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What Happens If You Do 500 Pushups a Day? My Story & Results

Have you ever seen those insane calisthenics videos on the gram?

Guys doing fancy stuff on the pull up bar, defying gravity with the planche pushup and then doing the human flag?

That’s what got me interested in Calisthenics in the first place.

The idea that I could build a strong, muscular physique using my bodyweight alone seemed incredibly appealing.

To give you some background on myself, I am 30 and quite fit for my age. My compound lifts numbers are again quite high.

But somehow, I was never interested before in bodyweight workouts.

So, I decided to push myself, literally, and try something that’s called absurd by a lot of fitness experts.

It’s called the 500 pushups a day challenge.

The name’s pretty self-explanatory.

You wake up every day and bang out 500 pushups and you continue this for as long as you want to.

I did it for a whole 6-months.

This is my story.

Why I Decided to Do 500 Pushups a DayWhy I Decided to Do 500 Pushups a Day

Because I wanted to stretch the boundaries of my limits and get my ass out of the comfort zone that it had waltzed its way into.

I love lifting weights.

But when the shiz storm hit out world and gyms downed shutters, suddenly, I was left with a bunch of cheap dumbbells at home and nothing else other than me, myself, and I.

I did what I could for about 4-weeks and then boredom and monotony hit me.

I slowly found myself making excuses not to lift anymore.

Calisthenics seemed like the perfect recipe to get out of it. Not only was it something that I’d never done before, it was also something that I always wanted to try but had procrastinated.

Aah…there are no cosmetic benefits to this.

It’s not good for hypertrophy

This aintgonna get you strong. Lifting like a mule is

All these were reasons that I told myself repeatedly over the years whenever I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

Let’s say that the pandemic gave me one good reason to try it out, and I did.

How I Got StartedHow I Got Started doing 500 pushups a day, I did it a step by step

First things first, you will not be able to hit 500 pushups right off the bat. So do not even attempt it.

You’ll end up severely worn out and possibly, injured.

I started off with five sets of 30 pushups in a day. Stuck to this for a week and then bumped it up to 6 sets and so on.

Each week, I would bump up a set.

When I got comfortable with the 30-rep number, I started to bump up reps.

Increased it to 40 first and then to 50.

Finally, I touched 10 sets of 50 reps each after 3-months.

Much longer than what I had anticipated. But that’s the truth.

My Typical Workout RoutineMy Typical Workout Routine doing 500 pushups a day

In the beginning, I was churning out set after set of regular pushups.

But after a while, I noticed that my shoulders and pecs were sore as hell, even on the next day and the day after it.

So I figured that some variation might help involve more muscle groups. I started to divide the sets into different types of pushups.

Here’s what a typical day of 500 pushups would look like for me.


3 x 50 – Standard Pushups – 7 am

3 x 50 – Wide Pushups – 11 am

3 x 50 – Close Grip Pushups – 6 pm

1 x 50 – Incline Pushups – 8 pm


3 x 50 –Decline Pushups – 7 am

3 x 50 – Spiderman Pushups – 11 am (Nasty stuff)

3 x 50 – Hindu Pushups –6 pm (Burn)

1 x 50 – Diamond Pushups – 8 pm

I would rest on Sundays as I felt that it was extremely necessary to allow my upper body to recover from the onslaught that it was subject to.

It was clearly not enough rest, but since I wanted to log this, I continued to do it every day.

Here’s a one-word tip for better recovery though, massage.

I was noticing extreme soreness for the first three weeks. That’s why I decided to add massage sessions to my rest days and the recovery improved significantly. I just got myself a massage gun from Vybe and use it on literally every part of my body that was sore.

The soreness reduced, the muscle pain eased and my body felt more flexible.

Do You Need to Vary the Grips and Hand Positions?Do You Need to Vary the Grips and Hand Positions while doing the 500 pushups a day

Not really. You can very well do 500 regular pushups if you want to.

But the variations prevent monotony to an extent.

Also, they help you target different muscle groups as opposed to the same bunch of muscle every single day.

My Results

Let’s cut to the chase.

Here are some of the results that I got from my 500 pushups a day journey.

More DefinitionA great benefit of doing 500 pushups a day is getting More muscle Definition

My upper body got way more defined by the end of month four. My shoulders were popping as they say, with a couple of veins starting to make an appearance. I have a tendency to store fat near my pecs and underarms, which had all but disappeared.

