set the specific level of challenge they desire.

Some have also praised the “extra-huge” pedals on the SUB model, expressing that helps compensate for the missing positional security of a seat. Balance is essential, and this feature ensures that going seatless does not mean giving up stability.

This model also receives praise for the customization it allows, which might seem unlikely due to its design differing significantly from a traditional bicycle. On the contrary, one buyer notes that personalizing the SUB model is easy even with parts not purchased from ElliptiGO.

Other reviews point to the different view of your surroundings that a stand-up bike offers during rides, and notes that going up hills on the SUB model is easier than on a traditional bicycle because of how the stand-up design naturally incorporates body weight. It’s great because you can literally take this bike anywhere, off-road or on-road, and get your full-body workout in while you are having a blast.

This is my girlfriend taking the Elliptigo Sub on a local trail we have here in California

the elliptigo sub bike review


While some buyers mention that steering the ElliptiGO SUB is more difficult than on a traditional bicycle, the majority of the reviews mention a learning curve in this area that goes away with regular use and that steering from a standing position is more visually pleasing.

This bicycle also receives praise for its adaptability: it can be converted into an indoor exercise bike for year-round, any-weather training. This option helps to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck when you purchase the SUB model.

I can attest to that, such a bike that can double as both a stationary bike and an elliptical is a god-sent. And I won’t only be saving on money, nothing beats a space-saving exercise bike that I can fit in my home gym setup without sacrificing valuable real estate; the compact design of this one fits the bill perfectly.

Overall, the ElliptiGO SUB has generally received high praise since hitting the market in 2018. Most buyers mention that it’s more than just a weight loss cardio machine, it’s also a robust full-body workout equipment that they’ve come to love. The improved posture it allows for compared to traditional bicycles, and the innovative riding experience that it provides.

My Review of the Elliptigo Sub Outdoor Elliptical Bike

Let me just say, I’ll do my best to keep my review as unbiased and factual as possible but you must know…I had a freaking awesome fun time on this bike.. hard not to like it.

elliptigo sub outdoor bike review


Standout Features

The ElliptiGO SUB offers a training experience that retains the core characteristics of traditional cycling while updating the ride to make it more comfortable, more efficient, and more complete as a workout compared to what regular bikes or even some of the advanced ones like Zwift spin exercise bikes can offer. 

Here are some standout features of the Elliptigo Sub

  • Low-impact outdoor exercise bike – perfect for joints
  • One size fits all – designed to be a fit for everyone
  • Excellent Full-body workout
  • 8 gear speeds – Perfect for climbing steep hills
  • 12 mph cruising speed
  • 20 mph sprinting speed

The Basics of the Elliptigo Sub

The handlebars are equipped with ergonomic grips and clamps designed to prevent rotation or sliding. This ensures that you have multiple options for where and how you place your hands for easy steering, comfortable positioning, and proper posture.

The steering column is described as being “one-size-fits-all” – it can be collapsed or extended depending on the needs of the rider, so that buyers tall, short, and in between can find a height that suits the particular needs of their bodies.

In order to maintain the basic motion of a traditional bicycle, the ElliptiGO SUB also has a circular stride path. Measured at 11.8 inches (just under 1 foot) in length, this traditional shape helps regular riders make the adjustment from seated to stand-up cycling.

Speed, Handling, and Balance

When considering your options for speed, the ElliptiGO SUB offers plenty of versatility. 8 speeds ensure that you can test yourself with higher resistance, shift down when riding up hills, and experiment with the middle of this range to find your ideal combination of challenge and comfort.

The SUB model also features sizeable foot platforms which gives riders plenty of choice with how they set their stances and position their feet. This helps ensure maximum comfort for riders with limitations or those who want to change positions while the bicycle is in use.

This feature further distinguishes the model by providing the option for different riding alignments. Like stride height, people with specific exercise goals or training requirements can modify their foot placement to accommodate different training patterns and routines.

Weight and Size

As the lightest and shortest bicycle sold by ElliptiGO, the SUB model ensures that buyers will be able to easily take their ride with them when traveling, especially when considering the collapsable steering column and the conveniently removable front wheel. 

With just a glance, it’s quickly apparent that the ElliptiGO SUB differs substantially from traditional bicycles in both form and function. It’s worth taking a closer look to see what mechanisms and measurements make this model stand out from others.

From end to end, the ElliptiGO measures 66 inches – five and a half feet – in length. Compared to a traditional bicycle, this makes it shorter by an average of 2 inches. The stand-up architecture allows for a more compact design that reduces storage requirements.

This model weighs 28 pounds, which places it in the average range compared to the weight of the average mountain bike. This similarity makes the ElliptiGO SUB easier to adapt to for riders who are used to the weight of a mountain bike when cycling.

The SUB model can reach up to 54.8 inches in height, but the adjustable steering column allows this to be reduced to only 45.5 inches for storage purposes (and 24.5 inches with the front wheel removed), which makes its relatively larger frame considerably more practical for stowing.

Does Elliptigo offer a Warranty on the Sub? – Yes

ElliptiGO offers an all-purpose guarantee that allows for any customer who has purchased their bicycles directly from the company to return it for any reason and receive a full refund as long as it occurs within the warranty period of 30 days.

Should You Buy the Elliptigo Sub? – My Recommendation

My recommendation for you is this: If you are looking for an outdoor elliptical bike and want to stay on the cheaper side of things while still getting a very high-quality bike but maybe do not need all of the top-notch features that the more expensive models that Elliptigo offer then this Elliptigo Sub is a definite good buy for you.

If you want an outdoor elliptical bike that comes more equipped with a few more features and you are okay with splurging a bit more money, then do check out my personal review of the Elliptigo 8c.

For those of you who prefer to train indoors, then just get an elliptical machine and rock on. 

The good news is, there isn’t a shortage of these either; from the compact quiet ellipticals for apartment use, all the way to the high-grade commercial elliptical beasts that will make you break a sweat in minutes.

It gets even better…, you can always find a perfect fit for your size among all the different models out there.

I have previously covered 18″ stride ellipticals, which are more suitable for short guys like myself, as well as 20″ stride and 22″ stride ellipticals for taller guys.

The options are virtually endless, it’s your size, taste, preference, and budget that matters.

Last thoughts on the Elliptigo Sub

Stand-up bikes address many of the drawbacks experienced when riding traditional bicycles. ElliptiGO has created a unique alternative that offers more opportunities for challenging yourself athletically while enjoying a familiar, fun, and comfortable training experience.

Whether you’re a regular cyclist trying to liven up your exercise routine or a newcomer who wants to make the SUB model your innovative introduction to riding, this bike is designed to make your experience different for all the right reasons.

If improved posture and an enjoyable full-body workout are changes you want to stand up for, then the ElliptiGO SUB is ready and waiting for you.

Let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions.

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Ben Mayz

Hi there! I'm Ben, main author and chief editor at I have been obsessed with Strength Training and Fitness for 18 years now. My passion for living a happy fit lifestyle is what made me realize that fitness is what I wanted for my future. I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. My passion for Strength training & fitness and my love of helping others is what made me start Fitlifefanatics. Here, myself, and a team of specialist aim to provide the most accurate, and actionable information possible in hopes to help foster the fitness community forward. You can learn more about Fitlifefanatics on our About Page

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