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Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercises – Chart, Images, Demonstrations, & PDF Download Available

Just in case you aren’t tuned in, the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym is a classic, yet slick exercise machine built for the whole body. It utilizes a sliding incline bench and a pulley system with tension bands below for customizable levels of resistance for many different sorts of exercises.

I mean the dang thing does everything other home gyms do for a fraction of the cost. I mean just look at the reviews on amazon, they are incredibly positive.

Utilizing its unique system for providing external resistance, you mostly use just your own body weight for many of the exercises possible with this home gym.

Like most home gym machines, your mind may spin when you try to think of ways to perform exercises on it, but really, it’s actually quite simple!

The weider ultimate body works has many many exercises that are not listed here, but here you will find out the main exercises that you can do with the the weider home gym.

What Are the Main Exercises That I Can Do With This Home Gym? (PDF Download Below)

Weider Ultimate body works exercises chart
Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercise Chart

Want a PDF Download Instead?

Click the link below or you can click here to get your exercise downloadable pdf. (and no, I do not require email like everybody else:) free to download enjoy.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercises PDF

Squats – Leg Workout

weider ultimate body works squats exercise

Working as a sort of bastardized hack squat variation, you can lay with your back to the pad and your feet at the base. Slowly squat down, sliding the cushion along with your movement, feeling the tension in your thighs, and push up once you reach appropriate depth.

Seated Row – Back Workout

Seated towards the bottom, facing the pulleys, you should be able to grab the handles and pull towards your chest, back straight and tightened, to get a full contraction in the lats. Great in addition to a lateral pull movement, rows can be done in a multitude of ways on this machine.

Weider Ultimate Body Works seated row exercise
Weider Ultimate Body Works seated row exercise

Lat Pulldown – Lat Workout / Alternate to Pull Ups

Laying with your back on the pad, you simply have to grab the handles and pull down as you would on a lat pulldown machine or as if you were doing pull-ups.

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Overhead Press – Shoulder Workout

Sit up high with your back to the cables, and the handles at shoulder height. Bracing your core, press up until your arms are fully extended, and locked out above your head, then, bring them down till you are back at the starting position. This exercise is obviously great for the shoulders, but more specifically the front delts.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Leg Exercises

One Leg Squat

1 leg squat exercise on the weider ultimate body works home gym

We covered the traditional squat exercise, but if you find it too easy, this machine makes pistol squats much easier through the sled-like pad. Standing as you would in a squat, come down to the deepest you can go while not experiencing any discomfort, and push back up to the top.

Reverse Single Leg Squats

reverse squats and lunges exercise on weider ultimate body works home gym

Instead of having your back on the pad, start with your chest to it, and in a similar movement, squat down, but keep your feet positioned high on the base, this also works great with one leg for a more challenging exercise.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Utilizing the machine in a less traditional way, prop up your foot on the pad or the top rollers for foot stability, and come into a split squat stance with your other leg. Then squat down with your weight distributed between the two feet.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Chest Exercises

Chest Flys

chest flys on the weider ultimate body works home gym

The pulley system makes this home gym a great platform to perform flys on. Sit on the pad facing away from the pulleys and take a handle in each hand, then, with your arms slightly bent, bring the two handles together in front of your chest in a wide fly motion, feeling the contraction of your pecs as you do so.

Chest Press

The classic exercise expected to be available on every home-gym machine, don’t worry, the movement works great here too. Sitting at whatever height is comfortable away from the handles, you grab the pulleys and situate yourself with each at shoulder height, perhaps lower, and push out away from your chest to feel the contraction of your pectorals.

Once fully extended, bring your hands back to your chest and repeat. This is one of my favorite exercises to do on the weider ultimate body works home gym.

Should You Buy the Weider Ultimate Body Works? – Yes!

weider ultimate body works home gym

You can check it out on amazon for dirt cheap by clicking here

Often times, I find it difficult to justify to others purchasing a home gym machine – the prices are too high, the number of exercises too limited, and the compatible workouts too gimmicky.

But with the Weider Ultimate Body Works, none of those things apply.

Why I’m Telling You to Buy the Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym

It is:

  • Perfect for Beginners – Because of the simplicity and cheap cost this is the best home gym for beginners
  • Inexpensive – At only around 100 dollars, it is cheaper than a few sets of dumbbells
  • Highly Reviewed – With over 1,500 ratings on Amazon, it has an average of 4.4 out of 5 – that’s a lot of satisfied customers! Many attest to the quality construction and great workouts they get out of their home gym.
  • Versatile – The adjustable cable resistance and sliding platform offer tons of different combinations of workouts and exercises (especially for the upper body)
  • Exercises are Proportioned to your body weight – Get strong by utilizing your own weight and stay healthy through proportioned strength and cardio
  • Durable – By all accounts the machine is very strong and can resist quite a bit of damage, even considering the low price-point, it outpaces many other machines much more expensive than it.
  • Quiet – You’d think shifting around on a giant metal contraption would make a lot of sound, especially if you live in an apartment and worry about your neighbors below. But due to the large frame of it, weight and impact are distributed evenly throughout the entire construction.
  • Compact – Did I mention how Small & Compact it is? Well, it can be compacted down to an even much smaller size, simply and quickly, without hardly any tools at all. Making it an excellent piece of home gym equipment for small space.

How Should I Use This Home Gym? Who is it best for?

Everyone knows that no piece of gym equipment solves every niche, some might work better than others in some things, while you might need an additional tool in your tool belt to do the rest.

Weider Ultimate Body Works has a ton of variety in the exercises you can perform with it, as previously mentioned. And while it is not necessarily meant for the complete gym rat who wants to add on tons of muscle and gain a bunch of strength, it is meant for anyone who wants to get fit and lean.

Through the potential for endurance-related exercises, you can also quite easily supplement cardio with some of the variations you can perform on this home gym machine.

Furthermore, it’s great for anyone with a busy schedule who wants to get in workouts consistently without sacrificing on the quality of the exercise.

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