My core was looking tighter and so were my biceps and triceps. By the end of month five, that movie star bicep vein had appeared.

Did i have a 10 pack set of abs, no but they were in fact much tighter.

StrengthGaining more Strength is a direct result of doing 500 pushups a day

In the first couple of months, I would be so worn out by the end of the day, that I’d have to drag my ass out of the bed to do the sets in the morning. But as I kept doing the sets, I got stronger. I was able to do them easily as opposed to being grueling.

Even after I had banged out 500 reps from Monday to Sat, I wouldn’t feel beaten on Sunday. Apart from the pushups, my strength also improved with neutral grip pull-ups.

I was able to do handstands, got started with a 5-second planche pushup and am on the way to the human flag.

HypertrophyHypertrophy is one of the results I got doing 500 pushups a day

It would be a lie if I told you that I gained a truckload of muscle on it. I did not. More than actual muscle hypertrophy, it was definition, vascularity, fat loss and muscle hardness. I had started to look soft after the gyms shut down. This let me maintain the definition and lean body mass that I always wanted to.

What I Did Not Like About It

Despite all the positives that I experienced, not everything went as planned. There were hurdles, quite a lot of them.

It’s MonotonousA major thing I didn't like about doing 500 pushups a day is It’s monotonous

Even with all the variations that you can do, at the end of the day, it’s just push-ups. It will start to get boring after a while. The problem though is that 500 pushups is way too many. It was sap that last bit of energy that you have, which means that you probably won’t be able to lift weights after this.

That was one of my initial plans. To hit the weights after I was done with this. Never happened.

There’s Not Enough Time for Recoveryone of the downsides of doing 500 pushups a day is There’s not enough time for recovery

One of the problems with the 500 pushups a day routine is that you will repetitively target the same muscle groups every single day, with no time in between for rest.

Let’s take a look at the muscles that you target with the pushup. There are six of them primarily. There are the pecs, the delts, the triceps, the serratus anterior, the abs and the coracobrachialis.

In an ideal workout routine, you’d hit these muscle groups twice a week. At best, thrice. Even every other day workouts would be better than doing them doing them six days a week is not only over stressing them, it’s also a recipe for injury, as I discovered.

It Can Cause InjuriesOne of the things I didn't like about doing 500 pushups a day is It can cause injuries

At the end of the sixth month, I had a mild shoulder soreness that took a couple weeks to go away, which forced me to stop. In hindsight, I think I overdid it a tad. Shouldn’t have dragged this on for as long as I did. Neither should anyone else. It is given that you will overwork your shoulders. But it is very likely that you might injure it as well.

What Supplements I UsedWhat Supplements I Used when doing 500 pushups a day

Supplementation helps with muscle repair, recovery and protein synthesis, irrespective of whether you believe it or not.

It’s all the more crucial when you are performing a workout routine as brutal as 500 pushups.

I don’t spend a bomb on supps and usually buy the cheapest brands as long as it gets the job done.

These were what I used for my 500 pushups a day routine.

  1. BCAAs: If you are bulking and you are consuming enough protein, then you most probably won’t need BCAAs. But if you work out fasted in the AM like me, then adding BCAAs will completely change the way you feel. You’ll feel less sore; you will recover faster. You can take them pre, post or intra. I like to take them intra. About 15 grams.
  2. Pre-Workout – Here are my favorite beta alanine free options.
  3. Glutamine: Zero muscle soreness. Period.
  4. Creatine: The only legal and safe performance enhancement chemical around. It’s cheap too. So, why not?
  5. Whey Isolate: Normal Whey gives me the nasties. Has almost disappeared since I switched to Whey Isolate with less than a gram of Lactose. This my favorite Protein Source.
  6. Fish Oil: Any brand works.
  7. Zincand Copper: The minimum recommended dose is 30mg for men. I use just 15mg.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. But definitely not cutting corners on the essentials either.

Would I Recommend the 500 Pushups Workout Routine to Anybody?Would I Recommend the 500 Pushups Workout Routine to Anybody

In all honesty, I wouldn’t.

There were definite positives. It helped me break out of a plateau. It kept me accountable and motivated through this time that we are all going through nowadays. It kept me in shape. It increased my muscle endurance and stamina.

But the negatives are far too many. Overexertion and injury are my biggest concerns.

I believe that no workout routine is worth it, if it ends up injuring you. What do you think?

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